Maleficent Blu-ray combo pack review

One of the greatest Disney villains becomes the only one who can defeat true evil in, Maleficent, a different twist from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy this Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie stars as the legendary villain who in this version of the story was the true hero. King Stefan (Sharlto Copley) was the villain that betrayed her, stole her wings and broke her heart. Stefan gave her companionship as a child and her first kiss. Greed kept Stefan away for a time. Greed brought him back and turned Maleficent’s heart cold.

The curse scene stays true to the original, powerful acting by Jolie and Copley during it.

Afterwards, lots of revisions. Maleficent is the one taking care of Aurora (Elle Fanning) while her protectors argue. She changes her mind on the curse but cannot break it. All the while Stefan grows in paranoia and insomnia.

Disregard how the original played out and enjoy the adventure presented. Lord of the Rings grand-style fight scenes, dazzling lively backgrounds and magical creatures galore. Despite a PG rating there is some dark and violent moments. The torture the twisted king and demented fairy put each other through is accompanied with chilling music and hateful intentions.

Special features include a lot of behind the scenes discussions on creating the special effects and how the wardrobe for Jolie came together. Fanning talks about how she loved the animated original and getting the opportunity to play as Sleeping Beauty.

Disney usually delivers when it comes to bringing back classic characters with a fresh look. Worked for the Wizard of Oz with evil also created with a broken heart and human greed. The special effects are so good the story does not have to be filled with character depth. 97 minutes goes so by so quick because the movie is highly enjoyable visually.


Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

97 minutes


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