Victory MMA Returns Saturday March 24th

Quebec’s best amateur MMA promotion, Victory MMA returns to Academie Sportive Fight Club, on Saturday, March 24 for Victory MMA 5: Strikers Collide. Hosted by Ringside Report Radio’s Kevin “Big Tuna” McKough, the action will began at 7pm with a 14 bout fight card, including 3 championship bouts.
Of those championship bouts, fans will get to see a championship rematch from Victory MMA 4, but not in the same weight class. Bantamweight champion and product of JKS, Xavier Aloui (7-0), has relinquished his championship in order to capture the promotions Featherweight crown; and will be doing so against his Victory MMA 4 opponent, Fight Club de St-Jean’s Mathieu Boisvert (8-4). Boisvert and Aloui only fought for a mere two minutes when the last met, yet was an amazing display of submission grappling. The two will meet on Saturday for the vacant Victory MMA Featherweight champion, as former champion Michael Dufort recently made his Pro MMA debut at Ringside 13.
With Xavier Aloui jumping up to Featherweight, Victory MMA will crown a new Bantamweight champion. Kevin Chauvette (4-2) of Drummondville’s Ultimaction gym, will take on McGowan’s MMA product, Alex Baez (5-2) in five, three minute rounds.
In the crowning of the inaugural Victory MMA Middleweight champion Member of Team Bergeron, in Drummondville, Remy Bussieres (8-2) takes on product of  Revolution Gym and McGowan’s MMA, here in Montreal, Domenic Ruccolo (6-1).
In one of the Kickboxing bouts of the evening, two undefeated fighters step in the ring, as Long Thai Muay Thai’s Merouane Ghalmi (3-0) takes on  Academie Sportive’s  Christophe Alfonzo (6-0) in what should be a fantastic stand up war.

Victory MMA 5: Strikers Collide
Where: Academie Sportive, 7290 Hutchison (Metro Parc)
When: Saturday, March 24th, 2012
Time: Doors open 6pm – First Fight 7pm
Price: $30 General Admission at door ($25 advance from gym)
More info: Call Jamie: 514-239-5616 – Join Official Facebook Group
Victory MMA 5: Strikers Collide Fight Card:
Inaugural Victory MMA Middleweight (185lbs) Championship Bout:
Remy Bussieres (8-2) (Team Bergeron) vs. Domenic Ruccolo (6-1) (Revolution/ McGowan’s MMA)
Vacant Victory MMA Bantamweight (135 lbs) Championship Bout:
Kevin Chauvette (4-2) (Ultimaction) vs.  Alex Baez (5-2) (McGowan’s MMA)
Vacant Victory MMA Featherweight (145 lbs) Championship Bout:
Mathieu Boisvert (8-4) (St. Jean Fight Club)  vs.  Xavier Aloui (7-0) (JKS)
MMA Lightweight 155 lbs Bout:
Joe Elliot (1-1) (Big Country MMA) vs. Francis Paquette (5-3)
MMA Light Heavyweight 205 lbs Bout:
Draghici Daniel (3-0) (Team Pol)  vs.  Chris Cleveland (2-1)(McGowan’s MMA)
150lbs Kickboxing Bout:
Merouane Ghalmi (3-0) (Long Thai Muay Thai) vs. Christophe Alfonzo (6-0) (Academie Sportive)
MMA Catchweight 165 lbs Bout:
Josh Williamson (o-1) (Big Country MMA) vs.  Stephen Oppong (3-1) (McGowan’s MMA)
MMA Middleweight 185 lbs Bout:
Kyle Petryla (0-0) (Gracie Humaita/ Bravado MMA) vs.  Tony Doolittle (1-0) (Martial Arts Planet)
MMA Catchweight 165lbs Bout:
Joshua Vincze (0-1) (Legends MMA) vs. Darnell Jones (1-1) (McGowan’s MMA)
160 lbs Women’s Kickboxing Bout:
Jennifer Spies (0-0) (Razorwear)  vs. Sophie Leroux (0-1) (Academie Sportive)
MMA Featherweight 145 lbs Bout:
Justin Fisher (0-0) (Big Country MMA)  vs.  Kevin Walker (1-0) (McGowan’s MMA)
MMA Lightweight 155 lbs Bout:
Marc-Lucien Delice (0-1) (Wolfpack MMA) vs. Alex Codeau (0-0) (Revolution)
MMA Catchweight 150 lbs Bout:
Nicholas Sauvageau (1-0) (Shiokaido MMA) vs. Simon Doyon (0-1) (Razorwear MMA)
MMA Catchweight 160 lbs bout:
Kevin Paquette (1-0) (Ultimaction) vs. Giovanni Corado (0-0) (McGowan’s MMA)
Amateur MMA/Kickboxing Rules:
Unified MMA Rules with:
No Knees
No Elbows
14oz Commission Gloves
Championship Bouts: 5x3min Rounds
Amateur MMA Bouts: 3x2min Rounds
Fighters with over 5 Bouts: 3x3min Rounds
Amateur Kickboxing Bouts: 3x2min Rounds