WWE: Rock VS. Cena Once In A Lifetime DVD review

The most anticipated WrestleMania in recent history and the clash of pop culture icons is now revisited in a three-disc DVD set, Rock VS. Cena: Once in a Lifetime.

The Rock made his return to WWE in 2011 after a seven year absence. Rock immediately took verbal jabs at the new face of the WWE Universe, John Cena. Rock made a comment that completely changed how fans looked at Cena as he referred to Cena as one big bowl of Fruity Pebbles. A chant that has become infamous in their feud. What followed was a series of promos against each other that led to WrestleMania 27.

In an exclusive hour-long documentary, WWE Superstars, Rock fans, Cena fans, and Rock and Cena themselves discuss how the match took one year to build for WrestleMania 28. The bitterness and competitive rivalry that grew between them is looked at as both them clashed to be considered the greatest performer of all-time. A look is given on how both men grew into stars in WWE. With Rock starting as Rocky Mavia and eventually leaving for an acting career. Cena getting attention with his thug gimmick and eventually became the American hero.

Every historic confrontation, their only time as a tag team against The Miz and R-Truth, ending with their WrestleMania 28 match, you truly get The Rock VS. John Cena experience with this DVD set. For fans that like to watch a lot of matches when they buy a DVD set you will be out of luck. Only three matches are featured and the rest are promos and interactions. With the main documentary and other segments, there are moments where you’re going to get some repeat comments from Rock, Cena, and other Superstars.

There are a few edits to the original content. Rock’s line during The Rock concert about Cena and Eve Torres making out is cut. Cena pointing to his now ex-wife is also edited out from the original promo in Boston.

A must buy if you missed out on this dream feud that many thought would never happen.

WWE: Rock VS. Cena Once In A Lifetime

Rated PG

eOne Films

Released on Sept. 11, 2012

Run time of 540 minutes


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