Turmoil in AEW

Turmoil in AEW

Turmoil in AEW surrounding CM Punk, Hangman Page, Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Sammy Guevara, Thunder Rosa, Britt Baker, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay.

Wrestling Uncensored, the Turmoil in AEW Episode 598. August 26, 2022. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.

Turmoil In Aew
Turmoil in AEW

Dave and Johnny talked about the ongoing controversy in AEW surrounding CM Punk, Hangman Page, Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Sammy Guevara, Thunder Rosa, Britt Baker, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay.
Dave and Johnny related their experience attending Smackdown in Montreal, Johnny Gargano’s return to the WWE and the WWE women’s tag team title tournament.

Smackdown In Montreal
Turmoil in AEW 3

Owens & Zayn Ignite Montreal in Off-Air Segment

We witnessed wrestling wizardry when Owens & Zayn ignited our hometown of Montreal at the Bell Centre with an off-air segment that’s become the talk of the town.

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We’ve been buzzing about the untelevised twist that turned an ordinary night into an extraordinary talent showcase. It’s clear we’re not the only ones; social media’s been ablaze with clips shared by fans lucky enough to capture the moment.

We’re clamouring for WWE to lift the veil of secrecy and share this electric encounter. These raw, spontaneous displays deepen our devotion to wrestling, and Owens & Zayn’s performance was a prime example of the passion and prowess that keep us all hooked.

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Key Takeaways

  • Owens & Zayn’s off-air segment in Montreal electrified the crowd and added unexpected twists to the storyline.
  • Fan-recorded content quickly surfaced online, preserving and amplifying the segment’s impact.
  • Unscripted moments and off-air interactions can humanize wrestlers and allow for natural character development.
  • The excitement generated by Owens & Zayn’s segment in Montreal creates anticipation for future shows and potential matchups.

The Surprise Segment

We were thrilled when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn electrified the crowd with an untelevised surprise segment in Montreal. Events like these shake up their storyline, adding unexpected twists that only live audiences get to witness firsthand.

Thanks to the digital age, fans can now easily record and share content online, capturing magical moments that would have otherwise been missed. This fan footage is crucial as it preserves these unscripted moments and amplifies their impact, engaging fans worldwide.

It’s a testament to the importance of shared experiences in wrestling, where every smartphone becomes a window for the world to peek into these spontaneous bursts of storytelling.

Fans’ Electric Response

Our excitement was palpable as Owens and Zayn’s off-air antics sent shockwaves through the Montreal audience, capturing everyone’s undivided attention. The crowd interaction was off the charts. You could feel the electric energy bouncing off the walls as each cheer and chant filled the arena. It was one of those unforgettable moments where the impact on the live event experience was undeniable.

We were all in the moment together—every shout, every laugh, every round of applause amplified by the sheer joy of witnessing something special. This wasn’t just another match; it was a testament to Owens and Zayn’s ability to connect with us, the fans, in a truly unique and personal way.

It’s a memory that’ll stick with us long after the lights go out.

Viral Fan Footage

Capturing the unscripted magic, a fan’s video of the Owens and Zayn segment quickly went viral, showcasing the duo’s undeniable charisma and the audience’s infectious enthusiasm.

We’re left wondering why WWE hasn’t released the footage, but the power of fan-recorded content has filled the gap, setting social media ablaze.

This impromptu recording reveals a raw and genuine side of wrestling that official broadcasts sometimes miss. It connects us directly to the heart of the live experience – something polished edits often overlook.

The impact of this fan’s video can’t be overstated; it’s a testament to how unguarded moments can resonate more deeply with audiences and why they’re sometimes the most treasured part of sports entertainment.

WWE’s Silence Explained

Considering WWE’s lack of footage release, we’re left speculating about their reasons for keeping the Owens & Zayn Montreal segment off-air. Why WWE didn’t release the segment footage may stem from various strategic choices. Perhaps they aim to create an exclusive live event experience, adding mystery and allure to attending shows in person.

Alternatively, the segment could have featured moments WWE prefers not to highlight broadly, possibly due to unscripted interactions or to maintain storyline control.

Another layer to consider is the segment’s impact on Owens & Zayn’s characters. Off-air moments can humanize wrestlers, endear them further to local fans, and allow for more natural character development. But by not releasing the footage, WWE keeps their character narratives tightly within the televised and scripted realm.

Unexpected Ringside Drama

During a WWE house show, a fan tried to jump the rail and caused a disruption in the ringside area. Although security quickly handled the situation, it diverted our attention from the match for a moment. This incident serves as a reminder that no matter how exciting the match is, such disruptions can significantly impact live events.

We all know that the safety of the performers and the audience is paramount. When a fan disrupts the flow, it’s not just about the immediate disruption—it can affect the entire atmosphere. Thankfully, in this case, the situation was quickly contained, allowing us and our fellow fans to refocus on the talents of Owens and Zayn, who continued to ignite the crowd with their undeniable chemistry.

Wrestling Veterans’ Comeback

Our excitement is further amplified by the return of wrestling veteran Spike Dudley, who’s stepping back into the ring for a charity event. The buzz around wrestling legends dusting off their boots and hitting the mat again never fails to stir us up. We’re thrilled to see Spike, known for his daredevil antics, bring that old-school vibe back to the squared circle.

Fan reactions are already off the charts, with social media lighting up in anticipation. It’s a powerful reminder of the timeless allure these icons hold. Their comebacks are more than just nostalgia; they’re a testament to the enduring spirit of professional wrestling, bridging generations and rekindling the magic that first drew us to this electrifying spectacle.

Owens’ Injury Update

Despite initial concerns, we’re relieved to report that Kevin Owens’ injury isn’t as serious as some had feared. We’ve been closely monitoring Owens’ recovery progress, and it’s coming along better than anticipated. Although the specifics of his injury were kept under wraps, the speed at which he’s getting back on his feet is a positive sign for us fans who miss his dynamic presence in the ring.

We’re all eager for any news regarding the return timeline for Owens, and while we don’t have a precise date yet, the outlook is promising. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any updates and will be the first to celebrate once he’s cleared to bring the fight back to WWE.

Future Show Speculations

Looking ahead to upcoming WWE events, we’re excited over the potential matchups and surprise appearances that could follow the electric atmosphere generated by Owens and Zayn in Montreal. The unforgettable segment has us speculating about the potential storylines that could be in store for us. Could we witness a Montreal return that tops this one? It’s a thrilling thought.

We’re on the edge of our seats, imagining how WWE might capitalize on the momentum. Will they weave this energy into a larger narrative, setting the stage for a climactic showdown? One thing’s for sure: if Owens and Zayn continue to bring this level of intensity, the future shows will be can’t-miss events.


We’re still buzzing from that night in Montreal, where Owens and Zayn’s off-air antics became legendary. A testament to their impact, that lone fan’s video soared with over a million views overnight, proving we’re not alone in our craving for those raw, unscripted wrestling moments.

Here’s hoping WWE takes note and delivers more of these electric, fan-fueled experiences. Until then, we’ll keep chasing the thrill that keeps our love for wrestling alive.