The Devil: True Evil Unmasked & Revealed at World’s End 2023

Adam Cole Unleashed as AEW’s Sinister Mastermind

For months, we have been asking, who is the devil? As you can see below, there were many guesses. However, in the aftermath of AEW World’s End 2023, the wrestling world finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the seismic reverberations of Adam Cole’s calculated betrayal and the emergence of a malevolent faction that has upended the established order within AEW.

Cole’s transformation from a revered competitor to a sinister mastermind has injected a potent dose of intrigue into the promotion, leaving fans and industry insiders alike pondering the implications of this paradigm-shifting revelation.

As the dust settles on this pivotal moment, questions abound regarding Cole’s motivations, the identity of his enigmatic allies, and the overarching implications for AEW’s future direction.

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The stage is set for a riveting saga of conflict and machination as AEW hurtles toward a new era defined by the enigmatic figure of Adam Cole and his devilish entourage.

AEW Worlds End 2023 Main Event

Adam Cole answers the tiresome question, Who is the Devil?

In a dramatic and unforgettable turn of events at AEW Worlds End 2023, the main event witnessed the hometown hero, MJF, defend his AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe in Long Island, New York, culminating in a shocking betrayal by Adam Cole and the emergence of a nefarious faction that has set the stage for a gripping new direction in AEW.

The impact of MJF’s hometown advantage was palpable as the crowd fervently rallied behind their beloved champion, creating an electrifying atmosphere. However, Samoa Joe strategically targeted MJF’s injured shoulder, exploiting a known vulnerability. Joe’s in-ring tactics were calculated and ruthless, demonstrating his willingness to capitalize on any advantage.

This strategic approach ultimately proved effective, leading to a monumental upset as Samoa Joe secured the AEW World Championship, altering the landscape of AEW and leaving fans reeling from the unexpected outcome.

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The Devilish Faction

The shocking betrayal by Adam Cole and the subsequent emergence of a nefarious faction at AEW Worlds End 2023 have irrevocably altered the trajectory of AEW, paving the way for a captivating and sinister new narrative.

The impact on MJF’s career is profound, as he suffered a devastating loss in front of his hometown crowd and was ruthlessly attacked by Cole’s henchmen, leaving him physically and emotionally battered.

The potential repercussions for the devilish faction are significant, as their despicable actions have garnered widespread disdain from AEW fans and the wrestling community.

The betrayal by Cole and the formation of the devilish faction have set the stage for a compelling and intense rivalry, promising to captivate audiences and elevate the stakes in AEW’s storytelling.

The repercussions of this diabolical alliance will surely reverberate throughout AEW, shaping the landscape of professional wrestling in the coming months.

Adam Cole’s Motivation

Adam Cole’s betrayal at AEW Worlds End 2023 and the subsequent formation of his nefarious faction have sparked intense speculation regarding his underlying motivations. These motivations likely stem from a complex interplay of personal ambition, past grievances, and the evolving dynamics of AEW’s competitive landscape.

Despite his undeniable talent and relentless pursuit, Cole’s frustrations with being unable to secure the AEW World Championship could have fueled his desire for power and control. He may have felt that he needed to take matters into his own hands to achieve the success he believed he deserved.

Additionally, MJF’s past as a manipulative and conniving individual may have influenced Cole’s actions. Seeing how MJF has achieved success through underhanded tactics, Cole may have been influenced to adopt a similar mindset and believe that he, too, needed to go to extreme measures to achieve his goals.

The exact motivation behind Cole’s shocking betrayal is still shrouded in mystery. This sets the stage for a compelling storyline that will undoubtedly captivate AEW fans in the coming months.

MJF Vs. Samoa Joe

In the unprecedented clash for the AEW World Championship at Worlds End 2023, MJF and Samoa Joe delivered a riveting and intense performance that culminated in a significant shift in the wrestling landscape.

Samoa Joe’s dominance was on full display as he relentlessly targeted MJF’s injured shoulder, showcasing his technical prowess and physicality.

Despite the odds stacked against him, MJF displayed remarkable resilience, fighting through the pain and demonstrating his unwavering determination to retain the championship.

The clash between these two formidable competitors captivated the audience and highlighted the depth of talent within AEW’s roster.

This match will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in AEW history, setting the stage for a new era of competition and intrigue within the promotion.

Adam Cole’s Betrayal

Adam Cole’s shocking betrayal at AEW Worlds End 2023 has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling world, altering the landscape of AEW and setting the stage for a compelling new storyline.

The impact on MJF’s career is profound, as the betrayal occurred critically, with MJF losing the AEW World Championship to Samoa Joe and being subsequently attacked by Cole and his devilish faction. This event has undoubtedly derailed MJF’s momentum and poses a significant challenge to his quest for redemption.

As for Adam Cole, his betrayal opens the door to captivating future rivalries within AEW. The betrayal sets the stage for intense confrontations and potential alliances, creating an atmosphere of unpredictability and excitement as AEW enters a new era with Adam Cole at the center of attention.

The Sinister Mastermind Revealed

Emerging as the mastermind behind AEW’s diabolical betrayal, Adam Cole’s calculated actions have sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, reshaping the landscape of AEW and setting the stage for a gripping new era.

Carefully executed with precision, Cole’s plan has not only dethroned MJF but also solidified his position as the sinister mastermind orchestrating a new era of dominance within AEW.

The impact on MJF has been profound, as he not only lost his coveted AEW World Championship in front of his hometown crowd but also suffered a brutal attack at the hands of Cole’s devilish faction.

Cole’s betrayal has not only altered the course of MJF’s career. Still, it has also set the stage for a deeply personal and intense rivalry, promising a future filled with electrifying confrontations and dramatic storytelling within AEW.

Long-Term Storyline Unfolds

The aftermath of Adam Cole’s calculated betrayal and MJF’s devastating loss at AEW Worlds End 2023 has set the stage for a compelling long-term storyline, offering a glimpse into the deeply personal and intense rivalry that will shape the future of AEW.

Uncovering the mystery: What’s next for MJF after his devastating loss?
MJF’s loss at AEW World’s End 2023 has left the AEW landscape in disarray. As he recuperates from the betrayal and loss of the AEW World Championship, MJF will undoubtedly seek retribution against Adam Cole and The Devilish Faction.

The impact of Adam Cole’s betrayal: How will this reshape the AEW landscape?
Adam Cole’s shocking betrayal has sent shockwaves through AEW, reshaping alliances and rivalries. The emergence of The Devilish Faction has introduced a new level of unpredictability and danger to AEW, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as the long-term storyline unfolds.

AEW’s New Direction

Amidst the aftermath of AEW World’s End 2023, the landscape of All Elite Wrestling has undergone a compelling transformation, introducing a new era that promises unpredictability and intensity. AEW’s new direction, propelled by Adam Cole’s betrayal and the formation of The Devilish Faction, is a masterclass in creative storytelling.

The impact on roster dynamics is palpable, with alliances shifting and new feuds emerging. Cole’s sinister mastermind persona has injected intrigue into AEW that has been sorely lacking. This shift signifies a departure from predictable storylines and a move towards a more layered and gripping narrative.

Cole’s alliance with Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and Wardlow has immediately altered the power dynamics within the AEW roster, setting the stage for a period of intense and enthralling competition.

Background (Previous Mystery)

Who is the devil behind that mask
The Devil: True Evil Unmasked & Revealed at World's End 2023 5

The Universe is Still Asking – Who is the Devil?

You should delve into the ongoing speculation surrounding who is the devil.

Wearing a distinct devil mask, the devil has orchestrated numerous attacks on wrestlers, leading to fervent fan curiosity about the mastermind behind the mask.

Some suspect MJF, especially after his confrontation with Jay White, while others point to Britt Baker due to her devil horn ad, but is he headed to WWE?

CM Punk’s cryptic references and Instagram posts have also fueled speculation despite some sources dismissing the possibility.

UPDATE: Let’s Cross CM Punk Off The List

Additionally, Adam Cole’s conniving persona and friendship with MJF make him a believable suspect.

Even David Finlay, with his connection to Jay White, has a link to the devil mask mystery.

The intrigue and anticipation surrounding the devil’s identity continue to captivate AEW fans, who eagerly await the eventual unmasking.

Watch the episode to learn more.

Who is the Devil? Is it Punk?

Who is the Devil?

The conversation shifted to other potential candidates for the devil persona. Simon suggested Britt Baker, while North considered Adam Cole’s likelihood despite his inability to wrestle. They also mentioned Jungle Boy as a potential candidate, underscoring the widespread speculation and excitement surrounding the storyline.

Dave emphasized the importance of AEW delivering a satisfying reveal, noting the high level of fan investment in the storyline. The duo acknowledged AEW’s challenge if the reveal isn’t Punk, given the limited options that would match fan expectations. North also highlighted the mystery of the four unidentified accomplices associated with the devil character.

Overall, Simon and North’s discussion captured the essence of pro wrestling fandom — a blend of speculation, excitement, and the constant anticipation of unexpected twists. Their analysis underlines the effectiveness of AEW’s storytelling and its ability to engage fans in ongoing narratives.

Speculations and Theories About The Devil

Amid the ongoing fervour surrounding the mysterious identity of The Devil in AEW, fans have fervently speculated and theorized about the possible mastermind behind the Devil mask.

Many have pointed fingers at MJF, given the mask’s appearance following his confrontation with Jay White. Others suspect Britt Baker due to her recent mimicry of devil horns in an ad. With his enigmatic Instagram posts, CM Punk remains a popular choice, while Adam Cole’s conniving nature and close ties to MJF make him a believable suspect. Additionally, as the current leader of Bullet Club in NJPW, David Finlay may have motives to disrupt MJF and White.

Furthermore, the Devil attacked the Panama City Playboy and Billy Gunn, adding to the intrigue. Awaiting an update on the identity, fans continue to speculate fervently.

The Impact of The Devil in AEW

The impact of The Devil in AEW has sparked intense speculation and heightened anticipation among fans, fueling a surge of interest in the ongoing storyline. The devil mask appearing after MJF’s confrontation with Jay White has led to fervent discussions among fans about potential connections and suspects. Some fans have speculated that Britt Baker or Roderick Strong could be involved.

The mystery surrounding The Devil has captivated AEW audiences, with many eagerly awaiting updates and further developments. The ongoing speculation and the unpredictability of the character’s true identity have injected a new level of intrigue into AEW programming.

As fans continue to dissect clues and analyze potential motives, the impact of The Devil in AEW is undeniably shaping the promotion’s narrative in an unprecedented manner.

Unravelling the Enigma: The Devil’s Motives

Unravelling the enigma of The Devil’s motives reveals a complex web of potential vendettas and personal grudges driving the masked figure’s actions in AEW. The devil mask first emerged after MJF’s altercation with Jay White, hinting at a motive linked to their rivalry. While financial gain and career sabotage could be motives, there’s speculation about a personal vendetta against MJF.

Despite fan theories, sources have dismissed the possibility of The Devil being Britt Baker or CM Punk. This suggests that the motives behind The Devil’s actions may be deeply rooted in AEW’s history, possibly involving past rivalries and conflicts.

AEW officials’ active investigation underscores the gravity and intrigue surrounding the Devil in AEW, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the eventual unmasking and revelation of the devil’s true motive.

Anticipation for The Devil’s Revelation

Eagerly awaiting the revelation of The Devil’s identity in AEW, you have been actively speculating about who could be behind the mysterious mask.

The ongoing mystery surrounding The Devil has sparked intense anticipation among AEW fans, with many eagerly awaiting the upcoming AEW Dynamite airing on November 15 for potential clues or hints regarding the Devil’s true identity.

Speculation about the Devil’s identity has been rife, with names like Britt Baker being thrown into the mix, although sources have dismissed these possibilities.

The impending revelation of The Devil’s identity is expected to significantly impact AEW storylines, adding to the fervour and excitement surrounding the mysterious character.

As the anticipation for The Devil’s revelation builds, fans eagerly await updates and further developments in the storyline.

Conclusion About Who Is The Devil?

So, as you eagerly await the unravelling of The Devil’s identity in AEW, the speculation and anticipation continue to build. With fans buzzing about potential theories and the impact of The Devil’s actions, the mystery only deepens.

The moment when The Devil’s Mask is finally removed promises to be a highly anticipated event, adding to the intrigue and excitement surrounding this enigmatic figure in the world of AEW.

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The Devil: True Evil Unmasked & Revealed at World's End 2023 6

What’s behind the dismal aew interest?

During the discussion, Dave and Johnny discussed the disappointing ticket sales for two upcoming AEW live shows in Montreal at the Bell Centre. They delved into various contributing factors to the low sales figures, providing a nuanced perspective on AEW’s challenges in attracting larger audiences in specific markets.

Simon and North noted that around 4,000 tickets were sold for Dynamite and just over 2,000 for Collision, significantly lower than the 20,000 capacity of the Bell Centre. They discussed their personal experiences at past wrestling events with similarly low attendance, highlighting the unusual atmosphere such an empty venue creates.

Johnny suggested that high ticket prices might be a deterrent, advocating for price reductions or promotional deals to boost sales. They explored the pricing structure of the tickets, finding that ringside seats were priced as high as $665, while even upper-level tickets were not exceptionally affordable.

Their conversation shed light on the factors influencing ticket sales for wrestling events, from pricing and promotional strategies to roster consistency and fan expectations. Their insights provide a deeper understanding of wrestling promotions’ challenges in maintaining strong ticket sales, especially in large venues like the Bell Centre.

This marks AEW’s first foray into Montreal and could be the last.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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