Warrior-1 High Voltage


Ringside Report is live at the Robert Guertin Arena in Gatineau, Quebec for Warrior-1 High Voltage.

Xavier Desrochers def. Nicalos Pariseau 3:17 in Round 1 via armbar submission 135 lbs.
Josh Hill v. Vito Attanasse 145 lbs.
Josh Hill scored a vicious overhand right hand to KO Vito Attanasse at 1:42 in the 2nd Round. Josh Hill is now 1-0 in MMA.
Rob Tracey v. Luc Nadeau 155 lbs.
Rob Tracey was able to score an early takedown but Nadeau scrambled out of a mount and back to his feet. The two fighters clinched and pushed with Nadeau scoring a big knee to Tracey’s face. Nadeau attempted to pull back on a choke but Tracey escaped the choke and found himself in side-control of Nadeau. Luc Nadeau pulled-off a nice sweep that put him on top of Tracey into side control. Tracey tried to get to his feet while Nadeau pinned him down and delivered several left and right hands. Nadeau improved his position to the mount and landed some good ground and pound to force the referee to stop the fight.
Luc Nadeau def. Rob Tracey via TKO in the 1st Round.
John Fraser (4-3) v. Tommy Pariseau (4-5) 145 lbs.
John Fraser threw a flurry of punches, connected on a few then scored a takedown of Tommy Pariseau. Fraser worked some punches to the body and head from Pariseau’s guard. Fraser landed several hard body punches and elbows to the face before turned over allowing Fraser to take his back and attempt a rear-naked choke. Fraser locked Pariseau in a body triangle and landed punches to the head as he worked to finally lock in his choke to earn the submission.
John Fraser def. Tommy Pariseau via rear-naked choke submission at 3:44 in Round 1
Mitch Gagnon v. Jeff Harrison 145 lbs.
Mitch Gagnon scored a quick takedown of Jeff Harrison and landed some punches but was not able to pass the guard. Harrison attempted a triangle choke and an armbar but Gagnon avoided the holds, and sunk his hooks in for a body triangle. Unable to secure the rear-naked choke, Gagnon transitioned into the top position and stood up to land some punches on a downed Harrison. Gagnon got back in Harrison’s guard but could not pass and Harrison got back to his feet. Gagnon maintained a grip and pushed Harrison into the cage before scoring a double leg-takedown. Gagnon got into full mount, Harrison turned over and gave Gagnon his back to lock in another body triangle. Gagnon worked for the rear-naked choke before locking it in for the victory.
Mitch Gagnon def. Jeff Harrison via rear-naked choke submission at 4:45 in Round 1
Nabil Khatib v. Chris Vorano 170 lbs.
Chris Vorano lands some leg kicks in the first minute of the fight and catches Khatib’s leg in a kick-attempt. Vorano takes him down to the mat but Khatib quickly reverses him and lands in half-guard. Khatib keeps Vorano pinned but does little damage and Vorano is able to get back to his feet. Vorano presses Khatib against the cage and scores a takedown but Khatib reverses the position and locks his opponent into a guillotine choke which forces the submission. Khatib takes time to get to his feet after the submission and clutches his side as he gets back to his feet.
Nabil Khatib def. Chris Vorano via guillotine submission at 4:06 in the 1st Round.
Bruno Hosier v. Aaron Dupuis heavyweight
Dupuis connected on a leg kick early in the fight but missed on the ensuing right hand. Hosier then attempted a guillotine choke and tried to sit down to sink it in deeper but Dupuis escaped and got into full mount. Hosier reversed the position and got into a full-mount of his own but Dupuis escaped and the fighters got back to their feet. Bruno Hosier landed a big left hand but the fight had to be stopped due to a problem with his glove. Hosier had to take off the glove entirely and get it replaced with another glove which took several minutes. Once the fight resumed, Dupuis landed more leg-kicks and some jabs to Hosier’s face. Hosier pinned his opponent against the cage and brought him down to the mat. Hosier found himself sitting on Dupuis hitting him with hammer fists to the face and body until Aaron Dupuis could take no more and he tapped out.
Bruno Hosier def. Aaron Dupuis via submission due to strikes at 3:20 in Round 1
Tom Waters v. Mike Hong 145 lbs.