More accusations for Vince McMahon

Explosive! More accusations for Vince McMahon

During the 592nd episode of Wrestling Uncensored, your hosts, Dave Simon and Pro Wrestler Johnny North, discussed the latest report of More accusations for Vince McMahon and million-dollar settlements with former employees. It was broadcast live on July 8, 2022.

More Accusations For Vince Mcmahon
More accusations for Vince McMahon

More Accusations For Vince McMahon

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in the WWF (1992)

  • WWE (then Titan Sports) faced sexual misconduct allegations in 1992.
  • Pat Patterson, Terry Garvin, and Mel Phillips were at the center of the allegations.
  • Patterson and Garvin were accused of engaging in a casting couch culture.
  • Phillips was accused of grooming and molesting underage ring boys.
  • All three resigned, with Patterson eventually returning to WWE.

Allegations Involving Vince McMahon’s Knowledge and Actions (1992)

  • McMahon admitted to firing Mel Phillips over suspicions of an inappropriate relationship with children.
  • McMahon never disputed his conversation with Phil Mushnick and Dave Meltzer about Phillips.
  • A 1993 FBI memo revealed a video of Phillips molesting a boy in the ring.
  • The FBI disregarded the video due to alternate explanations.
  • McMahon’s role in Jimmy Snuka’s domestic violence case was revealed in 1992.
  • McMahon allegedly helped Snuka avoid charges and continue his wrestling career.

Allegations of Rape Against Vince McMahon (1992, 2022)

  • Former referee Rita Chatterton accused McMahon of raping her in a limousine in 1986.
  • McMahon fired Chatterton after the alleged incident.
  • McMahon sued Chatterton, Geraldo Rivera, and associates for civil conspiracy.
  • Chatterton remained silent about the allegations for three decades.
  • In 2022, Chatterton broke her silence and gave additional context in a New York Magazine article.
  • Leonard Mario Mancini Inzitari, a contemporaneous outcry witness, supported Chatterton’s allegations.
  • Jon Greg Valentine Wisniski Jr. corroborated Chatterton’s outcry but doubted her story.
  • Chatterton’s lawyer sent McMahon a demand letter for $11.75 million.
  • Chatterton gained the ability to sue McMahon under New York’s Adult Survivors Act.

Additional Allegations and Investigations (2006, 2022)

  • McMahon was accused of sexual misconduct in 2006 at a tanning salon in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • The employee filed a police report stating that McMahon showed her nude photos of himself and forcibly groped her.
  • In 2022, the Wall Street Journal reported that WWE’s board of directors was investigating a $3 million settlement paid by McMahon to a former subordinate.
  • The investigation uncovered additional settlements with other women.
  • The paralegal involved allegedly received a 100% raise after starting a sexual relationship with McMahon.
  • McMahon was accused of giving her to then-talent relations head John Laurinaitis.
  • The Wall Street Journal revealed three additional settlements made by McMahon, totalling over $12 million.
  • One settlement involved a former wrestler who alleged that McMahon coerced her into oral sex and then demoted her.
  • The investigation found a pattern of McMahon’s alleged inappropriate behaviour towards subordinates.

Other Allegations and Potential Legal Consequences (Various)

  • The woman involved in one of the settlements suggested a lack of full consent.
  • The settlement was reached in 2018 after reaching out to McMahon.
  • Two additional settlements were mentioned in the article, including one involving a WWE contractor with unsolicited nude photos of McMahon.
  • Paul London accused McMahon of pursuing Ashley Massaro obsessively and mentioned instances of McMahon propositioning Massaro.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported on a previously unreported allegation of sexual assault by a spa manager in 2011.
  • McMahon insists he won’t pay the spa manager and another accuser settlements.
  • California’s new law allows victims to take McMahon to court within a one-year grace period.

Dave and Johnny also discussed adding new matches to Summerslam, Wardlow becoming the new AEW TNT champion, and Liv Morgan becoming the new Smackdown champion.

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