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Poster for the showcase Wrestlemania 40 Tag team match
Get ready for the ultimate thrill ride at WrestleMania 40! From Reigns vs. Rhodes' epic showdown to Zayn's quest for glory and the fierce Ripley vs. Lynch clash, plus star-studded appearances by Logan Paul, Kevin
Adam Cole with the Undisputed Kingdom in the AEW Dynamite ring of January 3 2024 is a demonstration of AEW Lacks Star Power
During the January 5th, 2024, episode of Wrestling Uncensored, co-hosts Dave Simon and Johnny North discussed various aspects of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), touching on several key topics and speculations but honed in on the
The Rock and Roman Reigns Lock Horns

You might wonder if The Rock’s recent challenge to Roman Reigns is a well-calculated move within the grand narrative of WWE or merely a fleeting moment designed to capitalize on nostalgia. Analyzing the layers of

WWE Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology box set
Stu Hart created the greatest professional wrestling family in Canada and arguably one of the greatest families ever in pro wrestling. World Wrestling Entertainment finally showcases this for the first time in their newest three-disc
Best of Pro Wrestling 2023 Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns
Dive into the riveting world of professional wrestling with our comprehensive summary of the Best of Pro Wrestling 2023. From the intense debate over WWE's top male wrestler to the unanimous acclaim for AEW's standout
What's the future for MJF in AEW as he stands here with his championship belt
Do you recall when MJF first stepped into the ring, exuding confidence and charisma that instantly captivated the audience? As you ponder what's the future for MJF in AEW,
Best MMA Gloves and Shin Guards
We've researched for you and compiled a list of the 12 best MMA gloves and shin guards that will provide the protection you need and enhance your overall performance in the octagon.
Our UFC 2024 Predictions
The co-hosts of Ringside Report MMA, Dave Simon, AJ D'Alesio, and Fred Garcia, shared their UFC 2024 predictions for the UFC champions during the December 22, 2023 Year-in-Review episode across various weight classes for the
Why is Tony Ferguson Fighting Pimblett at UFC 296 poster
Dave, Fred and AJ provided an early preview of the UFC 296 card and asked the question why is Tony Ferguson Fighting Pimblett?
5 Best MMA and Fight Shorts
Are you looking for the ultimate MMA and fight shorts to help you perform at your best? Look no further! We've got the top 5 picks that will take your training and matches to the
WWE Survivor Series 2023 Predictions
Watch for unexpected twists in the men's WarGames match, as Randy Orton could betray Jey Uso, adding a layer of treachery to an already explosive situation. Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley faces Zoey Stark, where mentorship and
UFC Moves to Sportsnet From Bell Media (TSN, RDS)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has made a significant broadcasting switch in Canada, as the UFC Moves to Sportsnet from Bell Media’s TSN to Rogers Sportsnet at the end of 2023. This transition marks a

Bright Future for Ilia Topuria in the UFC
Expressing his desire for a title shot against reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski, Topuria firmly believes he is the number one contender. As the MMA community eagerly awaits his next move, Topuria's dominance in the octagon
Best Ju-Jitsu Rash Guards
Explore the ultimate roundup of the best Ju-Jitsu rash guards at Ringside Report. Discover top picks like the Gold BJJ Camo Rashguard and Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite, meticulously reviewed for durability, comfort, and style. Perfect
Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury or Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis
Are we the only ones asking the question, Is There Greater Interest in Paul vs. Danis Than Ngannou vs. Fury? There appears to be more interest in discussing an upcoming boxing match between a
UFC 300: Dreaming Big with Conor, Brock, and Jon
Of course, a milestone event like UFC 300 deserves a stacked card from top to bottom. The guys at Ringside Report MMA have been dreaming big with Conor, Brock, and Jon discussing potential matchups that
Zack Saber Jr under the control of Bryan Danielson at AEW Wrestledream 2023
If you're a fan of pro wrestling, there are certain matches that leave an indelible mark on your memory. The recent showdown between Brian Danielson and Zack Saber Jr. at the AEW Wrestledream pay-per-view is
Ngannou vs Fury A Passionate Debate
In a riveting discussion on Ringside Report MMA, our expert co-hosts weigh in on the much-anticipated bout between boxing legend Tyson Fury and MMA powerhouse Francis Ngannou. With contrasting opinions, predictions, and insights into the
How to With John Wilson A Must Watch!
Join Dave Simon on a special episode of Ringside Report, where he steps outside the ring and into the world of quirky TV magic
UFC: Best of 2010 DVD
UFC: Best of 2010 presents a documentary-style look at 2010 through the weight classes, standout fighters, and memorable UFC headlines. With the merger of the sister company World Elite Cagefighting, aka WEC, the arrival of UFC
Battle Los Angeles Blue Ray box
Aaron Eckhart stars as Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz, an aging soldier ready to retire until a sudden meteor shower summons him back to action in Los Angeles. Along with a marine platoon, Nantz reluctantly goes
Beastly movie poster
This movie best suits couples looking to watch a fantasy romantic drama that touches on a few real relationship troubles and triumphs.
The Big Show: A Giant's World DVD
Known as 'The World's Largest Athlete,' The Big Show Paul Wight stands over seven feet tall, dominating his opponents in the squared circle like former fighting champion Brock Lesnar and Floyd 'Money' Mayweather.
UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8 Blu-Ray box
From UFC: 97 in Montreal to UFC: 113 in Montreal, the most stunning and brutal KOs from 2009 to 2010 are highlighted. Chuck Liddell's fight against Shogun Rua is one of the rare fights shown