The AEW Live Experience

The AEW Live Experience: Behind-the-Scenes Insights!

Dave Simon and Johnny North, co-hosts of Wrestling Uncensored, shared their experiences attending AEW wrestling shows, including Collision, Rampage, Ring of Honor, and AEW Dynamite. Both co-hosts are fans of AEW and want it to succeed but expressed concerns about AEW's marketing and on-site production coordination.
Wrestling Uncensored Episode 664. The AEW live experience. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.
Dave and Johnny talked about attending AEW Collison and AEW Dynamite tapings at the Bell Centre in Montreal and the experience of being part of the AEW live experience for the first time.
Dave and Johnny discussed CM Punk’s promo on Smackdown, Bryan Danielson’s fining wrestlers, and the WWE US title tournament.
Rated R Superstar Vs Christian At Our First Aew Live Experience
Photo credit: Dave Simon of the Ringside Report Network


Dave Simon and Johnny North, co-hosts of Wrestling Uncensored, shared their experiences attending AEW wrestling shows, including Collision, Rampage, Ring of Honor, and AEW Dynamite. Both co-hosts are fans of AEW and want it to succeed but expressed concerns about AEW’s marketing and on-site production coordination.

Dave Simon discussed his disappointment with the attendance at the Bell Center and suggested that Laval might have been a better venue. He pointed out the lack of promotion for local attendance as a recurring issue for AEW, not just in Montreal. Simon also commented on seeing pictures of half-empty buildings at AEW shows and attributed this to a marketing problem. He estimated about 5,000 to 6,000 people for Dynamite and half of that for Collision in a 21,000-seat building, which he found unfortunate because the shows were good.

Johnny North agreed with Simon on several points but did not attend the Ring of Honor taping featuring Brian Cage. They discussed various matches and wrestlers, with Simon expressing that if you’re a hardcore wrestling fan, there was a lot of good wrestling to see. However, he noted the shows ran very late, which affected his ability to stay until the end.

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The conversation also covered specific matches and wrestlers in detail, indicating that while the wrestling was of high quality, the overall experience was marred by poor attendance, pacing issues, and lacklustre promotion. Both hosts agreed that AEW needs to work on these aspects to improve the live event experience for fans.

Bryan Danielson At The Bell Centre In Montreal
Bryan Danielson during the AEW Collision taping in Montreal Photo Credit: Dave Simon of the Ringside Report Network

Based on Dave Simon and Johnny North’s discussion on Wrestling Uncensored about the AEW live experience, here are some recommendations they might suggest to AEW for improvement:

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  1. Enhanced Marketing and Promotion: Simon and North highlighted the need for better local promotion to boost attendance. AEW could benefit from more aggressive and targeted advertising campaigns, especially in local markets where events are scheduled. Utilizing local media, social media platforms, and even partnerships with local wrestling communities could increase awareness and attendance.
  2. Venue Selection and Strategic Scheduling: The choice of venue plays a crucial role in the success of an event. Simon mentioned that Laval might have been a better choice than the Bell Center due to its size and the kind of crowd it can attract. AEW should consider the size of the market and the expected turnout when selecting venues to avoid the appearance of low attendance in larger arenas.
  3. Improved On-Site Production and Pacing: Both co-hosts noted issues with the pacing and production of the shows, especially for non-televised events like Collision. AEW could work on streamlining their event production to ensure a smooth flow of matches, reducing downtime and improving the overall viewer experience. This could involve better coordination backstage and more structured timing for matches and segments.
  4. Early Announcement of Wrestlers and Matches: As Simon expressed, fans appreciate knowing in advance which wrestlers will be appearing at events. AEW could make efforts to announce key wrestlers and potential matchups well in advance to help fans make informed decisions about attending. This would also help in building excitement and anticipation for the events.
  5. Engagement with the Local Wrestling Fans: Simon and North suggested that AEW could do more to engage with hardcore wrestling fans, who are a significant part of their audience. Hosting fan events, meet-and-greets, or Q&A sessions with wrestlers in the event’s lead-up could enhance fan engagement and loyalty.

Implementing these recommendations could potentially lead to better experiences for fans attending AEW events, higher attendance rates, and overall improvement in the perception and success of AEW’s live shows.

You May Get Hit
Warning You May Get Hit at the AEW tapings in Montreal – Photo Credit Dave Simon from the Ringside Report Network

Key Takeaways For The AEW Live Experience

In concluding the analysis of Dave Simon and Johnny North’s experiences and recommendations for AEW, several key takeaways emerge:

  1. Importance of Targeted Marketing: A core issue identified is the need for AEW to improve its marketing strategies, particularly in local markets. Effective promotion is crucial for filling seats and creating buzz and excitement around the event. AEW’s success in local markets could hinge on its ability to effectively advertise and connect with potential attendees well ahead of the events.
  2. Venue Selection Matters: The selection of appropriate venues is vital. AEW should consider venues that not only suit the expected audience size but also contribute to the overall atmosphere and experience of the event. Smaller, more filled venues offer a better viewing experience and atmosphere than larger, half-empty arenas.
  3. Enhancing the AEW Live Experience: The on-site production and pacing of events, especially non-televised ones, need attention. A more streamlined, engaging, and well-paced event can significantly enhance the live experience for attendees. Reducing downtime and ensuring a smooth flow of the event are crucial.
  4. Communicating with Fans: Providing early information about which wrestlers will appear and potential matchups can help fans decide about attending and increase their excitement for the event. Transparency and communication with the fanbase are key.
  5. Fan Engagement: AEW could benefit from actively engaging with its fan base, especially the hardcore wrestling fans who form the backbone of its audience. Interactive sessions, meet-and-greets, and fan events can deepen the connection between AEW and its fans, fostering loyalty and repeat attendance.

Overall, by addressing these areas, AEW can enhance its brand perception and the live experience for its fans, potentially leading to increased attendance and success of its events. The recommendations provided by Simon and North are not just critiques but offer constructive pathways for AEW to grow and thrive in the competitive world of professional wrestling entertainment.

The conclusion from Dave and Johnny on The AeW Live Experience

Dave Simon’s Perspectives


  • Quality of Wrestling: Simon appreciated the wrestling quality at the events, particularly praising the hardcore wrestling experience.
  • Good Matches: He acknowledged that the matches were good, particularly for hardcore wrestling fans.


  • Poor Attendance: Simon was disappointed with the attendance, particularly at the Bell Center, suggesting Laval as a potentially better venue.
  • Lack of Promotion: He criticized AEW’s promotional efforts for local attendance, indicating it as a widespread problem and not just specific to Montreal.
  • Production Issues: Simon noted problems with the event’s production, especially for Collision, mentioning it was oddly paced and lacked the feel of a major wrestling event.

Johnny North’s Perspectives


  • Engaging Matches: North agreed with Simon on the quality of the wrestling and seemed to enjoy the matches.
  • Fan Interaction: He noted positive aspects of fan interaction, like the crowd’s engagement with the wrestlers’ entrances.


  • Missed Opportunities: North pointed out the missed match involving Brian Cage, indicating a possible disappointment in not witnessing all the advertised talent.
  • Production Coordination: He shared Simon’s views on production issues, particularly during the Collision event.
  • Ring of Honor Integration: North seemed to suggest that the way Ring of Honor was integrated into the event might not have been optimal, leading to a disjointed experience.

While expressing their fandom for AEW and its wrestling, both hosts clearly pointed out areas where AEW could improve, especially in terms of event management, marketing, and ensuring a seamless experience for attendees. Their shared experiences highlight the need for AEW to balance the in-ring product with the overall event presentation and fan engagement strategies.