Wrestling Uncensored EP. 82 with Tatanka now online

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 82. Original air date: May 5, 2012. Hosted by Dave Simon and Jeremy Prophet.
Tatanka appeared on this episode to discuss some of his career highlights in the WWE, his current wrestling schedule and the WWE today.
Simon and Prophet discussed results from WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view including John Cena getting the win over Brock Lesnar in a brutally violent match, CM Punk’s match with Chris Jericho and the rest of the pay-per-view.
Simon and Prophet also talked about Daniel Bryan v. CM Punk for the WWE title and John Cena versus John Laurinaitis being made official for WWE’s next pay-per-view.
All this and much more pro wrestling on this 1-hour edition of Wrestling Uncensored.