WWE and AEW: Navigating the Post-WrestleMania 40 Waters

As the echoes of the crowd fade and the fireworks dim, the wrestling world finds itself in a turbulent sea of change in the post-WrestleMania 40 era. This year’s spectacle left fans buzzing with unforgettable moments and startling outcomes that will shape the future of professional wrestling. In this detailed exploration, we dive into the major shifts and emerging challenges facing WWE and AEW as they navigate the choppy waters of audience expectations and creative directions post-WrestleMania 40.

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Key Takeaways Post-WrestleMania 40

  1. WWE’s Post-Mania Momentum Struggle: WWE faces challenges in maintaining fan interest post-WrestleMania 40, especially with big stars like The Rock and Roman Reigns missing from regular programming.
  2. Ticket Sales Concerns: Despite creative changes, WWE struggles with ticket sales, indicating a potential decline in fan enthusiasm, highlighted by issues filling seats for events like WWE Raw in Montreal.
  3. Fan Fatigue with Cody Rhodes: There’s growing concern that fans may soon tire of Cody Rhodes in his current top babyface role, suggesting a possible need for a character refresh or heel turn to maintain interest.
  4. AEW’s Management Decisions: AEW’s decision to release footage involving CM Punk and Jack Perry, which led to Punk’s firing, has raised questions about the promotion’s management strategies and their impact on locker room morale and fan perceptions.
  5. Comparative Promotional Strategies: The different approaches WWE and AEW use for talent management and storyline development are crucial. AEW presents a more appealing product to some fans than WWE’s offerings.
  6. Need for Innovation in Storytelling: Both promotions must innovate in storytelling and character development to captivate existing fans and attract new viewers, ensuring the long-term vitality of their brands.
How Will The Fans React To Cody Rhodes Post-Wrestlemania 40, Here He Is Following His Victory There
How will the fans react to Cody Rhodes Post-WrestleMania 40? Here, he is following his victory.

The Rocky Road Post-WrestleMania 40 in WWE

As the dust settles on another explosive WrestleMania, the WWE Universe navigates through what many call a new era yet faces old challenges. The most significant is keeping the WWE fanbase engaged without megastars like The Rock and Roman Reigns. According to Dave Simon during the latest “Wrestling Uncensored” episode, “It’s a new era. And what has changed, really?…the two biggest stars they had in the company are now gone, and it feels a little empty.”

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Cm Punk And Triple H Pointing At Each Other
CM Punk and Triple H point at each other after Punk’s return to the WWE.

Ticket sales reflect this sentiment, with a noticeable struggle to fill seats for upcoming events like WWE Raw in Montreal. Despite lowered ticket prices, Simon remarks, “Without the Rock, without Roman Reigns, without CM Punk…what they have advertised is not exciting.” This trend indicates a potential cooling off of fan enthusiasm, which WWE urgently needs to address.

Cody Rhodes: A Champion’s Challenge

One of WWE’s brightest stars, Cody Rhodes, is at the centre of intense scrutiny. As a top babyface, Rhodes is seen by some as heading towards an inevitable fan fatigue. Dave Simon candidly discusses Rhodes’ potential future, stating, “I think Cody may turn heel at some point…I’m hearing from many people that we’re Cody fans who are now annoyed.” Meanwhile, Johnny North provides a different angle, highlighting Cody’s appeal to younger fans and his merchandise sales: “I don’t feel they feel the audience overall is tired of Cody as a babyface…He still sells a lot of merch.”

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Punk Vs Jack Perry Security Video Released By Aew
AEW released the CM Punk vs. Jack Perry Security Video.

AEW’s Position and CM Punk’s Departure

While WWE grapples with its challenges, AEW isn’t without its own. The release of CM Punk following an altercation with Jack Perry has sparked significant discourse about backstage management and talent handling. Simon touched on the two promotions’ comparative presentation, noting, “I like what AEW is presenting compared to what the WWE is showing us right now.

Montreals Own Sami-Zayn Holding Up The Intercontinental-Belt-After-Defeating-Gunther-At-Wrestlemania-40-Night-One
After winning the Intercontinental Belt at Wrestlemania 40, Montreal’s own Sami Zayn will be at RAW in Montreal.

Looking Ahead for WWE and AEW

Both promotions are at a crucial juncture. For WWE, building new stars and crafting compelling storylines without relying on established names will be key to sustaining and growing their audience. For AEW, stabilizing its internal management and focusing on transparent, engaging narratives could mend fences and bolster its standing in the wrestling community.

Conclusion Post-WrestleMania 40

As we progress, the actions WWE and AEW take will significantly impact their trajectories and ability to captivate the wrestling world. With fanbases as passionate and vocal as professional wrestling, neither promotion can afford to rest on its laurels. As Johnny North aptly puts it, regarding the evolving narrative around Cody Rhodes and the broader wrestling scene, “It’s only going to get worse from there, I think. So I think you need the Rock at SummerSlam, going for WrestleMania. Let’s get going.”

WWE and AEW need to heed the sentiments expressed by fans and commentators alike, steering their creative ships toward uncharted yet potentially rewarding waters.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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