CM Punk's Future in the WWE

CM Punk’s Future in the WWE Announced

Dave Simon and Johnny North shared their thoughts on CM Punk's future in the WWE, especially in light of his recent appearances and promo delivery.
Wrestling Uncensored Episode 663. CM Punk’s Future in the WWE. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.
Dave and Johnny discussed CM Punk’s return to the WWE at Survivor Series and his future in professional wrestling. They also discussed Randy Orton’s move to Smackdown and AEW’s Continental Classic tournament.

Punk’s Electrifying WWE Comeback and Upcoming Schedule

CM Punk’s return to the WWE has ignited a fervour within the wrestling community, marking a significant moment in the sport’s landscape. His upcoming schedule, which includes appearances on live shows, Monday Night RAW, and a highly anticipated role in the 2024 Royal Rumble, has garnered widespread attention.

Scheduled matches against Dominik Mysterio and the prospect of involvement in WrestleMania 40 have spurred intense speculation within the WWE Universe. Punk’s return has also made a palpable impact on ratings and merchandise sales.

This update will explore Punk’s electrifying comeback and forthcoming schedule, delving into the reactions, speculations, and the considerable influence of his return on the wrestling world.

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Key Takeaways

  • CM Punk has confirmed his upcoming appearances at WWE live shows and Monday Night RAW, including his 2024 Royal Rumble match spot.
  • He will face Dominik Mysterio during WWE’s Holiday tours on December 26 and 30.
  • Wrestling veteran Konnan has defended CM Punk’s return, highlighting its positive impact on the WWE Universe regarding ratings and merchandise sales.
  • The article invites readers to share their opinions on who CM Punk should potentially face at WrestleMania 2024.

CM Punk’s Upcoming WWE Schedule

CM Punk has recently confirmed his upcoming WWE schedule, including appearances on live shows and Monday Night RAW, as well as his participation in the 2024 Royal Rumble and matches against Dominik Mysterio.

He announced his spot at the 2024 Royal Rumble for the Men’s Rumble match, adding to the anticipation of this event.

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Additionally, fans can expect to see Punk take on Dominik Mysterio during WWE’s Holiday Tour on December 26 at Madison Square Garden and on December 30 at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

Furthermore, CM Punk will grace the RAW stage twice in January 2024, first in Rose City on January 8th and then in The Big Easy on January 22nd.

With these confirmed appearances and matches, the WWE Universe awaits the electrifying presence and impact that CM Punk will bring to these events.

Wrestling Veteran Defends CM Punk

Amidst the ongoing discussion surrounding CM Punk’s return to WWE, a wrestling veteran has fervently defended Punk’s comeback, countering criticisms and emphasizing his positive impact on the industry.

Konnan fired back at a fan criticizing CM Punk’s WWE return, highlighting how Punk’s electrifying return has boosted ratings and merchandise sales. He urged the fan to consider the business aspect and not be a hater, emphasizing the need to look at the industry pragmatically.

Konnan’s defence of Punk underscores the significance of Punk’s return in rejuvenating the WWE Universe and injecting excitement into live shows and Monday Night RAW. His comments serve as a reminder of the impact a veteran like CM Punk can have on the wrestling world, sparking further anticipation for his upcoming appearances and potential WrestleMania 40.

CM Punk’s Impact on WWE Universe

The resurgence of CM Punk in the WWE has significantly revitalized the wrestling landscape, reinvigorating fan engagement and positively impacting viewership and merchandise sales. His return has injected much-needed buzz into the WWE Universe, electrifying fans and boosting ratings.

The positive impact of Punk’s comeback on the wrestling community is evident, with increased excitement and anticipation surrounding his appearances on live shows and Monday Night RAW. His unique vibe and energy have brought a renewed sense of excitement to WWE events.

This heightened interest has not only translated into improved viewership but has also positively influenced merchandise sales. CM Punk’s presence has undeniably left a significant imprint on the WWE Universe, demonstrating his enduring impact and the anticipation surrounding his upcoming matches and appearances.

Randy Orton’s War Games 2023 Return

In their response to viewer Eric G’s comment about Randy Orton not being in the cage at the start of the men’s War Games segment, Dave Simon and Johnny North acknowledged that sitting in the cage for a prolonged period might dampen the wrestler’s entrance impact. Dave suggested that avoiding the cage might have been a strategic move to preserve Orton’s popularity with the fans, as his entrance received a huge reaction.

Johnny agreed but emphasized the need for a storyline explanation for Orton’s delayed appearance. They both noted the absence of such an explanation, with Johnny expressing a desire for more coherent storytelling in WWE. Dave also mentioned Randy Orton’s future intentions, including his desire to confront the Bloodline, highlighting the ongoing storylines post-Survivor Series.

Ric Flairs Promo On Rampage
CM Punk's Future in the WWE Announced 4

Ric Flair’s controversial promo AT AEW RamPage

During their discussion on Ric Flair‘s promo on AEW Rampage, Dave Simon and Johnny North shared a nuanced perspective on the criticism directed towards Flair. Dave acknowledged Flair’s controversial past but suggested that as an older man, Flair might be out of touch with current norms. He advocated for leniency towards Flair due to his age and contributions to wrestling.

Johnny agreed to address past behaviour while acknowledging the complexities of wrestling figures. They reflected on reconciling Flair’s legacy with his off-screen actions.

Cm Punk On Raw November 27 2023
CM Punk's Future in the WWE Announced 5

CM Punk’s Initial Return to Raw

CM Punk’s return promo on WWE Raw on November 27, 2023, marked a significant moment in his career. Punk expressed a deep sense of belonging and connection with the wrestling world and its fans in his speech. He acknowledged the support and chants from fans across various countries and arenas, emphasizing how this unwavering support brought him back to WWE. Punk noted that he is not there to make friends but to make money, indicating a professional focus on his wrestling career.

He also touched upon the fears of others about his return, suggesting that his presence sets a high bar in the industry. This return signals a new chapter for CM Punk in WWE, where he aims to reestablish himself as a top competitor​​.

CM Punk’s Future in The WWE

Cm Punk'S Future In The Wwe
CM Punk’s Future in the WWE

Punk’s Promo and Impact

Dave felt Punk’s first promo on Raw was uneventful and somewhat recycled. He expected more impactful statements from Punk, reflecting on his transition from AEW to WWE. They agreed Punk should change the WWE game but were curious about how he fits into the current landscape, considering his age and potential part-time status.

Punk vs. Seth Rollins

Discussing a potential feud with Seth Rollins, they speculated on the outcome of a match between Punk and Rollins. North predicted an unclean finish to keep Punk strong, while Simon suggested Punk could lose to Rollins without damaging his potential for future high-profile matches.

Dream Match: Punk vs. Austin at WrestleMania

Responding to a viewer’s comment about a rumoured match between Punk and Steve Austin at WrestleMania, they debated who should win. North favoured Punk to elevate his standing against Roman Reigns, while Simon leaned towards Austin, citing his iconic status.

Overall, Simon and North see CM Punk as a significant addition to WWE, but they have reservations about how he will be utilized and the potential impact of his storylines on the broader WWE narrative.