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A 12-million dollar bounty on his head, a prostitute offering to drain his balls, how he ended up in an unsecured war zone in Al-Qaeda, Chris Jericho’s 3rd autobiography is another controversial exciting adventure.

Entitled, The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea, picks up where Jericho left off in Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps. Making his big return with disappointing fanfare. After getting a “You fucked up!” chant in Madison Square Garden against JBL, Jericho decided it was time to reinvent himself. No more jokes, no more interviewing WWE Superstars on his Highlight Reel show, and no more dressing like a rock star.

Inspired by the villain in No Country for Old Men and WWE Hall-of-Famer Nick Bockwinkel, Jericho created his new persona, The Best in the World. Jericho, along with Peter Thomas Fornatale, write in detail how the fans should react. In short, “I wanted them to boo the shit out of me.”

Creating one of the greatest feuds in WWE history against Shawn Michaels with his new character came with a heavy price. Michaels bleed so much in one of their matches causing blood to be banned from WWE. According to Jericho, he accidentally hit Michaels’ wife so hard in the face it resulted in some dramatic tension backstage. Getting nailed by a Duracell D battery eventually led to fans throwing glow sticks that hit a kid in attendance and arguing with management afterwards. However, Jericho was rewarded for his hard work with another reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

It is incredible how much amazing tales are in this book. His WWE run up till Royal Rumble 2013, his adventures touring the world and meeting music legends with his band Fozzy, his 15 minutes of fame on Dancing With The Stars that nearly ended his wrestling career. Just a small sample of the must-read content. Unfortunately, there is no mention of his 2010 arrest in Kentucky or his rumored affair with former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. His international incidents in Vancouver and Brazil are mentioned though.

The best part of this read is the conversations between Jericho and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. At times they are just yelling coarse language at each other in furious shouting matches. Jericho’s portray of McMahon and the happenings behind-the-scenes will shock many fans. Some will laugh for years to come.

The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea
by Chris Jericho with Peter Thomas Fornatale
432 pp.

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