WWE – Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls Of Chris Jericho DVD review

Chris Jericho has been one of the most entertaining, hardworking and versatile performers in World Wrestling Entertainment for almost a decade. Finally WWE has honoured Jericho with a three-disc DVD set that not only shows off his near twenty years in the business, but also some of his greatest matches in Canada, Japan, Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and WWE.

The first disc includes a documentary on Jericho’s life growing up in Winnipeg and leading to eventual rise to stardom in WWE. The home videos of Jericho as a child and the interviews from Jericho’s dad and friends, give you a little bit more than what his first book told.

Jericho and Lance Storm’s friendship and partnership is well documented, including Jericho’s disappointment on training at the Hart Brothers school with no Hart brother. Although not as detailed as A Lion’s Tale, there is a decent amount discussed on his time in Mexico, Germany, Japan and ECW. Joey Styles really helps emphasize how Jericho was an international star before entering the Land of Extreme.

His time in WCW is portrayed as his true rise to superstar status—the promos he was cutting and the feuds he was in were some of the best WCW television at the time. It is quite shocking how Eric Bischoff agrees that Bill Goldberg made a mistake in not wanting to wrestle Jericho at WCW’s PPV World War 3. Goldberg is able to give his side of the story and in doing so shows that the real quarrel between the two still faintly exists today.

Jericho’s WWE career is the lengthly portion of the bio, going through almost all his major feuds and storylines. Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and a number of current WWE superstars give insightful interviews on the multi-talented Canadian. Although there are major holes; no Triple H, no Rock, no Shawn Michaels and no Stephanie McMahon interviews, all who played big parts in Jericho’s runs as World Champion.

A surprising amount of exposure is given to Jericho’s metal band Fozzy. Fozzy is definitely needed when telling Jericho’s life and feels rare since WWE DVDs rarely showcase other forms of entertainment in depth.

In the end, this is a DVD set die-hard Jericho fans have been waiting for and a treat for WWE fans not familiar with the rich wrestling history Jericho has already created. The matches may seem like a small sampling of what Jericho has done, but they’re all DVD worthy. His match with Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 19, are all must-see for any fan of pro wrestling.


Breaking The Code: Behind The Walls of Chris Jericho

 Vivendi Entertainment

Runtime of 540 minutes

Released on September 28, 2010


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Disc 1

A Star is Born
International Sensation
Land of the Extreme
Arrival in WCW
Best in Show
Never Evvver the Same Again
Conspiracy Victim
The Millennium Man
The Y2J Era Begins
Undisputed Champion
Highlight of the Night
The Highlight Reel
Facing an Idol
Total Buffoonery
You’re Fired!
Breaking Out
Time Away
Breaking the Code
An Honest Man
Career Renaissance
Save Us
The Best in the World at What I Do

Special Features
A Young Fanatic
Jack Action
Leon de Oro
The Thrillseekers Vignette #1
The Thrillseekers Vignette #2
“Have you heard of Chris Jericho?”
Paul Heyman’s Roommate
Mister Salty
The Man of 1,004 Holds
Nitro – March 30, 1998
Conspiracy Victim
Nitro – June 1, 1998
Father Knows Best
Thunder – June 11, 1998
“Hello, Lexington!”
Thunder – September 10, 1998
Do You Smell What Y2J is Cookin’?
RAW – October 30, 2000
Sharing a Beer with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Post-RAW – August 25, 2003
Jericho vs. The Old Man
Post-Smackdown! – November 17, 2009
Jericho’s Junction
Fozzy Music Video – Let the Madness Begin

Disc 2

“Cowboy” Chris Jericho vs. Lance T. Storm
Calgary, Alberta October 2, 1990
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

The Thrill Seekers vs. The Infernos
Smoky Mountain Wrestling March 12, 1994

International Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Ultimo Dragon
Japan July 7, 1995
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

Chris Jericho vs. Cactus Jack
Hardcore TV March 12, 1996

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero
Fall Brawl September 14, 1997

Mask vs. WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera
SuperBrawl VIII February 22, 1998

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko
Nitro July 27, 1998

The Millennium Countdown Clock Expires
RAW August 9, 1999

Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle
No Way Out February 27, 2000

WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Triple H
RAW April 17, 2000

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. The Rock
No Mercy October 21, 2001

Undisputed Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Vengeance December 9, 2001

Disc 3

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Undisputed Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan
SmackDown May 2, 2002

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
WrestleMania XIX March 30, 2003
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker

WWE Championship You’re Fired Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Cena
RAW August 22, 2005

RAW November 19, 2007

Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy
RAW March 10, 2008

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
No Mercy October 5, 2008

No Holds Barred Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
Extreme Rules June 7, 2009

Non-Title Match
Chris Jericho vs. Undertaker
SmackDown! November 13, 2009

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Edge
WrestleMania XXVI March 28, 2010

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