The Secret World of Arrietty movie review

Imagine the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with stunning animated backgrounds, one main heartfelt song and you’ve got the basic idea of Disney’s The Secret World of Arrietty.

The Clock family are miniature compared to average humans, but they do reside inside a house, much like bugs. With their youngest daughter, Arrietty, venturing out on her own in dangerous areas, her father decides it is time for Arrietty to join him on his borrowing adventures.

In order for The Clocks to survive they borrow from the humans. Arrietty’s first experience goes well until a sick human boy named Shawn spots her. This starts off a friendship between the two, however their families constantly put up obstacles due to the secret nature of little people.

Unlike a lot of animated films, this one does not take long to get into the true fantasy of this story. The Clocks are shown very early allowing for a greater understanding of the difficult survival of the fittest environment The Clocks are in. Shawn’s bad heart condition is also a major part of the movie, but the true focus is on Arrietty and keeping her family from getting eaten by a cat or captured by humans.

There are two major musical songs that bring a lot of powerful emotion to the screen several times throughout. Not your typical Disney sing-a-long type songs, but due to the anime style of the film it is just to add some life to key moments.

It’s not a new story and there is no evil antagonist, but highly enjoyable for fans of artistic backgrounds. Even in the darkest places of the house in between the cracks there is a lot of fine detail put into each broken nail and brick. A great watch for families on a weekend.

The Secret World of Arrietty

Rated G

Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures

Run time of 94 minutes

In theatres now


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