What’s Next for Alex Pereira in 2024?

During the April 25th episode of Ringside Report MMA, co-hosts Dave Simon and Fred Garcia looked ahead past UFC 300 to ponder what’s next for Alex Pereira.

Key Takeaways

  1. Uncertainty Post-UFC 300: Alex Pereira’s absence from UFC 301 has left fans and analysts speculating about his next move. The lack of a clear path for his next fight adds intrigue and uncertainty about how the UFC will leverage his rising star power in upcoming events.
  2. Alex Pereira’s Potential Opponents and Weight Class Decisions: There is an ongoing debate about whether Pereira should move up to heavyweight to challenge Tom Aspinall or remain at light heavyweight and take on contenders like Muhammad Ankalaev. Each option carries different risks and opportunities, highlighting the strategic decisions Pereira and UFC must make.
  3. Event Scheduling Challenges: The discussion underscored the complications in scheduling fights for high-profile athletes like Alex Pereira, especially considering medical clearances and aligning with UFC’s event calendar. The timing of his return is pivotal, not only for his career but also for maintaining fan interest and event buy rates.
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Alex Pereira’s Fight Future Discussion:

Dave Simon starts the discussion by expressing disappointment that Pereira won’t fight at UFC 301 as hoped. He mentions wanting to see Pereira fight in Brazil and headline UFC 301 but notes that the event doesn’t seem promising without him. He sarcastically remarks on the poor quality of the UFC 301 card, predicting extremely low buy rates, joking that perhaps only about “ten” buys.

Fred Garcia and AJ D’Alesio jump in with their takes, humorously estimating how many people might buy the event based on the number of fighters’ family members, suggesting at least a hundred might tune in due to family support.

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Transition to Pereira’s Potential Opponents: Dave Simon continues by pondering potential opponents for Pereira, questioning whether he should face Muhammad Ankalaev next or possibly move up to heavyweight to challenge Tom Aspinall. Fred Garcia brings up Aspinall’s scheduled fight against Curtis Blaydes, adding complexity to the timing of any fight involving Pereira.

Debate Over Venue and Timing: The hosts discuss venue complications and timing, with Fred mentioning Aspinall’s commitments. Dave expresses skepticism about throwing Pereira into a tough fight in Manchester against a local like Aspinall, considering it a rough deal for Pereira.

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Future Fight Speculations: Dave speculates that UFC might save Pereira for a later event this year, pondering if he could become the first triple champ in the sport. AJ and Fred discuss the necessity of Pereira getting medical clearance due to a broken toe, which could affect his fight schedule. They consider the possibility of seeing him fight later in the year, maybe around August or October, emphasizing the need for proper timing and preparation, especially if Pereira moves up a weight class.

Conclusion on Alex Pereira’s Situation: The discussion concludes with the hosts acknowledging that while Pereira is eager to fight and stay active, UFC’s scheduling and medical clearance will significantly dictate when and whom he will fight next. The banter reflects genuine analysis and playful speculation, with the hosts engaging in light-hearted guesses and scenarios about Pereira’s fighting future.

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Betting Picks for a Lacklustre UFC Fight Night Nicolau vs Perez Card

Simon, Garcia and D’Alesio were initially going to forgo any picks as the quality of the card, post-UFC 300, was among the worst they had ever had to prognosticate.

Ufc 301 Pantoja-Vs-Erceg Poster
UFC 301 Pantoja vs Erceg Poster

Disappointment with Upcoming UFC Events

UFC Fight Night Issues:

  • The hosts express disappointment with the upcoming UFC Fight Night, describing it as lacklustre, especially following the high stakes of UFC 300. They humorously discuss the potential low buy rates and the card’s unattractiveness on paper.
  • Ringside Report MMA previously covered all UFC Pay-per-Views with a live interactive watch-along. However, please note that this May 4th event will not receive that treatment. Instead, Ringside Report Network will host a WWE Backlash PPV post-show.

UFC 301 Criticism:

  • The card for UFC 301 is critically discussed, with Dave voicing his frustrations over its lack of compelling fights. He sarcastically mentions only a dozen buys, highlighting the unpopularity expected for this event.
Ufc Nicolau Vs Perez Betting Picks
AJ and Fred provide their less-than-enthusiastic betting picks.

Their Reluctant Ricks

Fred Garcia’s Betting Picks:

  • Tim Means and Rani Yahya Parlay: Fred humorously suggests a parlay including Tim Means and Rani Yahya, acknowledging that they are huge underdogs and likely to lose, but if they win, it could result in a significant payoff.

AJ D’Alesio’s Betting Picks:

  • Matheus Nicolau over Alex Perez: AJ picks Matheus Nicolau to win over Alex Perez, noting Perez’s recent losing streak.
  • Ryan Spann over Bogdan Guskov: He also picks Ryan Spann to win over his opponent, anticipating that Spann’s ability to take the fight to the ground will secure him the victory.

Dave Simon’s Commentary:

  • Dave Simon does not provide specific picks but joins the discussion about the potential outcomes and the generally low expectations for the fight night. He shares in the humour about the unlikely odds and the less promising nature of the fight card.
Placing Your Bets? Use Our Link At Bet99.Ringsidereport.net
Placing your bets? Use our link at bet99.ringsidereport.net

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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