Fast & Furious 6 review

fast6Vin Diesel and his crew aid The Rock Dwayne Johnson against a band of mercenary drivers always one step ahead of them in an explosive and stunt-filled action-packed sixth return to Fast & Furious.

Diesel (Dominic Toretto) and Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner) have settled down into peaceful lives with their loved ones. However, The Rock (Hobbs) shows up with an offer that cannot be refused. A new group of criminals led by Luke Evans (Shaw) has a member among them close to Dom believed to be dead, Michelle Rodriguez (Letty). With full pardons and the possibility of making their family whole again, Dom and Brian reassemble their team to stop Shaw and discover how Letty is still alive.

There is rarely downtime in this film as there is plenty of action from start to finish. Car chase scenes are exceptionally long and filled with exciting crashes and far-fetched jumping from car to car moments. There is only one race in the movie and that’s between Dom and Letty. Despite having a large cast, each member gets a decent amount of camera time even The Rock who’s interactions with Ludacris and his fight scene teaming with Dom at the end are some of the best watches.

The best fight of the movie clearly was the first battle between Letty and Gina Carano (Riley) as Carano got to show-off her mixed martial arts background in a tough street fight atmosphere. While The Rock and Dom do have great fight scenes, those are mainly for the impressive maneuvers they pull off while the girls had more of an even fight.

With a cool montage of all the past installments at the start, fun fights, intense car rides and a spectacular ending, Fast & Furious 6 delivers as a favourite for best action flick of the year. Do not be surprised if this franchise continues as it seems there is still plenty of gas left in the series.

Fast & Furious 6

rated PG-13

Universal Pictures

Run time of 130 minutes

In theatres now