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WWE, UFC and AEW are among the Most Valuable Combat Sports Brands as dep;icted in this stylized version of compentitors of wrestling and MMA
AEW and ONE Championship are making significant strides to be among the most valuable combat sports brands, challenging the dominance of established entities like the UFC and WWE.
UFC 299 buildup with O'Malley vs Vera Poirier vs Saint-Denis in this poster
As the buildup to UFC 299 unfolds, the Ringside Report Universe is amidst a whirlwind of anticipation and speculation. The recent turbulence surrounding Dustin Poirier's fight cancellation and reconfirmation has cast a spotlight on the
Rubber Guard and Essential 10th Planet No-Gi Drills.webp
Essential 10th Planet No-Gi Drills: If enhancing your 10th Planet no-Gi game is your goal, you've landed in the right place. These seven indispensable drills, drawn from the rich 10th Planet no-gi tradition, are designed
Carmi Sweep performed with two men attempting 10th Planet Rubber guard
he 10th Planet Rubber Guard has revolutionized the landscape of no-gi grappling by offering a sophisticated blend of control, flexibility, and submission opportunities. Mastering techniques such as the Gogo Clinch and the Carni Sweep requires
Two Men practising Catch As Catch Can Wrestling on a Mat
Explore the evolution of Catch Wrestling from its rudimentary beginnings to its present-day application in combat sports and self-defence,
Two men transition to No-Gi from Gi with Confidence
The pace is one of the first shocks to the system when transitioning from gi to no-gi. No-gi grappling is often faster-paced, demanding quick reactions and decision-making.
Poster for UFC 300 Main Event Pereira vs Hill
As Pereira and Hill prepare to clash in what promises to be a historic bout, the implications for the light heavyweight division are profound. The anticipation surrounding this match underscores the evolving dynamics within the
Kayla Harrison against Holly Holm is a UFC 300 fight card addition and they are pictured here in a thumbnail
With the latest UFC 300 fight card additions, the Ultimate Fighting Championship approaches its landmark event, the new bouts reflect the unpredictable nature of the sport, with several noteworthy bouts being added while others face cancellation.
Justin Gaethe faces Max Holloway in this poster for their UFC 300 showdown
Dana White has almost completed his list of ultimate UFC 300 showdowns with the announcement of Justin Gaethje defending his BMF title against Max Holloway, along with Charles Oliveira's lightweight bout against Arman Tsarukyan and
New Stylized UFC 300 Logo for the UFC 300 Matchups
As the countdown to April 13th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas continues, the confirmed matchups have undoubtedly elevated the excitement surrounding UFC 300, leaving fight enthusiasts eager to witness the unfolding of these
WWE Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology box set
Stu Hart created the greatest professional wrestling family in Canada and arguably one of the greatest families ever in pro wrestling. World Wrestling Entertainment finally showcases this for the first time in their newest three-disc
Adam Cole answered the question we have been tired of asking, who is the devil?
For months, we have been asking, who is the devil? As you can see below, there were many guesses. However, in the aftermath of AEW World's End 2023, the wrestling world finds itself at a
AEW vs WWE Showdown
In the exhilarating world of pro wrestling, there’s been a seismic shift as two giants, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), lock horns in a quest for dominance - a battle often
Inside UFC Fighters' Earning Secrets
Explore the complex world of UFC fighter earnings with Ringside Report's in-depth analysis. Uncover how salaries, bonuses, sponsorships, and media rights shape the financial landscape of these skilled martial artists, and learn about the strategies
Are UFC and WWE Ownership Going Back to Private?

Are the UFC and WWE Ownership Going Back to Private? Amid speculation and strategic evaluations, Endeavor, a prominent global entertainment and sports entity, is deliberating a potential shift from public to private ownership. This move

The CM Punk Return to the WWE at Survivor Series War Games 2023

Can you believe it? It’s like a bolt from the blue. The WWE universe was in disbelief when CM Punk returned unexpectedly. The shockwaves of this surprise reunion have reverberated through the wrestling world, sparking

UFC 300 Latest Updates and Speculation
Don't miss out on the excitement surrounding UFC 300! The latest updates and speculations have fans buzzing with anticipation, and the return of Conor McGregor has only added to the hype. To keep up with
Ronda Rousey Wrestled at Ring of Honor

In a captivating twist, the esteemed athlete Ronda Rousey Wrestled at the Ring of Honor (ROH) taping in Los Angeles. Amidst fervent speculation regarding her possible association with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Rousey’s collaboration with

Countdown to WWE Survivor Series 2023
The pro wrestling world heats up as the leaves fall and the air chills, anticipating the WWE Survivor Series 2023. This year’s event, steeped in combative storytelling and athletic prowess, promises to be a spectacle
A Knockout Event
Dave, Fred and AJ hosted our live and interactive watch-along on YouTube, Rumble, Twitch and Kick on November 11th and it was full of surprises, definitely a Knockout Event.
What Are the Most Popular Submissions in MMA in 2023?
Ringside Report explores What Are the Most Popular Submissions in MMA in 2023? Dive into a detailed breakdown of various submission techniques, including chokes, joint locks, and control positions, each explained with a touch of
Jon Jones Withdraws UFC 295 in Chaos
Find out why Jon Jones' withdrawal from UFC 295 has sent shockwaves through the MMA world. The chaos is real and you won't believe what's happening next!
UFC 294: Wow That Was Interesting
Are you ready to step into the electrifying octagon of UFC 294? Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride as we delve into the captivating world of UFC 294: Wow That Was Interesting!
The Top 35 Most Famous Wrestling Moves of All Time
From the iconic Stone Cold Stunner to the innovative Styles Clash, wrestling finishers have left an indelible mark on the industry and its fans. These moves not only showcase the athleticism, creativity, and determination of