Box for the Nintendo DS version of TNA Impact: Cross The Line

TNA Impact: Cross The Line for Nintendo DS review

Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley make their video game debuts in TNA Impact: Cross the Line for Nintendo DS. With various game modes and a roster of 16 TNA superstars, this game offers hours of fun despite some technical glitches. Dive into the action with unique storylines and challenging tournaments, making it a must-try for wrestling fans.
Box For The Nintendo Ds Version Of Tna Impact: Cross The Line
Box for the Nintendo DS version of TNA Impact: Cross The Line

Introduction to TNA Impact: Cross the Line – A Detailed Review by Johnny North

Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley step into gaming with their debut in Total Non-Stop Action’s first-ever Nintendo DS game, TNA Impact: Cross the Line. Joined by 16 other TNA superstars, this game offers wrestling fans a unique experience. While it brings a lot to the table, some areas could be improved. Let’s dive into the gameplay, modes, and overall performance of TNA Impact: Cross the Line.

Gameplay and Controls

TNA Impact: Cross the Line features a straightforward control scheme that’s easy to pick up. Players can perform basic punches, kicks, and grapples, with the option to enhance these moves by holding down the R button. The main menu includes a tutorial for each position you’ll encounter, making it easy to get the hang of the controls. The stylus is used for performing finishers, submission holds, and escaping pinfalls, adding a unique element to the gameplay.

However, the game isn’t without its flaws. Poor hit detection can make landing the first strike frustrating, and no moves can be executed from behind an opponent. Additionally, downed opponents roll onto their backs, and matches sometimes continue even after a three-count.

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Nintendo DS version of TNA Impact: Cross The Line Game Modes

Exhibition Mode

Exhibition mode offers a variety of match types, including single, four corners, steel cage, ultimate X, and tag matches. Each match type allows for different victory conditions, such as pinfall, submission, or other stipulations based on the match. There are no count-outs, rope breaks, or disqualifications, no matter the match type.

Bound for Glory Mode

Bound for Glory mode within TNA Impact: Cross The Line presents a text and photo story mode featuring all wrestlers except for Foley and Consequences Creed. Each wrestler has a unique storyline, like Curry Man’s quest to save the world by winning a belt. Major story moments trigger cutscenes, such as Sting attacking Jeff Jarrett from the rafters. This mode can be highly addictive, especially for fans of TNA’s old versus new generation storyline. Eric Bischoff even makes appearances in certain stories.

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Victory Road Mode

Victory Road mode resembles a Mortal Kombat-style tournament where players face multiple opponents to win a title. Players can challenge for the tag team, X Division, or World Heavyweight Championship. An achievement screen tracks all titles won and individual records.

Roster and Presentation

TNA Impact: Cross the Line features TNA mainstays like AJ Styles, Abyss, Beer Money, and Rhino. However, notable absences include TNA Knockouts, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy. Despite these omissions, the game’s introduction videos and wrestler entrances are highly entertaining, surpassing the excitement of watching wrestlers come down the ramp.

Technical Issues and Missing Features

While the game has a basic control setup and provides hours of fun, it’s clear that it was rushed to market. Numerous spelling mistakes litter the storyline mode and game manual, and the audio occasionally mutes during strikes, slams, or falls. Glitches can also cause wrestlers to warp across the ring or end up on the ring apron.

The most significant disappointments are the lack of multiplayer options and a create-a-wrestler feature, which are staples in wrestling games today. These omissions and minor glitches hinder the overall experience but don’t overshadow the game’s potential for enjoyment.

TNA iMPACT! Cross The Line PSP Gameplay


TNA Impact: Cross the Line is a solid first effort by SouthPeak Games. While it has its share of issues, the game provides a fun and engaging experience for wrestling fans. The absence of multiplayer and create-a-wrestler options and minor glitches are notable drawbacks. However, for a rental, TNA Impact: Cross the Line is worth the time for its unique gameplay and entertaining story modes. With improvements, future installments could build on this foundation to deliver an even better wrestling game.

Key Takeaways for TNA Impact: Cross the Line

  1. Gameplay: Easy-to-learn controls with unique stylus mechanics but hit detection, and limited move variety can be frustrating.
  2. Game Modes: Diverse match types in Exhibition, addictive storylines in Bound for Glory, and challenging tournaments in Victory Road.
  3. Roster and Presentation: This roster features key TNA stars but lacks TNA Knockouts and notable wrestlers like Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy.
  4. Technical Issues: Spelling mistakes, audio glitches, and occasional wrestler warping detract from the experience.
  5. Missing Features: No multiplayer or create-a-wrestler options are crucial for a complete wrestling game experience.

TNA Impact: Cross the Line is a decent first attempt at a TNA game on the Nintendo DS, and with some improvements, future versions could offer an even better experience for wrestling enthusiasts.

TNA Impact: Cross The Line

Created by SouthPeak Games

Developed with DoubleTap

It was released for both the Nintendo DS and for Sony PSP but is no longer in circulation, but might be available via the resale market

Released end of June 2010