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AEW World's End 2023 Review and Reactions

AEW World’s End 2023: Shocking Outcomes Revealed!

AEW World's End 2023: Review and Reactions was hosted by Dave Simon, his brother Ben Simon, and co-host Johnny North. The event elicited mixed reactions from both the hosts and the audience. The pay-per-view, held on December 30th, 2023, featured several matches, including notable ones like MJF vs. Samoa Joe and Edge vs. Christian.
The Ringside Report Universe weighed in on AEW World’s End.

AEW World’s End 2023: Review and Reactions was hosted by Dave Simon, his brother Ben Simon, and co-host Johnny North. The event elicited mixed reactions from both the hosts and the audience. The pay-per-view, held on December 30th, 2023, featured several matches, including notable ones like MJF vs. Samoa Joe and Edge vs. Christian.

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The evening unfolded with a series of high-stakes matches that showcased the depth of talent within the AEW roster.

From the surprising outcomes of the Zero Hour matches and Battle Royale to the intense confrontations in the FTW Championship Match and All-Star 8-Man Tag Match, the event kept fans on the edge of their seats.

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The long-anticipated clash between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage took an unforeseen turn, sending shockwaves throughout the arena.

The emergence of new champions and the unexpected alliances have set the stage for what promises to be a tumultuous and thrilling period for AEW.

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Let’s break down the Wrestling Uncensored hosts’ opinions of AEW World’s End 2023, match by match, including audience reactions where available:

Detailed Summary of AEW World’s End 2023 Reactions

  • MJF vs. Samoa Joe: This match was generally well-received. Dave Simon appreciated the match, especially the finish, though he and Johnny North discussed some issues with the believability of MJF’s resilience after the muscle buster. The audience’s reaction was mixed, with some confusion at the finish.
  • Edge vs. Christian: Unanimously praised as the match of the night. All hosts agreed this was a standout performance, possibly the best match between these two wrestlers. The audience reaction was highly positive.
  • Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley: Dave Simon felt the match took too long to reach the good parts, indicating a slower start than desired.
  • Undercard Matches: The responses to these matches were mixed. Some were seen as just fine, while others, like the opening 8-Man Tag and the Chris Jericho 8-Man Tag, were criticized for being too long or poorly executed. The audience notably reacted negatively to Jericho, but it’s unclear if this was due to the match quality or external factors related to Jericho.

Hosts’ Overall Rating of the Event

  • Dave Simon: Gave the pay-per-view a 7 out of 10, citing the strength of the two main matches but acknowledging the average quality of the rest.
  • Ben Simon: Rated it lower, around 5 out of 10, considering most of it as average TV quality.
  • Johnny North: Settled in the middle with a 6 out of 10.

The AEW World’s End 2023 event was a mixed bag, with high points like the MJF vs. Samoa Joe and Edge vs. Christian matches but also several average or underwhelming bouts. The hosts’ reactions and audience responses highlighted the event’s match quality and storytelling inconsistency.

Here You See Mjf Being Attacked By Samoa Joe While The Ref In Unable To React
Here you see MJF being attacked by Samoa Joe while the ref cannot react.

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MJF vs. Samoa Joe and MJF’s Future

  1. MJF’s Match with Samoa Joe:
    • Dave Simon’s View: “I liked the match a lot… some of the suplexes that MJF took, and I liked the finish of the match where MJF is getting choked out.”
    • Johnny North’s Opinion: “I felt like [the Muscle Buster off the apron] happened way too early… that should have been a lot later on that move, and then I would have believed in MJF not coming back and winning.”
  2. Controversy Over the Match Finish:
    • Dave Simon: “I liked how they did it… I thought the match was just fantastic.”
    • Johnny North: “I didn’t like the referee’s shocked look… it felt unnecessary.”
  3. MJF’s Future Post-Match:
    • Dave Simon: “Is MJF sticking around now? Does he even stick around for the feud with Adam Cole, or does he take time off because he’s hurt?”
    • Johnny North: “Well, as you said, I think he’s taking time off. I think he’s hurt.”
  4. Reactions to Adam Cole’s Reveal as ‘The Devil’:
    • Dave Simon: “Adam Cole… was revealed after the matches, The Devil… they all want revenge on MJF For some reason.”
    • Johnny North: “It’s that he got hurt trying to protect MJF Right against Samoa Joe the first time… He blames MJF for that.”
  5. Speculation on MJF’s Contract and Future Plans:
    • Dave Simon: “I think Mjf’s future is in the air right now, right?”
    • Johnny North: “I felt that he resigned anyway. And now this will make it more of a surprise when he returns from nowhere.”
  6. Impact of MJF’s Performance:
    • Dave Simon: “The match was great. Of course, this wrestler of the year he had another great match against Samoa Joe tonight.”
    • Johnny North: “It doesn’t change. But I had the number one overall wrestler of the year like that. Still doesn’t change after tonight.”
  7. Audience and Hosts’ Overall Impressions:
    • The audience and hosts recognized MJF’s exceptional performance despite the controversies and uncertainties surrounding his future in AEW.
Adam Copeland Has The &Quot;Edge&Quot; Over Christian Cage In This Photo
Adam Copeland has the “edge” over Christian Cage

Edge vs. Christian (Adam Copeland vs. Christian Cage)

Adam Copeland’s showdown with Christian Cage at AEW World’s End 2023 was a masterclass in physicality and sheer determination, showcasing both competitors’ unwavering tenacity and unrelenting pursuit of victory.

The match was a spectacle of in-ring brutality, as both Copeland and Cage unleashed a relentless barrage of high-impact moves, including steel ring steps, kendo sticks, ladders, and chairs.

The psychological warfare was equally intense, with mind games and tactical maneuvers adding a layer of complexity to the already fierce encounter. Copeland’s utilization of the cross face with a metal rod in Cage’s mouth and the sunset powerbomb onto a ladder highlighted the viciousness of the bout.

However, despite the ferocity of Copeland’s offence, Christian Cage ultimately emerged victorious, claiming the TNT Championship in a shocking turn of events.

  • Dave Simon: “The match was fantastic. So what? Edge and Christian Match was really great.”
  • Johnny North: “It might be [their best match ever].”
  • Audience Reaction: Highly positive, with Dave Simon observing, “I didn’t see any crowd reactions of guys going like, you know, I didn’t see any of that because I don’t think they existed.”
Eddie Kingston Appears To Be Pile-Driving Jon Moxley
Eddie Kingston appears to be pile-driving Jon Moxley

Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley

Evidencing the electrifying and unpredictable nature of AEW Worlds End 2023, the culmination of Eddie Kingston’s victory in the Continental Classic Championship Finals against Jon Moxley added a new layer of intensity to the event, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the AEW landscape.

Kingston’s rise to championship glory was a testament to his resilience, determination, and in-ring prowess. His hard-hitting style and raw charisma have endeared him to the fans, and this win further cements his place as a top-tier competitor in AEW.

The impact of the Continental Classic Championship win on Eddie Kingston’s career cannot be overstated. It elevates his status within the company and sets the stage for compelling future storylines and rivalries.

Kingston’s triumph reverberates as a significant milestone, propelling him towards greater opportunities and challenges in the AEW universe.

  • Dave Simon: “I just thought it took too long to get to the good stuff.”
  • Audience Reaction: Not specifically mentioned, but implied to be less enthusiastic due to the slow start of the match.

Willow Nightingale vs. Kris Statlander

  • Hosts’ Opinion: Not extensively covered in the post-show discussion.

20-Man Battle Royale

  • Dave Simon: “Kill Switch won the AEW World’s End 2023 20 Man Battle Royale to get a TNT title shot, which he later gave to Christian. So it was an important match.”

Hook vs. Wheeler Yuta

  • Dave Simon: “It was okay. But there was a lot of stuff that seemed of little consequence.”
  • Johnny North: “That was okay. That was fine. I thought for what it was.”

Opening 8-Man Tag

In the culmination of the FTW Championship Match and All-Star 8-Man Tag Match at AEW World’s End 2023, the audience witnessed a showcase of elite athleticism and strategic prowess from the participating wrestlers.

Hook’s dominance in the FTW Championship match solidified his position as a formidable champion, showcasing his technical acumen and resilience. As the reigning champion, Hook faces the challenge of maintaining his status against a field of potential future challengers eager to dethrone him.

The AEW World’s End 2023 All-Star 8-Man Tag Match highlighted exceptional chemistry and teamwork among the competing wrestlers, with seamless coordination and synchronized maneuvers displaying the team’s collective strength. The captivating synergy among the competitors amplified the intensity of the match, delivering a spectacle of collaborative excellence that left a lasting impression on the audience.

  • Dave Simon: “I watched all the matches. I watched the opening match. It was not great.”
  • Johnny North: “I thought that was just overcrowded, and it felt like it was a move for moves far fast and eventually a finish just felt like we were just wasting time.”

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The Redeemer Miro Vs. Andrade El Idolo

Continuing our exploration of AEW World’s End 2023, the intense confrontation between The Redeemer Miro and Andrade El Idolo captivated the audience with its raw physicality and strategic maneuvers. Miro’s dominant performance showcased his unparalleled strength and technical prowess as he unleashed a barrage of punishing suplexes and stomps, culminating in his signature Game Over submission hold. However, Andrade El Idolo’s high-flying agility and calculated risk-taking, including breathtaking topé suicida and moonsaults, kept Miro on the defensive throughout the match. The clash of styles between Miro’s brute force and Andrade’s aerial acrobatics created a compelling dynamic, elevating the bout to a spectacle of contrasting techniques and sheer determination.

Miro’s Dominant PerformanceAndrade’s High Flying Moves
Punishing suplexes and stompsBreathtaking topé suicida (Spanish for “suicide headbutt”)
Signature Game Over submission holdAerial acrobatics and moonsaults
Display of unparalleled strengthCalculated risk-taking and agility

Chris Jericho 8-Man Tag

  • Dave Simon: “The Chris Jericho eight-man tag was a mess.”
  • Ben Simon: “That was a car crash. So that was my least favourite match of the night.”
  • Audience Reaction: Negative towards Jericho, with boos heard during the match.

Hosts’ Overall Rating of AEW World’s End 2023

  • Dave Simon: “I’m giving this a seven on ten.”
  • Ben Simon: Rated it around a “five.”
  • Johnny North: “I guess I’d go in the middle of both of you. I guess to go with the six on ten.”

Why These Scores?

  • The hosts expressed disappointment over the length of some AEW World’s End 2023 matches and the execution of storylines.
  • Dave Simon criticized the reveal of Adam Cole as ‘The Devil’, calling it weak and lacking impact: “When Adam Cole was revealed as the devil, I don’t think anybody really lost it.”
  • Johnny North shared similar sentiments about the MJF and Adam Cole storyline, questioning the motivations behind the reveal.
  • The audience’s reactions seemed to echo the hosts’ sentiments, particularly with Chris Jericho, where there was notable booing.

Clouds Over Chris Jericho

  1. Performance in the Match:
    • Match Quality: Dave Simon described the Chris Jericho 8-Man Tag as a mess, indicating a poor performance. Ben Simon called it a car crash and his least favourite match of the night.
    • Specific Incident: Dave mentioned a particular moment where Jericho and Big Bill “completely fell apart” in the ring, contributing to the negative perception of the match.
  2. Accusations and Speculations:
    • Internet Rumors: Dave Simon discussed how, although vague and unconfirmed, internet rumours and accusations against Jericho might have influenced the audience’s perception. He referred to a tweet by a Reddit user questioning the safety of posting about Chris Jericho, which Kylie Rae, a former AEW wrestler, reacted to with a heart emoji. This reaction led to further speculation and rumours about Jericho’s conduct.
    • Lack of Direct Accusations: Dave emphasized that there were no direct accusations or clear evidence against Jericho despite the rumours. This lack of clarity contributed to the uncertainty and negative sentiment among the audience.
  3. General Fan Sentiment:
    • Preconceived Notions: Dave Simon suggested that some wrestling fans might have preconceived notions about Jericho due to his lifestyle as an “old rock star wrestler” and his political affiliations, including having controversial figures on his podcast.
  4. Crowd Reaction During the Event:
    • Booing and Chants: The crowd reportedly booed Jericho during the event. Dave Simon mentioned chants of “NDA” directed at Jericho, referencing speculation about non-disclosure agreements supposedly linked to the rumours.
  5. Overall Impact:
    • Impact on Jericho’s Image: The match’s poor quality, internet rumours, and preconceived notions about Jericho’s character significantly impacted the audience’s reaction to him at AEW World’s End.

In summary, the negative reactions to Chris Jericho were a mix of his performance in the match, unverified internet accusations, and pre-existing fan perceptions. These factors culminated in a visibly negative response from the audience during the event.

Adam Cole Is Holding The Devil Mask To Confirm That He Is This Mysterious Character
It was revealed after Samoa Joe defeated MJF that Adam Cole is The Devil

Surprise Masked Goons Attack

During the climactic moments of the AEW Worlds End 2023 event, a shocking and unexpected turn of events unfolded as a group of masked assailants, later revealed to be Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, and Wardlow, launched a coordinated and vicious attack on MJF, disrupting the highly anticipated showdown between Samoa Joe and MJF.

Motives behind the surprise attack

The motives behind the surprise attack are shrouded in mystery, leaving fans and analysts speculating on the hidden alliances and grudges that may have led to this coordinated assault. Deep-seated tensions and unresolved issues drive these masked goons to disrupt such a high-stakes match.

Impact of the masked goons on the match outcome

The impact of the masked goons on the match outcome was profound, as their interference caused chaos and significantly altered the match’s course. Their assault on MJF undoubtedly affected the performance and mindset of both MJF and Samoa Joe, potentially changing the trajectory of the highly anticipated showdown. The repercussions of this unexpected attack will surely reverberate throughout the AEW landscape, raising questions about the stability of alliances and the potential for further disruptions in future events.

Masked GoonsImpactImplications
Roderick StrongCoordinatedHidden Alliances
Mike BennettViciousUnresolved Grudges
Matt TavenDisruptiveAltered Course
WardlowProfoundChaotic Outcome

AEW World’s End 2023: Review and Reactions Conclusion

In conclusion, the discussions about MJF at AEW World’s End 2023 centred around his performance in the match against Samoa Joe, the aftermath and implications of the match’s outcome, speculations about his future in AEW, and his overall standing as a top wrestler in the promotion. Despite some criticisms of the match’s booking and finish, both hosts and audience acknowledged MJF’s skill and impact on the event.

Read Dave and Johnny’s Review of the year 2023 in Pro Wrestling, here.

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