WWE King and Queen of the Ring & AEW Double or Nothing 2024: Expert Predictions and Analysis

In the latest episode of Wrestling Uncensored, Dave, Ben Simon, and pro wrestler Johnny North confidently discussed WWE and AEW. The team shared their expert opinions and predictions for WWE’s King and Queen of the Ring and AEW’s Double or Nothing events, which are just around the corner. This article powerfully summarizes the highlights of their discussion, providing fans with a comprehensive overview of the current wrestling landscape and what to expect in the coming weeks.

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Key Takeaways

1. Logan Paul’s Dual Role: Logan Paul’s involvement in WWE extends beyond the ring, with his Prime sponsorship bringing significant business value. While his wrestling skills are developing, his star power is evident.

2. Cody Rhodes’ Reign: Cody Rhodes remains a strong and popular WWE Champion. His upcoming match against Logan Paul at King and Queen of the Ring will define his reign and set up future storylines.

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3. Business Considerations: WWE’s corporate structure and focus on mainstream appeal are influencing booking decisions. The company’s relationship with Endeavor Group Holdings highlights the increasing importance of business metrics in wrestling decisions.

4. Title Prestige: The hosts were critical of WWE’s current title landscape, particularly the devaluation of the tag team and mid-card titles. A more streamlined approach could ensure each championship holds significant value.

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5. AEW’s High-Stakes Matches: Double or Nothing is shaping into an explosive event, with matches like Anarchy in the Arena promising high drama and action. The AEW World Championship match between Christian Cage and Swerve Strickland adds further intrigue.

6. Building Future Stars: AEW’s focus on elevating younger talent through meaningful matches with established stars is a crucial strategy for its growth. This approach ensures that new stars are continually developed and the product remains engaging.

7. Faction Warfare: The ongoing rivalries between factions like The Elite and FTR add depth to AEW’s storylines, creating a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

Pictured Here Is Poster Of Becky Lynch And Liv Morgan Who Will Fight For Women’s World Championship At King And Queen Of The Ring
Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch will put her title on the line against Liv Morgan.

WWE: King and Queen of the Ring

Scheduled for May 25, 2024, at the Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia, WWE’s King and Queen of the Ring event promises to be significant. The main event, featuring Logan Paul challenging Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship, was a significant topic of discussion.

Logan Paul vs. Cody Rhodes

Dave Simon’s Perspective: Dave expressed mixed feelings about this matchup. He acknowledged Logan Paul’s influence in WWE due to his mainstream appeal and the success of his Prime energy drink sponsorship. He noted that Logan’s presence brings younger audiences to WWE, which benefits the company’s business.

Johnny North’s Take: Johnny was more critical, questioning the decision to have Logan Paul challenge Cody Rhodes. He argued that Logan’s inexperience compared to seasoned wrestlers like Cody could undermine the credibility of the championship if not handled carefully. The conversation also touched on the dynamics of Logan Paul, the current United States Champion, challenging for the WWE Championship and the potential impact on the U.S. Title’s prestige.

The Future of Cody Rhodes

The hosts discussed Cody Rhodes’ current run as WWE Champion and potential future challengers. Dave and Johnny agreed that Cody has been a strong champion, and Dave leaned towards Cody retaining his title to solidify his reign further. Ben speculated on future challengers, suggesting that WWE needs to build credible opponents to keep Cody’s title run engaging.

Poster For This Year'S Aew Double Or Nothing
Poster for this year’s AEW Double or Nothing

AEW: Double or Nothing

Another major focus was AEW’s Double or Nothing event, set for the next day on May 26, 2024, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The hosts explored various matches and storylines, highlighting the depth and intrigue of AEW’s programming.

Anarchy in the Arena

The Anarchy in the Arena match will feature The Elite (Young Bucks, Kazuchika Okada, and Jungle Boy Jack Perry) against FTR, Brian Danielson, and Eddie Kingston.

Dave Simon’s Take: Dave was excited about this match, predicting it could steal the show due to the unique blend of talent involved. He highlighted the Young Bucks’ high-flying antics, Okada’s technical prowess, Jungle Boy’s energy, FTR’s classic tag team skills, Danielson’s all-around ability, and Kingston’s intensity.

Ben Simon’s Insights: Ben noted the match’s unpredictable nature, suggesting that the chemistry between the participants and the ongoing storylines would add layers of drama and excitement.

AEW World Championship: Christian Cage vs. Swerve Strickland

The AEW World Championship match between Christian Cage and Swerve Strickland was also highlighted.

Johnny North’s Perspective: Johnny emphasized Christian Cage’s veteran presence and ability to elevate younger talent like Swerve Strickland. Given its importance and the star power involved, he speculated on whether this match might close the show.

Dave Simon’s View: Dave agreed with Johnny, noting Christian Cage’s reliability as a main eventer and champion. He suggested that a strong performance by Strickland, even if he doesn’t win, could solidify his status as a top contender in AEW.

Business and Branding in WWE

The hosts discussed the business implications of Logan Paul’s involvement in WWE, particularly his role in promoting Prime, which has become a significant sponsor of WWE events. Dave highlighted Logan’s unique position as a top wrestler and a major sponsor, noting that this dual role brings significant business value to WWE.

Corporate Structure: Dave also touched on WWE’s corporate structure, pointing out that the company is now part of Endeavor Group Holdings. This relationship could influence booking decisions, particularly in maximizing revenue and mainstream appeal.

General WWE Landscape

The hosts were critical of the current state of WWE’s tag team division, with Johnny North referring to the SmackDown and Raw Tag Team Titles as “pure jabroni” titles due to lacklustre booking and weak champions. The discussion also touched on the mid-card titles, focusing on maintaining each championship’s prestige amidst the crowded title landscape.


The Wrestling Uncensored team thoroughly analyzed WWE and AEW’s current landscapes, offering insights and predictions for upcoming events. As King and Queen of the Ring and Double or Nothing approach, wrestling fans have much to look forward to. The discussions from Wrestling Uncensored set the stage for an exciting few weeks in professional wrestling, highlighting the balance between business considerations and in-ring storytelling. Whether it’s the drama of Logan Paul vs. Cody Rhodes or the chaos of Anarchy in the Arena, the coming events promise to deliver memorable moments for wrestling fans.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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