Royal Rumble 2024: Speculation and Anticipation

Royal Rumble 2024: Speculation and Anticipation YouTube thumbnail saying that Royal Rumble is just a week away in large letters
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With the Royal Rumble 2024 only a week away, Dave and Johnny discussed the Royal Rumble and potential matches for Wrestlemania 40. Dave and Johnny discussed Seth Rollins’ knee injury, Kazuchika Okada’s free agency and Logan Paul on the Kevin Owens Show in episode 669 of Wrestling Uncensored.

Royal Rumble 2024 Speculation and Anticipation

Dave Simon expressed his views on Kevin Owens’ upcoming match with Logan Paul, suggesting that Owens might lose due to his injury, which would not diminish his capabilities as a wrestler. He praised Owens’ skills and seemed optimistic about the quality of the match, also acknowledging Logan Paul’s capabilities and his fit in the WWE.

Johnny North appreciated the promotional work done for the event, particularly the effective back-and-forth interactions that built up interest and excitement. He highlighted Kevin Owens’ skill in resonating with the fans’ sentiments.

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Regarding the Royal Rumble 2024 participants, both hosts discussed the limited number of announced wrestlers, with only six names confirmed as of showtime right after the January 19th, 2024, episode of Smackdown. They speculated on potential entrants and desired surprises in the Rumble lineup. They also touched upon Naomi’s possible return and speculated about her role in the WWE as we advance, particularly about the bloodline storyline.

CM Punk Addresses Cody Rhodes in the ring during the WWE Raw broadcast of Jan 22 2024
CM Punk Addresses Cody Rhodes in the ring during WWE RAW.

Dave and Johnny mentioned six confirmed wrestlers for Royal Rumble 2024: Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Gunther. Dave Simon speculated that if Lashley was in the Rumble, Karrion Kross might also participate. They also discussed the potential inclusion of tag teams like the Street Profits and the AOP. Johnny North mentioned the women’s Rumble, suggesting the return of past women stars, including Naomi’s potential involvement.

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Okada’s Potential AEW Contract

In their discussion about Kazuchika Okada potentially joining AEW, Dave Simon expressed strong enthusiasm for the move, emphasizing Okada’s exceptional talent and the significant impact his joining would have on AEW. He recognized Okada’s potential as a game-changer for AEW. However, Okada might not immediately draw ratings or fans in North America due to his primary exposure in Japan. Simon suggested that if Okada were to join AEW, he should quickly become a champion, highlighting his status as a top wrestler in the world. As noted in the link above, his signing with AEW is uncertain. There’s increased speculation that he will join the big boys at the WWE.

Kazuchika Okada may join AEW, and Dave Simon thinks gaining widespread popularity may take a while.

Johnny North agreed with Simon about Okada’s wrestling prowess but shared concerns about how quickly Okada would be accepted and integrated into AEW. He referenced Jay White’s journey in AEW as an example, noting that while White eventually got over with the audience, it took some time. North stressed the importance of having Okada face top-tier competition and remain competitive to build his stature in AEW. Both hosts recognized Okada’s potential but acknowledged the challenges in effectively introducing him to a new audience.

Add Sasha Banks to the Mix

Adding Kazuchika Okada and Sasha Banks to AEW would be key for several reasons. Okada, one of the top wrestlers globally, would bring immense in-ring talent and international recognition to AEW. His presence could elevate the quality of matches and attract a global audience. A well-established WWE star, Sasha Banks, would bring star power, a strong fan base, and exceptional in-ring skills. Her addition would significantly boost the women’s division in AEW and could lead to high-profile matches and storylines, further enhancing the brand’s appeal and competitiveness in the wrestling industry.

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