YouShoot Live!!!: Dixie Carter DVD review

\"\"Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling, performed an act Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr. does not have the testicular fortitude to do—Q & A for 90 minutes with the rabid and borderline insane wrestling community.

The entire interview session is one of the latest YouShoot DVDs from Kayfabe Commentaries and Legends of the Ring. They have also produced shoot interviews with former World Wrestling Entertainment diva Maria, Sabu, Hardcore Holly and others.

Carter answers a barrage of questions on the direction of TNA, the influence of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in the company, why Vince Russo is the head of creative, drug testing, her thoughts on WWE’s product and much much more. The major questions hardcore and casual fans would want to ask Carter are all included.

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Wrestling fans, some in their own over-the-top gimmicks, ask questions either in person, in video or through questions asked by the host Sean Oliver. It’s neat that the questions come in exactly how were sent in with all the spelling mistakes and long-winded sentences. Certain fans get special treatment as they get to ask a lot of questions, so many that you wonder how many people actually sent in questions. Some of the fans are rude, most are polite and give Carter respect for her contributions to the wrestling business.

One of the highlights of the interview is when former TNA employee Jim Cornette gets to ask Carter a question. After threatening to kill Russo for real, one can only imagine what Cornette asked his former employer.

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Throughout the interview, Carter comes off as sophisticated, polite, and that she truly cares about her company and the wrestlers in it. She does get sidetracked in answering some of the questions since some are double-barrelled and even triple barrelled, but she definitely answers the questions fans want to know about TNA.

Oliver comes off with a personality similar to WWE announcer Michael Cole, in the sense that he is professional in his job, but takes shots at fans or wrestling personalities when he feels it\’s necessary. It\’s a gimmick that can be very annoying or can help give some life to a bland or awkward moment.

This DVD is highly recommended for fans that want to know a little bit more about TNA Wrestling and the reasoning behind a lot of the decisions they\’ve made lately. Do not expect Carter to bash or ridicule one of her ex or current employees, that\’s not her style. Expect to be entertained for a little over an hour with her serious yet calm approach to uncensored and outrageous questioning.

YouShoot Live!!!: Dixie Carter

Kayfabe Commentaries & Legends of the Ring

Released in August 2010


Run time of 90 minutes

For more information on the DVD click here

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