Who Will Beat Roman Reigns?

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 658: Who will beat Roman Reigns? Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Uncensored, co-hosts Dave Simon and pro wrestler Johnny North discussed the rising star LA Knight and his chances of winning the championship from Roman Reigns.

The debate started with Johnny teasing Dave about his hesitation, suggesting that wrestling enthusiasts are uncertain about LA Knight’s potential. Dave admitted that he is among the many who want to see LA Knight win against Roman Reigns. Many fans have been impressed by Knight’s recent performances, and Dave is one of them.

Despite Roman Reigns‘ impressive reign, Dave expressed that there’s something exceptionally captivating about LA Knight. Johnny North agreed, confidently stating he could see LA Knight as a future WWE champion. He further elaborated by suggesting that LA Knight’s potential matchup with Roman could be more than just a championship bout; it could be a glimpse into the future of WWE.

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The conversation delved deeper as Johnny envisioned LA Knight moving to RAW and becoming the world heavyweight champion. Dave, however, pointed out that Knight isn’t currently on RAW and raised the million-dollar question: If not LA Knight, then who will beat Roman Reigns?

Johnny hinted that Cody might be the next contender as the discussion ended, but Dave thought it was a bit predictable. However, Johnny concluded that sometimes the most obvious choice is the best.

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Roman Reigns Addressing La Knight
Who Will Beat Roman Reigns? 5

Is LA Knight the One Who Will Beat Roman Reigns?

This conversation clearly shows that LA Knight has significantly impacted WWE. Whether he will rise to the challenge and become the next WWE champion remains to be seen. But for now, fans and experts alike are eagerly waiting and watching.

Max Dupri
Who Will Beat Roman Reigns? 6

LA Knight’s WWE Timeline

  • LA Knight signed with WWE in 2013 but was released after a year due to issues with Head Coach Bill DeMott.
  • Knight found success with IMPACT Wrestling and the NWA before re-signing with WWE in 2021.
  • He had a short-lived run as Max Dupri before establishing himself as one of the biggest names in the company.
  • Triple H praised LA Knight for not giving up and working his way into WWE’s main event picture.
  • Knight’s perseverance and grinding led to his current success in the industry.
Jim Cornette
Who Will Beat Roman Reigns? 7

Veteran names LA Knight Wrestler of the Year

  • Jim Cornette named LA Knight his wrestler of the year on his Drive Thru podcast.
  • Cornette praised LA Knight for overcoming poor booking and rising to the top of WWE.
  • He suggested LA Knight hadn’t improved but had been given the chance to shine.
  • Knight’s talent and ability to capitalize on opportunities earned him recognition.
  • The veteran’s endorsement further solidifies Knight’s success in the wrestling industry.

Shawn Michaels reveals the wrestler behind his ultimate wrestling rivalry

  • Shawn Michaels recently discussed who he believes is his ultimate wrestling rival.
  • Michaels’ revelation provides insights into the dynamics and significance of their rivalry.
  • The wrestler behind Michaels’ ultimate rivalry has played a crucial role in shaping his career.
  • The revelation sparks discussions and debates among wrestling enthusiasts.
  • The rivalry between Michaels and the mentioned wrestler is considered iconic and legendary.

Who May Beat Roman Reigns At Royal Rumble?

A recent report has ruled out a potential Royal Rumble opponent for Roman Reigns.

  • The speculation surrounding Reigns’ next opponent has been addressed and debunked.
  • The report clarifies the direction of Reigns’ storyline and potential challengers.
  • Fans can now better understand Reigns’ upcoming feuds and matches.
  • The rumour killer provides insights into the creative direction of the WWE and Reigns’ character.
Who Will Beat Roman Reigns?
Who Will Beat Roman Reigns? 8

Dave and Johnny also discussed Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli v. Kazuchika Okada and Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite. In the match, the oft-injured Danielson fractured his orbital bone and will be out of the squared circle until sometime in 2024.

They were looking forward to MJF v. Kenny Omega on AEW Collision. They speculated that Ronda Rousey was seen wrestling on the independents and wondered if she would return to the octagon, especially after Dana White revealed he had recently spoken with her. See our dream card for a UFC 300 that could include her.

Dave Simon

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