Ronda Rousey Speaks Out and UFC Vegas 89 Preview

During their lively discussion about the upcoming UFC Vegas 89, which will feature a clash between Amanda Ribas and Rose Namajunas, the Ringside Report Network hosts Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D’Alesio shared their unique predictions and insights, adding to the excitement surrounding the event.

UFC Vegas 89 Picks by Our Hosts

Dave Simon supported Rose Namajunas, affectionately known as “Thug Rose.” He acknowledged Namajunas’s challenges in her recent fights but highlighted her previous achievements, including significant victories over top contenders like Zhang Weili. Dave underscored Namajunas’s skill set, suggesting that her striking ability and footwork would give her the edge in this matchup. He predicted Namajunas would win by decision at UFC Vegas 89, emphasizing her capability to outmaneuver Ribas and land effective strikes throughout the bout.

UFC Vegas 89 Ribas vs Namajunas poster
UFC Vegas 89 Ribas vs Namajunas.

Fred Garcia also leaned towards a victory for Rose Namajunas, echoing some of Dave’s sentiments regarding her experience and skill level. Fred pointed out Namajunas’s recent setbacks but maintained confidence in her ability to bounce back and secure a win against Ribas. He suggested that Namajunas’s striking prowess and agility could lead to a TKO victory, underscoring his belief in her capacity to overcome Ribas’s challenges and reassert her position in the division.

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AJ D’Alesio offered a contrasting perspective for UFC Vegas 89, backing Amanda Ribas in the fight. He highlighted Ribas’s performance in her last fight and her proficient grappling skills, emphasizing her black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and judo expertise. AJ argued that if Ribas could manage to take the fight to the ground, her superior grappling could be the key to victory. He acknowledged Namajunas’s talents but speculated that Ribas’s momentum and the ground game might tip the scales in her favour, leading to a decision win for Ribas.

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Each host brought their own analysis and fighter preferences to the table, setting the stage for an intriguing showdown between Ribas and Namajunas. Their varied predictions reflect the unpredictability and excitement inherent in MMA, where anything can happen once the cage door closes.

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The Ringside Report Network offers in-depth coverage of MMA and Pro Wrestling, two prevalent combat sports that captivate audiences with intense battles and compelling storylines. As UFC Vegas 89, featuring Ribas vs. Namajunas, approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the night’s events and seek predictions and insights into the fights’ outcomes.

Within the realm of MMA, a recently settled class action lawsuit against UFC sets the stage for a night of intense battles, with the Ribas vs Namajunas fight being one of the most highly anticipated. Fans are speculating on the night’s outcomes and strategies, eagerly awaiting the spectacle of technique and tenacity that will unfold.

Ronda Rousey in a wrestling ring
Ronda Rousey in a WWE wrestling ring

Rhona Rousey Speaks Out

Meanwhile, in Professional Wrestling, Ronda Rousey’s outspoken remarks about WWE’s leadership have stirred controversy and added an intriguing layer to the already complex tapestry of wrestling storylines and rivalries.

During an interview with “Never Been Told,” Ronda Rousey confidently addressed the issues she faced with UFC fighters and asked if she had beef with her colleagues in WWE. In response to the question, she immediately mentioned two names that came to her mind two names immediately came to mind.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey’s sharp criticism of the WWE’s backstage environment underscores deep-seated issues within the industry and emphasizes her quest for autonomy and respect. Despite her monumental achievements, including being UFC’s first women’s bantamweight champion and breaking barriers in combat sports, Rousey’s recent remarks have fueled speculations about a potential return to UFC. Her focus on creating a safer and more respectful environment for athletes speaks volumes about her priorities moving forward. With safety and respect at the forefront, Rousey’s decision on her next move in the combat sports world is highly anticipated. Her stance may influence meaningful reforms and spark further discussions on industry standards.

Rouseys WWE Critique

Ronda Rousey’s critique of WWE’s backstage environment underscores a profound dissatisfaction with the organization’s internal dynamics and control mechanisms. Her vocal opposition to how WWE operates behind the scenes highlights her grievances. It sheds light on broader issues that may affect the well-being and safety of performers within the industry.

Rousey’s refusal to return to WWE and her emphasis on independence suggests a deep-seated concern for maintaining autonomy in a landscape often criticized for its restrictive nature. While personal, these remarks resonate with a larger audience that values safety and integrity, potentially influencing perceptions and sparking discussions around the need for reform in professional wrestling’s backstage culture.

Ronda Rousey’s Career Highlights and Achievements

Shifting from her judo success, including a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics, Rousey became the first UFC women’s bantamweight champion, marking significant milestones in her diverse athletic career. This transformation illustrated her adaptability and prowess in combat sports, setting a precedent for female athletes in traditionally male-dominated arenas.

Rousey’s venture into professional wrestling in 2018 further showcased her versatility, culminating in her participation in the first women’s WrestleMania main event. Her accomplishments in WWE, including securing various championship titles, underscore her impact on the sport, breaking barriers and inspiring future generations of female wrestlers.

Rousey’s career reflects a dedication to excellence and a commitment to challenging norms, paving the way for women in sports to follow in her footsteps.

Recent Moves and Speculations

Building on her illustrious career, Rousey’s recent movements and the swirling rumours surrounding her possible return to UFC have captured significant attention within the combat sports community. After taking a break to focus on her family, speculation about her next professional move has mounted.

Her decision to step away from WWE, citing dissatisfaction with its backstage environment, has only fueled discussions about a potential resurgence in MMA. Amid these speculations, it’s essential to emphasize that Rousey has yet to confirm any plans publicly.

The anticipation of her potential return to UFC aligns with fans’ and stakeholders’ interest in a safe and respectful environment that prioritizes the well-being and autonomy of athletes.

Future Scenarios Explored

Exploring potential future scenarios for Ronda Rousey reveals a landscape rife with opportunities and challenges in both UFC and WWE, despite her current stance on not returning to the latter. Given her illustrious career and the dynamic nature of professional sports, avenues for re-engagement or new ventures could emerge.

Safety, both physical and emotional, remains paramount. For Rousey, making future decisions will likely involve evaluating environments that respect her well-being and align with her values. Both organizations have shown adaptability in managing athlete relations, so there’s potential for reconciliations or fresh starts.

For fans and stakeholders concerned with safety and respectful treatment, Rousey’s next steps will be watched with keen interest, hoping for outcomes prioritizing her health and satisfaction in her professional endeavours.

Media Reactions and Community Buzz

Moving from potential future scenarios for Ronda Rousey, the media’s coverage of her remarks and the subsequent buzz within the community have become focal points of discussion. Renowned outlets and social platforms have meticulously analyzed her critique of WWE’s environment and stated independence. This scrutiny has sparked a broad spectrum of reactions—ranging from support for her candidness to concerns about the implications for her professional rapport with WWE.

The wrestling and broader sports communities are abuzz, weighing in on what her outspokenness means for future engagements in combat sports. Amidst this, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation about where Rousey’s remarkable career trajectory will lead next, underscoring her significant impact on the industry.

UFC 300 is coming soon
UFC 300 is coming soon

Looking Ahead to UFC 300

During the Ringside Report Network discussion, Dave, Fred, and AJ touched on several aspects related to UFC 300. They highlighted the impressive lineup of the event, with Fred specifically noting that “300 is fucking great” and a result of stacking stars in previous shows. They acknowledged that such a stellar event culminates recent good cards, like the O’Malley and Volkanovski cards. Despite the excitement for UFC 300, they pointed out that UFC 301 looks a bit thin in comparison, attributing this to the distribution of talent across events.

Furthermore, they discussed the main event of UFC 300, featuring Alex Pereira against Jamahal Hill. Dave mentioned Pereira’s hope for a quick victory at UFC 300 and his aim for a rapid turnaround to fight at UFC 301 in Brazil, showcasing the fighter’s ambition and the event’s significance.

The conversation also veered into the quality of UFC event posters, with AJ criticizing the UFC 300 poster for lacking impact and failing to live up to the occasion, especially compared to previous milestone event posters like UFC 100 and 200. This led to a nostalgic recollection of the UFC 1 poster and its historical significance, sparking a light-hearted debate on the evolution of the UFC’s promotional materials.

Overall, their discussion on UFC 300 was filled with anticipation for the event’s fights and a critique of its promotional aspects, reflecting a deep engagement with the sport and its presentation.

UFC 301 Poster featuring Alexandre Pantoja vs. Steve Erceg.
UFC 301 Poster featuring Alexandre Pantoja vs. Steve Erceg.

UFC 301 a Letdown After UFC 300

The conversation highlighted that UFC 301’s card looks “a little thin,” especially compared to the stacked lineup of UFC 300. They mentioned that the main event currently features Alexander Pantoja, the flyweight champion, against Steve Erceg, who, despite a solid record, has only had three fights in the UFC. This matchup was interesting, particularly with Erceg being relatively new to the UFC and already getting a title shot.

Fred noted that when the UFC holds events overseas, such as in Canada or Brazil, the cards often seem less robust, relying more on a few local talents to draw crowds. This seems to be the strategy for UFC 301 in Brazil, where the card might not be as star-studded but will still likely sell out due to local interest.

They also mentioned JosĂ© Aldo’s return to the octagon, which adds a layer of excitement to the event despite the overall perception that the card is less impressive than UFC 300. The discussion about UFC 301 reflected a mix of anticipation for specific fighters and a broader critique of the depth of the card, especially following such a landmark event like UFC 300.

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