AEW World’s End 2023 Preview


Wrestling Uncensored Episode 666. During the AEW World’s End 2023 Preview episode, Dave Simon and Johnny North discussed AEW’s World’s End and the future of their superstar MJF.

Their conversation offered insights into the dynamics at play in AEW and the potential direction of one of its brightest stars. Read more about MJF’s potential plans in this article.
Dave and Johnny previewed AEW World’s End, including MJF defending the AEW world title against Samoa Joe and Christian Cage defending the AEW TNT title against Adam Copeland.
Dave and Johnny talked about their recent experience at a WWE live event and gave their year-end pro wrestling awards for 2023.

Dave Simon and Johnny North engaged in a detailed discussion about AEW’s World’s End and the future of their superstar MJF. Their conversation offered insights into the dynamics at play in AEW and the potential direction of one of its brightest stars. Read more about MJF’s potential plans in this article.

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AEW World’s END 2023 Preview, Predictions and wishes

MJF vs. Samoa Joe:
Dave and Johnny predicted that MJF would lose his title, potentially to Samoa Joe. Dave mentioned the possibility of a significant reveal, indicating the end of an era for MJF. He also speculated on MJF’s future, mentioning a Players Tribune article that hinted at a farewell from AEW. Johnny agreed, noting that recent storylines made it seem like MJF would lose, and hoped for a reveal of the mysterious ‘devil’ character involved in the storyline​​.

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Other Matches and Predictions

  • They discussed a multi-wrestler match featuring Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson, Mark Briscoe, and Daniel Garcia against Brody King, Jay White, Jay Lethal, and Rush. Dave leaned towards a victory for the Castagnoli, Danielson, Briscoe, and Garcia team, while Johnny agreed, citing a need to balance heels and faces winning at the event​​.
  • For Miro vs. Andrade, both Dave and Johnny predicted a win for Miro, highlighting his strong track record in AEW and the potential for future storylines​​.
  • Regarding Christian Cage vs. Adam Copeland (Edge), there was a belief that Edge might win this match. Dave felt this was a tough call but leaned towards Edge, and Johnny confidently predicted an Edge victory, citing the possibility of a trilogy of matches between the two wrestlers​​.
  • In the women’s division, Dave predicted that Riho would defeat Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s World Championship, while Johnny disagreed, believing Storm’s title reign would continue​​.
  • For the TBS Championship, both agreed that Julia Hart would likely retain her title against Abadon​​.

Battle Royale Prediction

  • A 20-man battle royal for a future AEW TNT Championship match was discussed. Without a full list of participants, predictions were speculative. Johnny thought Scorpio Sky or Ethan Page might win, while Dave suggested Pentagon as a potential victor​​.

MJF at World’s End: A Turning Point?

Dave Simon delved into the complexities surrounding MJF’s participation in World’s End. “Samoa Joe, after the match has happened, limps out like he’s been attacked with a steel chair, chases away the goons,” Simon described the dramatic scene, emphasizing the intrigue and anticipation building up to MJF’s match. He speculated, “I think MJF is losing the belt. I think Samoa Joe will probably walk out as the new champion.” Simon’s prediction highlights the pivotal nature of World’s End for MJF’s career trajectory.

The Devil and the Goons: A Narrative Twist

Simon further explored the mysterious ‘Devil’ character’s role in the storyline, indicating a significant turn of events. “And then the devil appears on the big screen. On Dynamite this week, Samoa Joe hits MJF with the chair, hits him several times, and stops limping. He has faked it, and he is in cahoots with the devil and the goons.” This twist in the tale added a layer of complexity to MJF’s storyline, suggesting a darker and more intricate narrative at play.

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Johnny North’s Perspective on MJF and World’s End 2023

Johnny North shared his thoughts on the build-up to World’s End and MJF’s role. “Now we have heat now. Now we have a motive for MJF to want to fight back,” North observed, highlighting the increased intensity of the rivalry heading into the event. He added, “I’m much more excited about this main event than before.”

Speculations on MJF’s Future

Both hosts also delved into speculations about MJF’s future in AEW. “A lot of questions around MJF right now. Huge match with Samoa Joe tomorrow, and I think that this piece in the Players Tribune., it definitely read like a farewell to AEW.,” Simon remarked, hinting at potential shifts in MJF’s career. North concurred, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding MJF’s trajectory post-World’s End.

The Impact of World’s End on AEW’s Landscape

Simon and North’s discussion paints World’s End as a critical event for AEW, potentially reshaping its landscape. The involvement of characters like Samoa Joe and the enigmatic Devil, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding MJF’s future, adds intrigue and suspense to AEW’s storytelling approach.

Conclusion of the AEW World’s End 2023 Preview

The episode of Wrestling Uncensored provided a comprehensive analysis of the events leading up to AEW’s World’s End, particularly focusing on MJF’s pivotal role. The insights from Simon and North shed light on the complex narratives woven into AEW’s fabric, highlighting the promotion’s ability to create engaging and dynamic storylines that keep fans guessing and engaged. As AEW moves forward, the outcome of World’s End and the fate of stars like MJF will undoubtedly be crucial in determining its direction and success in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

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