Dave,Ben and Johnny hosted the WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Post Show

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Recap: A Night of Ups and Downs

Experience the highs and lows of WWE Money in the Bank 2024 in Toronto. From thrilling ladder matches to controversial finishes, our in-depth review covers it all. Dive into audience reactions, standout performances, and predictions for SummerSlam 2024. Join the conversation and get ready for more wrestling excitement!

The WWE Money in the Bank 2024 event in Toronto, Ontario, has wrapped up, and fans are left with excitement, confusion, and disappointment. The Ringside Report Network’s post-show with Dave Simon, Ben Simon, and Pro Wrestler Johnny North comprehensively reviewed the night’s matches, audience reactions, and overall event quality. Let’s dive into the highlights, lowlights, and everything from this year’s Money in the Bank.

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The Main Event: A Flat Finish

Dave Simon opened the discussion with a strong critique of the main event’s conclusion. The six-man tag match ended in what he described as a flat and uneventful finish. Solo Sikoa pinned Cody Rhodes after a series of predictable ref bumps and low blows, leading to an anticlimactic end. The hosts were confused over WWE’s decision to end the show this way, especially after Triple H promised a landscape-changing event.

“What the hell was that? Did they forget how to finish pay-per-views?” Dave exclaimed, capturing the frustration many fans felt​​.

Cm Punk At Wwe Money In The Bank 2024
CM Punk interfered with Drew McIntyre, reinforcing their feud at WWE Money in the Bank 2024

Predictable Outcomes

One of the night’s recurring themes was predictability. Dave, Johnny, and Ben agreed that many outcomes were too easily foreseen, detracting from the event’s excitement. For example, Drew McIntyre’s briefcase cash-in, which CM Punk thwarted, was called out by the hosts beforehand. The lack of surprises left the hosts and fans yearning for more creativity in WWE’s storytelling.

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“I’m not that happy about it because I don’t want it to be this predictable and bland and boring,” Dave noted, reflecting the sentiment of many viewers​​.

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Audience Reactions and Live Experience

Despite the lacklustre finishes, audience members like long-time channel member, Antoinette shared their positive experiences of attending the event live. She noted the energy in the building and the excitement of being part of a major WWE event in Toronto. However, she also pointed out some glaring issues, such as Tama Tonga’s botched low blow, which added to the night’s messy feel.

“Live was awesome. That is all that made me happy,” Antoinette said, emphasizing the difference between the live atmosphere and the televised experience​​.

Audience member Harold Schneider also weighed in, expressing his disappointment with the show’s overall quality compared to past events.

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“Money in the Bank used to be fun. Not tonight,” Harold commented, capturing the dissatisfaction felt by many long-time fans​​.

Standout Matches and Performances

While the main event and some matches fell short, others delivered. The men’s Money in the Bank ladder match was unanimously praised as the night’s match. High spots and risky moves kept the audience engaged and provided the kind of action fans expect from a Money in the Bank event.

“Men’s money in the bank for sure. That was the match of the night,” Johnny North declared, highlighting the standout performances from wrestlers like Andrade and Chad Gable​​.

Technical Issues and Botches

Technical difficulties and in-ring botches were significant parts of the night’s narrative. The event seemed plagued by mishaps, from the pre-show audio issues to Zoe Starks’ awkward landings. The most glaring was during the Seth Rollins vs. Damian Priest match, when Priest failed to kick out, leading to an awkward pause and confusion.

“Seth was looking at the ref like, ‘What the hell?'” Dave recounted, summarizing the chaotic moment that left fans and commentators alike baffled​​.

Looking Ahead to SummerSlam

As the post-show wrapped up, the hosts shifted their focus to the future, specifically WWE SummerSlam 2024. With setups like Solo Sikoa vs. Cody Rhodes and potential triple-threat matches involving Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk, there’s hope that WWE can deliver a more satisfying event.

“Join us immediately after SummerSlam for our post-show on August 3rd,” Dave encouraged, inviting fans to tune in for what promises to be a more thrilling discussion​​.

Scores and Audience Comments

To wrap up their review, Dave, Johnny, and Ben gave their scores for the event. Here’s how they rated it out of ten:

  • Dave Simon: “I’m giving it a seven. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t horrific. I liked it better than Forbidden Door, but that’s not saying much. The past couple of big wrestling shows I’ve watched have not been good”​​.
  • Johnny North: “I think I’d give it a seven overall. Like, I thought they were both enjoyable for their reasons. Neither were perfect shows, but both had highlights”​​.
  • Ben Simon: “Yeah, seven here. I didn’t care much for the end or the finish. Boring, but the ladder matches, even in the women’s one, a lot of car crashes, but they were going for it”​​.

Audience members also shared their scores:

  • Michael: “Ten”​​.
  • Harold: “Six”​​.
  • Ryan Katz: “Eight”​​.
  • Franco 316: “Seven”

Key Takeaways from WWE Money in the Bank 2024

  • Main Event Disappointment: The six-man tag match’s flat finish left fans and hosts underwhelmed.
  • Predictable Outcomes: Many match results were too easy to predict, reducing the overall excitement.
  • Live Experience vs. Broadcast: Audience members enjoyed the live atmosphere despite the event’s shortcomings on TV.
  • Technical Issues: Botches and technical difficulties marred the event’s presentation.
  • Hope for SummerSlam: Anticipation builds for WWE’s next major event, where fans hope for better storytelling and execution.

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Conclusion

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 in Toronto had moments but ultimately left many fans wanting more. As we look ahead to SummerSlam, there’s optimism that WWE will learn from this event and deliver a more impactful and engaging show. Don’t miss the Ringside Report Network’s post-show on August 3rd for all the reactions and insights immediately following SummerSlam.

Join Dave, Johnny, and Ben Simon for the WWE SummerSlam 2024 Post Show on August 3rd, and be part of the live discussion and analysis of WWE’s biggest summer event!