image002A tale of Cinderella meets the fashion world first as a lady and later as a man, mixed in with emotional father/daughter issues sums up After The Ball, the latest TVA Films release.

Portia Doubleday stars as Kate, a young woman struggling in the fashion industry, who decides to come back to Montreal to work for her dad (Chris Noth). Instead of reconnecting with her father, she mainly interacts with her step-mom Elise (Lauren Holly) a person who only cares about herself and her daughters. As in Cinderella, the three of them make life hard for Kate. Despite their best attempts to make Kate quit, she thrives in her challenges and starts to make waves in the company.

Until Kate gets blackmailed and fired.

This fairy tale takes a different route as Kate disguises herself as a designer named Nate. It is incredible how well Kate looks like a man and acts like a completely different character. As Nate she also thrives in the company, but now she faces not only the wicked trio, but her dad opening up to Nate and her love interest (Marc-Andre Grondin).

The twist from the original story added many different elements in terms of emotion and did not make the ending too predictable. The use of established actors with lesser known ones brings up the acting quality. Chris Noth’s commanding presence is a great example. There is a lot of fun watching this movie progress. DVD extra is the explanation of how this flick came together and the crew praising each other.


After The Ball

TVA Films

90 minutes



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