UFC 300 The Greatest Card Breakdown in History

Unveiling UFC 300 An Historic Showdown

Ringside Report MMA co-hosts Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D’Alesio delivered their expert observations on UFC 300. It’s the greatest card breakdown, with the most anticipated event now upon us. It’s shaping up to be an event that could redefine expectations for what a major MMA event can deliver. With a mix of high-stakes matchups, former champions clashing, and emerging stars making their cases, there’s no shortage of storylines to keep fans glued to their screens.

The Star-Studded Prelims: A Showcase of Champions

The preliminary card of UFC 300 is unlike any other. It features a staggering number of former world champions, a testament to the depth of talent on display. From the flyweight dynamo Davison Figueredo to the strawweight powerhouse Jessica Andrade, these prelims are more stacked than most pay-per-view (PPV) main cards. Each fight is a potential gateway to a title shot and offers these seasoned veterans a chance to reclaim the spotlight.

Key matchups of the greatest card breakdown include:

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  • Davison Figueredo vs. Cody Garbrandt: A bantamweight bout that could position the winner for a shot at the title.
  • Jessica Andrade vs. Marina Rodriguez: A clash that could determine the next number one contender in the strawweight division.
New Stylized Ufc 300 Logo For The Ufc 300 Matchups
New Stylized UFC 300 Logo for the UFC 300 Matchups

Main Card Highlights: Titles and Pride on the Line

The main card of UFC 300 is set to deliver some of the most anticipated fights of the year, each carrying significant implications for the fighters involved.

  • Charles Oliveira vs. Arman Tsarukyan: This lightweight showdown features Oliveira looking to bounce back and reassert his dominance against the rising star Tsarukyan.
  • Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje: This fight for the BMF title is an all-out war between two of the sport’s most exciting fighters.
  • Zhang Weili vs. Yan Xiaonan: The co-main event features Weili defending her strawweight title against Xiaonan in what is expected to be a technical and tactical affair.

The Main Event: Light Heavyweight Showdown

The headliner of UFC 300 sees light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira taking on challenger Jamal Hill in a battle that could define the division’s future. Both fighters are known for their striking prowess, making this matchup a potential candidate for Fight of the Night honours.

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Key Takeaways for UFC 300: The Greatest Card Breakdown

  • Depth of Talent: UFC 300 showcases the incredible depth of the UFC roster, with multiple former champions featured across the prelims and main card.
  • High Stakes: Nearly every fight on the card carries significant implications, whether it’s a title shot on the line or a chance at redemption.
  • Emerging Stars: Fighters like Bo Nickal and Arman Tsarukyan have the chance to elevate their status from rising stars to legitimate title contenders.
Sean Strickland At Ufc 293 Preview
Here, Dana White places the belt on Sean Strickland at UFC 293.

Sean Strickland and Other Fighters are Underpaid

  • Dave Simon criticized the UFC for what he perceived as lowball offers to fighters like Sean Strickland. He expressed disappointment over reports that Strickland was offered $200,000 to show and $200,000 to win, arguing that this amount was inadequate for a fighter of Strickland’s calibre. Dave strongly felt that fighters, especially those at the level of a former champion like Strickland, deserve to be paid more, suggesting figures closer to a million dollars per fight to reflect their value and contribution to the sport.
  • Fred Garcia echoed Dave’s sentiments, pointing out that only champions or main event fighters seem to get pay-per-view points, which he believes should be available to a broader range of fighters. Fred appreciated Strickland’s openness about his contract negotiations, viewing it as beneficial for transparency in the sport.
  • AJ D’Alesio also agreed with the need for better compensation for fighters but noted the issue’s complexity, including factors like public relations and marketability that might affect pay. AJ mentioned that the UFC’s current payment structure is tightly controlled and tends to favour the organization more than the fighters. He suggested that the fighters might need better representation or agents to negotiate more favourable deals.

Overall, the trio shared a consensus that fighter pay, especially for athletes of Strickland’s stature, should be higher and more reflective of their market value and contributions to the sport. They discussed these topics passionately, reflecting their concern for the athletes and their critique of current UFC business practices.

UFC 300 Shatters Bonus Records, Fighters Rejoice

The announcement made by Dana White is a bold move, signifying a monumental shift in the professional mixed martial arts compensation landscape. The dramatic increase in performance bonuses for UFC 300, elevating them to $300,000, clearly indicates the organization’s unwavering financial commitment to its athletes. This strategic enhancement in athlete remuneration has far-reaching implications for the future of MMA.

It is expected to significantly influence athlete motivation, competition levels, and the overall market dynamics within the sport. The UFC roster is likely to witness a shift in the aspirations and performances of emerging talent as they strive towards achieving these enhanced bonuses. This move is a testament to the growing recognition of fighters’ contributions to the sport’s increasing popularity and sets a new standard for professional mixed martial arts compensation.

Key Takeaways

  • UFC 300 bonuses increased to $300,000, setting a new precedent for fighter compensation.
  • Fighters express immense gratitude, recognizing the boost as a monumental shift in MMA’s financial landscape.
  • Dana White’s decision reflects a deeper appreciation for athletes’ dedication and the risks they take.
  • The bonus increase at UFC 300 symbolizes the UFC’s commitment to valuing and rewarding fighters’ contributions.
  • Athletes and fans alike celebrate the historic bonus boost as a significant advancement for the sport’s growth and athlete welfare.

Historic Bonus Increase

Dana White’s decision to elevate the performance bonuses for UFC 300 to $300,000 marks a monumental shift in the organization’s approach to athlete compensation, setting a new precedent for financial rewards.

This strategic enhancement acknowledges the athletes’ unparalleled dedication and the risks they undertake and reflects a deeper appreciation for their role in the sport’s exponential growth.

By markedly increasing the bonus amounts, the UFC reinforces its commitment to fostering an environment where fighters feel valued and motivated.

Inspired by fighters like Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway, this move embodies a transformative approach to recognizing and rewarding the extraordinary performances that captivate and engage the global MMA community.

UFC 300 Card Breakdown

  1. Excitement and Anticipation: The trio expressed high excitement and anticipation for UFC 300, noting it as a milestone event. They highlighted the significance of it being the 300th UFC event and the special atmosphere surrounding such a historic occasion.
  2. Preliminary Card Quality: They discussed the unusually high quality of the preliminary card, noting that it featured multiple former world champions, which is not typical for prelims. This depth added to their enthusiasm for the event as a whole.
  3. Key Fights Highlighted:
    • Bo Nickal vs. Cody Brundage: Dave and AJ highlighted this fight due to Bo Nickal’s status as a highly touted prospect and the controversy surrounding his placement on the main card despite being relatively new to the UFC. They discussed the matchmaking, suggesting that Nickal was expected to win easily, which stirred some debate about whether this fight deserved a main card spot.
    • Max Holloway vs. Justin Gaethje: This fight was mentioned as potentially the highlight of the evening. It was for the BMF title, underscoring both fighters’ reputations for engaging in exciting, fan-pleasing battles. There was a consensus that this fight could steal the show.
    • Zhang Weili vs. Yan Xiaonan: The co-main event was discussed with some reservations about its appeal to fans, given both fighters’ styles and marketability. There was some concern about this fight potentially dragging on without engaging the audience, especially if it went the distance.
    • Alex Pereira vs. Jamahal Hill: This light heavyweight title fight was noted as the main event. The hosts discussed its importance and the matchup dynamics, with both having strong striking skills.
  4. General Observations on Matchmaking and Event Structure: They commented on the overall structure of the event, discussing how the UFC balances building up new stars like Bo Nickal while also providing compelling matchups for established stars. They touched on the strategic placement of fights across the prelims and main card to maximize engagement.

Overall, their discussion painted a picture of high expectations mixed with specific critiques about certain fights and fighters, setting the stage for what they hoped would be a memorable UFC 300.


UFC 300 is not just another number in the sequence; it’s a milestone event that combines historical significance with a top-tier martial arts competition. UFC 300 offers a blend of nostalgia and novelty for fans and fighters alike, showcasing the sport’s evolution and future. Whether you’re a die-hard MMA fan or a casual observer, this event promises to deliver excitement, drama, and, most importantly, unforgettable moments. Don’t miss it—this could be one for the history books.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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