UFC Vegas 90: Allen vs. Curtis 2 Betting Preview

UFC Vegas 90: Analyzing Allen vs. Curtis 2

As UFC Vegas 90 approaches, the spotlight is on the rematch between Brendan Allen and Chris Curtis. This fight isn’t just about settling old scores; it’s a chance for each fighter to demonstrate growth and prowess in the octagon.

A Look Back at Manon Fiorot’s Decisive Victory

The Ringside Report MMA show hosts discussed Manon Fiorot’s performance in her recent fight, highlighting her dominance and skill set. They noted her unanimous decision victory over Erin Blanchfield in Atlantic City, where all three judges scored the bout 50-45 in Fiorot’s favour, underscoring her complete control throughout the fight.

Manon Fiorot Defeats Erin Blanchfield In The Octagon At Ufc Atlantic City
Manon Fiorot defeats Erin Blanchfield at UFC Atlantic City.

Dave Simon emphasized Fiorot’s continued rise in the UFC, pointing out her age at 34 and Blanchfield’s potential for future success at only 24. The conversation shifted towards Fiorot’s next moves, with a consensus that she’s in her prime and should be heading for a title shot soon. However, the hosts acknowledged the delay she might face due to the current scheduling of the women’s flyweight title fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso, which is tied to the upcoming “The Ultimate Fighter ” season.

AJ D’Alesio, in particular, praised Fiorot’s performance. He noted her striking game and how she used her strategy to dominate Blanchfield. He emphasized Fiorot’s readiness for a title shot and her undeniable impact on the division.

Fred Garcia and Dave Simon discussed potential next opponents for Fiorot, with Maycee Barber being suggested as a logical matchup given her recent win and ranking. The conversation also touched on the depth of the women’s 125-pound division and its bright future, with talents like Fiorot, Blanchfield, Barber, and others rising.

Overall, the hosts were highly impressed with Fiorot’s performance. They saw it as a testament to her skill level and a clear indication of her readiness for higher challenges in the UFC flyweight division.

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Chris Curtis Seen Here Being Interviewed After His Previous Fight Steps In At The Last Moment To Fill In The Ufc Vegas 90 Main Event.
Chris Curtis steps in at the last moment to fill in the UFC Vegas 90 Main Event.

Breaking Down the UFC Vegas 90 Main Event

Brendan Allen comes into this rematch with several victories, including his recent win over Paul Craig, highlighting his improved grappling skills and strategic fighting approach. Allen’s journey since his last bout with Curtis shows a fighter who has matured in skill and mindset.

Due to Marvin Vettori’s injury, he’s out of the upcoming bout with middleweight contender Brendan Allen. Stepping in on short notice for this unexpected twist, Chris Curtis, known as the ‘Action Man’, is gearing up for a rematch with ‘All In’ Allen at this weekend’s APEX event in Las Vegas. Don’t miss our live show previewing the entire fight card!

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Chris Curtis brings a wealth of experience and a never-say-die attitude to the octagon. His mixed record of wins and losses tells the story of a fighter who’s faced challenges head-on. Curtis’s striking ability and determination make him a tough opponent for anyone.

Wrestlemania Xl Logo
Wrestlemania XL logo

The Buzz Around WrestleMania Week

WrestleMania week is always a highlight for pro wrestling fans, blending athletic performance with captivating storylines. Conversations about Cody Rhodes’s potential, The Rock’s impact, and Roman Reigns’s strategic edge exemplify fans’ deep connection with these athletes and their personas.

UFC Vegas 90 Insights and Predictions

The Ringside Report Network team’s analysis brings depth to the UFC Vegas 90 and WrestleMania discussion. Their expertise shines through in their breakdown of potential fight strategies and psychological aspects, offering fans a well-rounded preview of the events.

As UFC Vegas 90 draws near, anticipation builds for what promises to be a compelling rematch between Allen and Curtis. The analysis and insights provided paint a picture of a closely contested bout that could go either way.

With its mix of athleticism and narrative, WrestleMania Week continues to capture fans’ imaginations worldwide. The discussions and predictions add to the excitement, highlighting pro wrestling’s unique appeal.

For UFC Vegas 90, the hosts from the Ringside Report MMA show shared their predictions for the main event between Brendan Allen and Chris Curtis:

  • Dave Simon emphasized his confidence in Brendan Allen, highlighting Allen’s growth and improvement since their last encounter. Simon noted Allen’s string of victories, particularly his submission win over Paul Craig, showcasing his evolved fighting style. Simon picked Brendan Allen to win, pointing out that Allen appears ready to avenge his previous loss to Curtis.
  • AJ D’Alesio also supported Brendan Allen, focusing on Allen’s potential for victory if he could effectively take the fight to the ground and capitalize on his grappling advantage. D’Alesio acknowledged Curtis’s resilience and striking power but seemed to lean towards Allen’s younger age and upward trajectory in his career as determining factors.
  • Fred Garcia shared the sentiment of picking Brendan Allen for the win. Garcia acknowledged the toughness of Chris Curtis, especially his ability to resist submissions, hinting at a potentially challenging bout for Allen. However, like the others, Garcia was swayed by Allen’s recent performances and his belief that Allen may be in a prime position in his career to secure a win.

The hosts collectively favoured Brendan Allen for the UFC Vegas 90 main event. They based their decisions on Allen’s recent winning streak, improvements in his game, and the potential for revenge in this rematch against Chris Curtis.

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Placing your bets? Use our link at bet99.ringsidereport.net

Concluding Thoughts

This weekend’s combat sports events, from the tactical battle in UFC Vegas 90 to the dramatic flair of WrestleMania, showcase the diverse appeal of these disciplines. The Ringside Report Network, with its detailed analysis and genuine passion for combat sports, remains a valued resource for fans looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of these events.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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