WrestleMania 40 Night One Recap: Surprises, Victories, and Legends Await

WrestleMania 40 night one was an electrifying extravaganza that left the wrestling world abuzz with excitement, anticipation, and a plethora of surprises. The evening was a whirlwind of emotions for fans and superstars alike, featuring underdog triumphs and epic clashes between titans in the main event. Join us as we explore the unforgettable highlights, shocking surprises, and the thrilling journey leading to night two.

The Rock And Roman Reigns Featured As Winners On A Wwe Publicity Poster After Their Tag Team Win
After their tag team win, The Rock and Roman Reigns were featured on a WWE publicity poster as winners.

The Wrestling Uncensored co-hosts, Dave and Ben Simon, along with Pro Wrestler Genesis Johnny North and the Ringside Report Universe, gathered online via YouTube, Rumble, Twitch, Kick, and X (formerly Twitter) for an interactive immediate reaction broadcast.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sami Zayn’s win was a standout moment, emphasizing the essence of the underdog story in wrestling.
  • The main event was a star-power spectacle that met high expectations.
  • The absence of legendary appearances left a gap in the night’s nostalgic appeal.
  • The “Bloodline Rules” stipulation for night two has set the stage for an unpredictable and potentially historic WrestleMania conclusion.
Montreal'S Own Sami Zayn Holding Up The Intercontinental Belt After Defeating Gunther At Wrestlemania 40 Night One
Montreal’s own Sami Zayn Holding Up the Intercontinental Belt after Defeating Gunther at Wrestlemania 40 Night One

WrestleMania 40 Night One Match-of-the-Night

Dave, Ben and Johnny

The hosts had differing opinions on the best match of WrestleMania 40 night one:

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  • Dave Simon felt that the main event, featuring The Rock and Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, was the night’s match. He believed it added a lot of quality to the event and stood out as a significant spectacle, delivering on its high expectations.
  • Ben Simon shared Dave’s sentiment, agreeing that the main event was the match of the night. He highlighted its significance and the difficulty of imagining any other match taking that spot.
  • Johnny North, however, had a different perspective. He disagreed that the main event was the match of the night because too many shenanigans were used, which he felt should have been saved for the next night. Instead, he considered Sami Zayn’s match against Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship his favourite of the night. He appreciated it as the best wrestling match and enjoyed the storytelling and outcome.

Ringside Report Universe

The audience’s reactions to the night’s matches varied, with particular praise for the Sami Zayn vs. Gunther match and the main event. However, mixed feelings were expressed about the Usos match and the ladder tag team match, reflecting the wrestling fanbase’s diverse tastes and expectations. The hosts shared these sentiments, appreciating the drama of the main event while noting missed opportunities in other matches.

The audience had varied opinions on the match of the night for WrestleMania 40:

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  • Several Ringside Report Network members, including Ray Cruz and Antoinette, expressed that Gunther vs. Sami Zayn was the night’s match. They appreciated the quality of the wrestling and the storyline that unfolded during the match.
  • However, there was also significant support for the main event featuring The Rock and Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, particularly due to the star power involved and the high stakes of the storyline.

The split in audience opinions reflects the diversity of wrestling fans’ tastes and what they value in a match, whether it be the storytelling, in-ring action, or the spectacle of seeing top stars in high-profile matches.

The Rock Roman And Paul Heyman In The Ring After Their Tag Team Win At Wrestlemania 40 Night One
The Rock Roman and Paul Heyman in the ring after their tag team win at Wrestlemania 40 Night One

Ratings out of Ten

Our Hosts

  • Dave Simon rated the event a 7 out of 10. He felt that the event was average until the main event, significantly contributing to his overall score.
  • Ben Simon gave the event a 6.5 out of 10. He felt the lack of spectacle and homage to the past detracted from the event’s overall impact, making it less special than expected for a WrestleMania, particularly for its 40th iteration.
  • Johnny North was more generous with his rating, giving the event an 8 out of 10. He enjoyed the night overall and believed it might not be topped by night two, indicating a strong approval of the matches and outcomes on night one.


The audience’s scores for WrestleMania 40 night one varied, with several viewers sharing their ratings:

  • Alex Taris and Ryan Katz rated the event a 7.5 out of 10, indicating a positive view of the night’s entertainment and matches.
  • Ringside Report Network member via membership.ringsidereport.net Patrick Denault gave the event a slightly lower score of 6 out of 10, which suggests he found it above average but perhaps lacking in certain areas.
  • Another viewer rated the event a 6 out of 10, indicating that it was decent but may have missed some elements that could have made it exceptional.
  • New Ringside Report YouTube Member via join.ringsidereport.net Kyle Salisbury provided a lower score, giving the event a 5 out of 10. This suggests a more critical view, possibly feeling that the event did not live up to WrestleMania’s high standards or personal expectations.

These scores reflect a range of opinions within the audience, from those who enjoyed the night’s proceedings to those who may have been left wanting more from WrestleMania 40’s first night.

The Usos Battling In The Wrestlemania 40 Night One Ring
The Usos battling in the Wrestlemania 40 night one ring

The Usos

The hosts expressed disappointment with the Usos match on WrestleMania 40 night one. They had higher expectations for the match that weren’t met, leading to it being considered one of the weaker points of the event. Specifically, they noted:

  • The match outcome was underwhelming, with Jey Uso winning with a splash.
  • The match was described as less than expected and didn’t stand out as something special or memorable for WrestleMania.

This sentiment reflects the hosts’ perspective that while the match wasn’t terrible, it failed to reach the level of excitement and quality that fans have come to expect from WrestleMania matches, especially given the calibre of talent involved.

A Spectacle of Stars and Struggles

The main event, featuring the charismatic ensemble of The Rock and Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, was a spectacle in its own right. The match was filled with star power, drama, and the physical storytelling that only the wrestling ring can provide. The clash of generations, ideologies, and wrestling royalty led to a triumphant moment for The Rock and Reigns, setting the stage for a high-stakes night two.

The hosts highly rated the main event tag team match between Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns and The Rock, appreciating it as the night’s match for its star power and the drama it delivered. They noted that the match added significant quality to WrestleMania 40 night one and was a standout spectacle.

Implications for Night Two:

  • Stipulation for Night Two: The hosts discussed the announcement of a “Bloodline Rules” stipulation for the subsequent night, indicating a no-holds-barred, anything-goes approach. This raised questions about what could happen next, especially considering the chaotic and rule-bending nature of the main event.
  • Potential for Legends’ Involvement: The conversation speculated on the potential involvement of wrestling legends in night two, possibly aiding Cody Rhodes against the Bloodline. The hosts toyed with icons like Stone Cold Steve Austin or even Hulk Hogan, making appearances to balance the scales against the Bloodline’s numbers advantage.
  • Cody Rhodes’ Position: The hosts pondered the storyline implications of Cody Rhodes getting pinned by The Rock, speculating that it could signal a significant moment for Rhodes on night two, possibly capturing a major victory or championship to conclude his story arc.
  • Seth Rollins’ Future: The following night, Seth Rollins’ role was also discussed, considering his involvement in the main event and how the “Bloodline Rules” stipulation might affect his storyline and alliances.

The main event was seen as the climax of night one and a pivotal setup for the narratives and matches that would unfold on WrestleMania’s second night. Fans and hosts alike eagerly anticipated the continuation of these high-stakes storylines.

The Underdog’s Big Win

Sami Zayn’s victory over Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship was the talk of the night. Defying the odds, Zayn’s win wasn’t just a title change; it was a story of perseverance, grit, and the heart of an underdog triumphing against a dominant force. This match set a high bar early in the evening, giving fans a moment to remember.

Main Event: Star Power Unleashed

The tag team main event featuring Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns and The Rock was electrifying. The blend of star power, in-ring prowess, and storytelling excellence delivered a match that matched the WrestleMania 40 Night One main event’s prestigious reputation. It was a fitting end to the night, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Where Were the Legends?

One notable aspect of night one was the absence of a significant nod to wrestling’s past legends. WrestleMania has always been a bridge between the past and present, and while the action was top-notch, there was a sense of longing for those memorable moments when the legends grace the grand stage, adding to the event’s historic feel.

The Road to Night Two

The main event set the stage for an intriguing night two, with the “Bloodline Rules” stipulation adding an unpredictable element. Fans and hosts alike speculated about possible legendary interventions and how the dynamics of night one’s outcomes would influence the next chapter of WrestleMania 40.

Conclusion: A Stage Set for Unforgettable Moments

WrestleMania 40 night one was a blend of high-octane action, emotional victories, and the groundwork for what promises to be an epic conclusion. While the hosts and audience shared differing opinions on the best matches and moments, the consensus was clear: WrestleMania remains the pinnacle of professional wrestling entertainment. As we look forward to night two, the possibilities are endless, with the promise of legendary appearances, dramatic conclusions to ongoing storylines, and the potential crowning of new champions. WrestleMania 40 is shaping to be an event that will be remembered and talked about for years.

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