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UFC 297 Betting Predictions

Dave, Fred and AJ gave their betting predictions for the card. Dave and AJ discussed Sean Strickland’s controversial statements during the UFC 297 press conferences and the current climate in MMA.
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During the Ringside Report Episode entitled UFC 297 Betting Predictions, broadcast live on January 18th, 2023, Dave, Fred and AJ gave their betting predictions for the card. Dave and AJ discussed Sean Strickland’s controversial statements during the UFC 297 press conferences and the current climate in MMA.

Ringside Report MMA Hosts Make the UFC 297 Betting Predictions

As we gear up for UFC 297, these betting picks from the experienced team at Ringside Report MMA are invaluable. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to UFC betting, their insights offer a unique perspective on what to expect and where to place your bets.

Remember, betting involves risk, and it’s important to bet responsibly. The predictions and insights are based on the hosts’ expertise and analysis of the fighters’ past performances and current form.

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Placing your bets? Use our link at bet99.ringsidereport.net

UFC 297 promises to be an exciting event with a lineup of intense matches. Whether you follow the betting advice of Dave, AJ, or Fred or make your picks, the thrill of UFC 297 is something every MMA fan looks forward to.

The UFC 297 fight card features a robust lineup, headlined by two championship battles and showcasing an array of Canadian talent set to compete at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. This eagerly anticipated event offers a fight lineup analysis that keeps fans on the edge. Fighter profiles and rivalries are rich narratives that enhance the allure, with the Middleweight champion Sean Strickland defending his title against the formidable Dricus du Plessis and Raquel Pennington vying for the vacant women’s Bantamweight title against Mayra Bueno Silva.

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Training and preparation insights reveal the dedication and strategy behind each athlete’s approach, suggesting that this event will not be short on skill or intensity. Event highlights and breakdown will focus on the contenders’ technical prowess and fighting spirit, with Canadian fighters poised to receive fervent local support.

Fan and expert predictions are circulating, speculating on outcomes and potential surprises. The level of competition and the stakes involved, especially for the titles on the line, provide ample material for a detailed and compelling narrative of what to expect on fight night.

Here’s a summary of our hosts’ picks:

  • Raquel Pennington vs. Myra Bueno Silva: Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio chose Myra Bueno Silva.
  • Mike Malott vs. Neil Magny: Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio picked Mike Malott.
  • Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Chris Curtis: Fred Garcia chose Marc-Andre Barriault.
  • Dricus Du Plessis vs. Sean Strickland: Fred Garcia and Dave selected Du Plessis, while AJ D’Alesio chose Sean Strickland.
  • Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev: AJ D’Alesio went with Arnold Allen.
  • Charles Jourdain vs. Opponent: Both Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio picked Charles Jourdain.

This table provides a clear overview of the UFC 297 betting picks made by each host:

FightDave Simon PicksAJ D’Alesio PicksFred Garcia Picks
Pennington vs. Bueno SilvaMyra Bueno SilvaMyra Bueno Silva
Malott vs. MagnyMike MalottMike Malott
Barriault vs. CurtisMarc-Andre Barriault
Du Plessis vs. StricklandDricus Du PlessisSean Strickland
Allen vs. EvloevArnold Allen
Jourdain vs. WoodsonCharles JourdainCharles Jourdain
This summary provides a view of their predictions and choices for UFC 297.

Consistent Winning Predictions from Dave and Fred

Dave Simon and Fred Garcia have been reliable UFC betting insights sources, consistently providing winning predictions for the past three UFC cards. Their track record speaks to their deep understanding of the sport and ability to analyze fighters’ strengths, weaknesses, and match dynamics. This consistency in successful predictions highlights their expertise and makes their insights highly valuable for UFC betting enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to UFC betting, following Dave and Fred’s picks could be a strategic move. AJ’s picks, if they are correct, pay off well, but all it takes is for one fight in his parlay to go the other way, and it’s ruined for the night,

Key Takeaways

UFC 297 Betting Predictions and Expert Takes

Building on the heightened anticipation for UFC 297, experts and analysts have started to weigh in with their UFC 297 betting predictions, dissecting the potential outcomes of the evening’s high-profile clashes. In-depth fighter analysis and fight style breakdowns are paving the way for a series of informed expert predictions. Here are some focal points:

  1. Fighter Analysis: Analysts scrutinize fighters’ past performances, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and how they might influence upcoming battles.
  2. Fight Style Breakdown: Each combatant’s approach to the octagon is dissected, from striking prowess to grappling expertise to forecast who will have the tactical edge.
  3. Potential Upsets: The buzz around potential upsets is growing, with some experts pointing to specific underdogs who could defy the odds and emerge victorious.

The key matchups, particularly the middleweight title fight between Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis, generate much debate. Strickland’s controversial build-up to the fight and outspoken nature add an extra layer of intrigue. Meanwhile, the vacant women’s bantamweight title bout between Raquel Pennington and Mayra Bueno Silva is also under the spotlight, with discussions pointing towards Pennington’s extensive experience possibly giving her the upper hand. As UFC 297 approaches, predictions, even among our three hosts, are mixed, but excitement is unanimous.

  • UFC 297 in Toronto has generated intense interest, with the event selling out and breaking the record for the highest-announced gate at Scotiabank Arena.
  • The event features Canadian fighters in almost all the fights, showcasing the top Canadian talent in the UFC.
  • Sean Strickland, the headliner of UFC 297, has been involved in controversy with Colby Covington, adding extra intrigue to his fights.
  • The UFC 297 press conference incident, where a fan rushed Strickland, generated buzz and media attention for the event.

Unveiling the Fight Card

Official UFC YouTube video promoting the card
Dricus Du Plessis (On The Right) And Sean Strickland (On The Left) Appear At The Ufc 297 Weigh In At Scotiabank Centre In Toronto In Front Of Ufc President Dana White
Dricus du Plessis (on the right) and Sean Strickland (on the left) appear at the UFC 297 weigh-in at Scotiabank Centre in Toronto in front of UFC President Dana White.

Title Showdowns to Watch

Gripping the attention of mixed martial arts aficionados, UFC 297’s title showdowns feature Sean Strickland defending his Middleweight crown against Dricus du Plessis. At the same time, Raquel Pennington and Mayra Bueno Silva clash for the vacant women’s Bantamweight championship. The fighter matchups carry significant title implications, sparking fan anticipation globally.

Raquel Pennington And Mayra Bueno Silva
Raquel Pennington and Mayra Bueno Silva

The Canadian presence is robust, with the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto hosting the event, promising a raucous home-country atmosphere. Strickland, known for his outspoken nature and recent controversy with Colby Covington, adds extra intrigue to the Middleweight contest. Even after a press conference incident, his composed demeanour suggests a focus on retaining his title. Still, du Plessis poses a threat capable of orchestrating one of the potential upsets of the night.

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On the women’s side, Pennington’s resilience and vast experience are set to be tested by the formidable Brazilian Bueno Silva. As the former eyes the culmination of an 11-year journey in the UFC with gold, the latter looks to capitalize on an opportunity to leapfrog expectations and claim the championship. The anticipation for these showdowns is palpable, with implications that will ripple through their respective divisions.

Marc Andre Barriault Speaking At The Ufc 297 Press Conference
Marc Andre Barriault speaking at the UFC 297 Press Conference

Fighters’ Backstories and Rivalries

Getting into the histories and animosities of the fighters, UFC 297 not only showcases their physical prowess but also brings to light the compelling narratives and rivalries that have shaped their careers. The event teems with fighter feuds that have simmered over time, personal histories that add depth to each combatant’s journey, and intense rivalries that promise explosive confrontations. Sean Strickland’s heated animosity towards Colby Covington, stemming from past confrontations, adds an extra layer of intrigue to his title defence. Fans are keenly aware of the backstory leading to this moment, heightening the anticipation for every punch thrown.

Raquel Pennington’s long-standing tenure and resilience in the UFC have earned her respect. Yet, she faces Mayra Bueno Silva, who openly downplays their matchup in favour of a potential bout with Julianna Peña. This verbal jabbing has fueled the narrative, turning their fight into more than just a contest for the vacant title—a battleground for pride and acknowledgment. Each storyline intertwined within UFC 297 enriches the fabric of the event, ensuring that the outcomes are not just victories but also the latest chapters in ongoing sagas that captivate and enthrall fans worldwide.

UFC 297 Event Breakdown

UFC 297 presents a captivating showcase of mixed martial arts talent, headlined by two high-stakes title fights that promise to set an exhilarating tone for the year’s combat sports calendar. The unveiling matchups have generated buzz, with the middleweight champion Sean Strickland defending his title against Dricus du Plessis and the vacant women’s bantamweight belt on the line between Raquel Pennington and Mayra Bueno Silva.

The event has been steeped in fighter rivalries, notably Strickland’s recent controversy with Colby Covington and Pennington’s response to Silva’s dismissive comments. As the athletes’ training routines peak, expert predictions have begun to roll in, with many anticipating closely contested battles inside the Octagon.

Adding to the fervour, a press conference involving a fan who rushed Strickland has placed an additional spotlight on the event. Despite the chaos, fighters remained focused, with security promptly handling the situation. As UFC 297 approaches, the blend of professional poise and personal drama sets the stage for an unforgettable night of competition.

UFC 297 Weigh-in results

In a crucial precursor to the night’s clashes, Middleweight champion Sean Strickland and challenger Dricus Du Plessis successfully hit the scales, weighing in at 184.75 and 184 pounds, respectively. The fighters’ physiques were on full display, showcasing the results of their arduous training and weight-cut challenges. The meticulous efforts to meet the division’s limit paid off, setting the stage for the much-anticipated title fight.

The weigh-in drama was minimal, with both main event contenders making weight without issue, but the tension was palpable, highlighting the championship implications of the ensuing battle. Fans and analysts alike observed the athletes’ conditions closely, gauging potential advantages from their physical preparation.

The entire roster followed suit, with Raquel Pennington and Mayra Bueno Silva tipping the scales at 134.8 and 135 pounds, priming them for their vacant women’s bantamweight title bout. The professionalism exhibited at the weigh-ins translated into heightened title fight anticipation as combatants displayed readiness and respect for the gravity of the occasion. With all fighters meeting their contractual weight, UFC 297 is poised to deliver an unforgettable night of competition with lasting ramifications in mixed martial arts.

Press Conference Controversy

While the weigh-ins concluded without incident, an unexpected altercation marked a fan confronting Sean Strickland at the UFC 297 press conference. The incident quickly escalated, drawing the attention of media outlets and fans alike. Strickland’s response to the provocation was measured and professional, which helped de-escalate the situation. However, the brief fan altercation undeniably impacted the event’s atmosphere, introducing a tense undercurrent to the proceedings.

To highlight the key aspects of this occurrence:

  1. Fan Altercation: A fan’s attempt to confront Strickland was swiftly handled, showcasing the effectiveness of the security measures.
  2. Media Attention: The altercation became a focal point for media coverage, amplifying the buzz surrounding UFC 297.
  3. Strickland’s Response: Despite the provocation, Strickland maintained composure, demonstrating his focus ahead of the title defence.

The UFC’s security team was quick to intervene, ensuring the safety of everyone involved and allowing the press conference to continue. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust security measures at high-profile events, particularly when emotions and stakes run high. The UFC’s handling of the situation ensured that UFC 297’s spotlight remained on the athletes and the competition itself.


In conclusion, UFC 297 signifies a momentous commencement for the year’s mixed martial arts engagements and a testament to the sport’s escalating popularity.

The event’s record-setting gate receipts at Scotiabank Arena underscore the fervent support of Canadian fans, with an impressive sell-out crowd testament to the athletes’ compelling narratives and the sport’s enthralling appeal. This milestone, exemplifying the unyielding spirit of combat sports enthusiasts, indelibly marks the annals of UFC history.

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