Star Fox 64 3D for Nintendo 3DS review

Blasting down space ships, UFOs and gigantic robotic heads has never looked so good on the handheld with one of Nintendo’s most addictive gaming remakes ever in Star Fox 64 3D only on the Nintendo 3DS.

The classic rail shooter that was a remake of the original Star Fox game on the Super Nintendo or SNES has been upgraded to portable 3D. All the character models, aircrafts and backgrounds all have a sharper look compared to the 64 version. Each time a character speaks they are shown on the bottom screen not taking away much from the action on the top screen.

Sound is also a major improvement as the voice acting has been redone, not changed but clearly recorded in a lot better quality this time around. The background and victory songs also create a greater sense of importance and accomplishment hearing them on the 3DS. Controls from the N64 have returned, but you also have the ability to play with the new 3DS controls which allow you to move your Arwing or Landmaster just by moving your 3DS to the left or right.

Game-wise you get all 20-plus missions from before but you will have an easier time because now you have the ability to save between missions. After you have finished the game you can go back and play for top scores and collect medals. Multiplayer is not accessible against someone online, but as long as you have one game cartridge and three other friends have a 3DS they can play off your version of the game for four-player action.

Even if you’ve play Star Fox 64 and still own the original game this game is still a must have for 3DS gamers. When it comes to multiplayer action there is not much else right now that can compete with the arcade-style action that this franchise brings. The pictures/reactions of all your opponents in multiplayer is also a neat little feature added on. While some remakes feel pointless and redundant, this one is a breathe of fresh air and arguably one of the best games that will ever come out on 3DS.

Star Fox 64 3D


Rated E10+

Released on Sep. 9, 2011

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