Surprise ! Ronda Rousey Wrestled at Ring of Honor

In a captivating twist, the esteemed athlete Ronda Rousey Wrestled at the Ring of Honor (ROH) taping in Los Angeles. Amidst fervent speculation regarding her possible association with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Rousey’s collaboration with AEW-contracted Marina Shafir during the ROH tapings has ignited widespread conjecture. Notably, Rousey’s debut match at ROH, where she partnered with Shafir, has garnered significant attention, underscoring her intriguing foray into professional wrestling.

Key Takeaways

  • Ronda Rousey made a surprising debut at a Ring of Honor (ROH) taping in Los Angeles.
  • Due to the ownership connection between ROH and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), speculation arose about a potential deal with AEW.
  • Rousey teamed up with her friend Marina Shafir, who is under contract with AEW, at the ROH tapings.
  • Rousey’s appearances in other promotions, such as REVOLVER and AEW, have been facilitated by her desire to work with Shafir.

Ronda Rousey’s ROH Debut

Ronda Rousey’s debut match for Ring of Honor (ROH) took place at a recent ROH taping in Los Angeles. Her surprise entrance alongside Marina Shafir attracted significant attention. The impact of Rousey’s debut on ROH’s women’s division has been substantial, elevating the division’s profile and drawing increased interest from fans and media. Rousey’s star power and in-ring abilities have injected a new level of excitement and energy into ROH’s women’s division. Her presence has sparked anticipation for potential future matchups and storylines, adding a fresh dynamic to the promotion. Rousey’s debut match has set the stage for a compelling narrative within ROH’s women’s division, marking a significant development in the promotion’s ongoing evolution and expansion.

Ronda Rouset Makes Roh Debut
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Dave Simon and Johnny North React

In the November 17th, 2023 episode of the Wrestling Uncensored podcast, hosts Dave Simon and Johnny North discuss the surprise appearance of former WWE wrestler and UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey at the Ring of Honor (ROH) taping. This development is noteworthy since ROH and AEW share the same owner, sparking speculation about Rousey’s potential involvement with AEW.

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Dave Simon notes Rousey’s unexpected debut at the ROH tapings in Los Angeles, expressing surprise at her choosing to appear in ROH before AEW. Johnny North responds enthusiastically, recognizing the significance of Rousey’s presence, but questions the strategy behind her debut in ROH rather than AEW. North suggests Rousey’s booking could be more impactful if handled differently, potentially on a larger platform like AEW’s pay-per-view event. He acknowledges that Rousey’s appearance has already created a buzz among wrestling fans, evident from the mixed reactions at the tapings.

Ronda has Star Power

Both hosts agree on the star power Rousey brings to the wrestling scene. They discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of her joining AEW or ROH. Dave ponders whether keeping her in ROH could draw more viewers to that promotion or if moving her to AEW would strengthen their women’s division. Johnny suggested that Rousey’s involvement could justify introducing women’s tag team titles, leveraging her popularity and skill to elevate the women’s division. However, Simon expresses reservations, considering the depth of talent in the women’s division for sustaining additional titles.

Overall, Simon and North view Rousey’s debut in ROH as a significant event in the wrestling world. They speculate on her potential impact in either AEW or ROH, recognizing her as a valuable asset capable of drawing substantial attention and elevating the profile of women’s wrestling in either promotion.

Rousey’s Other Promotion Appearances

Rousey’s cross-promotional appearances have garnered attention from the wrestling community, particularly due to her impact on other promotions and her relationship with Marina Shafir. Her appearances at REVOLVER independent shows in California and AEW’s Collision & Rampage taping have sparked speculation about potential deals with these promotions. Rousey’s desire to work with Shafir has been a driving force behind her appearances in various promotions, including ROH, REVOLVER, and Lucha Vavoom. Notably, she teamed up with Shafir at the ROH tapings, marking her debut for Ring of Honor. Below is a table illustrating Rousey’s appearances in other promotions:

REVOLVER independentShows in CaliforniaMarina Shafir
AEWCollision & Rampage taping
ROHDebut at Los Angeles tapingsMarina Shafir

Ronda Rousey Wrestled at Ring of Honor Match Details

Following her cross-promotional appearances and partnership with Marina Shafir, Rousey’s debut match for Ring of Honor at the Los Angeles tapings paired her with Shafir against Athena and Bilie Starkz. The match showcased Rousey’s transition to the ROH ring, sparking a mix of emotions among fans and wrestling enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of the impact of Rousey’s appearance on ROH’s viewership:

  1. Anticipation: Fans eagerly awaited Rousey’s debut, generating buzz and excitement for the ROH tapings.
  2. Curiosity: Rousey’s involvement piqued the interest of both casual and dedicated viewers, drawing attention to ROH’s programming.
  3. Expectation: The anticipation surrounding Rousey’s debut match led to heightened expectations from the audience, contributing to increased viewership for the event.
  4. Satisfaction: Rousey’s debut match left a lasting impression on ROH’s viewers, potentially leading to a boost in audience engagement and interest in future appearances.

Rousey’s Contract Status

The current status of Rousey’s contract remains a subject of speculation within the professional wrestling community. Reports from Fightful Select suggest that Rousey has not signed with AEW or ROH and is operating on a handshake deal with AEW. Despite her appearances in various promotions, including ROH and REVOLVER, Rousey’s contract status remains unconfirmed. The rumours of a potential deal with AEW have been fueled by her association with Marina Shafir, who is under contract with AEW. Additionally, Rousey’s impact on ROH ratings following her surprising debut is being closely monitored. Her presence has generated significant interest and excitement, and the wrestling community eagerly awaits further developments regarding her contract status and potential future engagements.

Watching Rousey’s ROH Appearance

The anticipated interest in Ronda Rousey’s Ring of Honor debut match can be satisfied by tuning in to the weekly ROH show on the Honor Club platform. Fans can witness the impact Rousey’s appearance has on ROH ratings. Additionally, they can anticipate Rousey’s potential rivalries in ROH, sparking excitement for future matchups. Watching Rousey’s ROH debut is an opportunity to experience the electrifying atmosphere her presence brings to the promotion. The anticipation and curiosity surrounding Rousey’s appearance can now be fulfilled by accessing the episode featuring her debut match on the ROH website. This debut match is expected to generate a significant buzz among fans and potentially elevate the profile of ROH in the broader wrestling community.

Speculation and Rumors

Amid Ronda Rousey’s appearances at various wrestling promotions, speculation and rumours have circulated about her potential future commitments. One of the prevailing rumours is the potential for a deal with AEW, especially after her appearance at a Ring of Honor (ROH) taping, where she teamed up with her friend Marina Shafir, who is under contract with AEW. The ownership connection between ROH and AEW has fueled these speculations. Additionally, Rousey’s presence in various promotions has sparked discussions about the potential impact on women’s wrestling, with fans and industry insiders eagerly anticipating how her involvement could influence and elevate the women’s wrestling scene.

Rousey’s Future in Wrestling

Ronda Rousey’s future in wrestling is currently the subject of intense speculation and anticipation, particularly given her recent appearances at various wrestling promotions and potential ties to AEW.

  1. Potential AEW signing: Fans and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting news of Rousey’s potential signing with AEW, especially after her appearances at AEW’s Collision & Rampage tapings and the connection between ROH and AEW.
  2. Impact on women’s wrestling: Rousey’s potential involvement in AEW or other promotions could have a significant impact on women’s wrestling, potentially elevating the division and bringing increased mainstream attention to women’s matches.
  3. Career trajectory: Many are curious to see how Rousey’s wrestling career will unfold post-WWE and how her involvement in various promotions will shape her legacy in the industry.
  4. Fan anticipation: There is a palpable sense of excitement among fans, who are eager to see Rousey’s next steps in the wrestling world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Independent Promotions Has Ronda Rousey Appeared in Besides ROH?

Ronda Rousey has appeared in REVOLVER and Lucha Vavoom on the independent wrestling circuit, prompting speculation about her contract status and potential AEW appearance. Her various independent promotions appearances have fueled rumours and generated widespread interest.

How Can Fans Access Ronda Rousey’s ROH Debut Match?

Fans can access Ronda Rousey’s ROH debut match through the ROH weekly show, available on Honor Club. The specific episode featuring Rousey’s appearance can be accessed on the ROH website, generating excitement among fans. Rousey’s impact is palpable.

What Are the Details of Ronda Rousey’s Contract Status With AEW and Roh?

Ronda Rousey’s current contract status with AEW and ROH remains subject to speculation and rumours. Despite her ROH debut and independent promotion appearances, she reportedly has a handshake deal with AEW. Fans can access her ROH debut match on the weekly show.

What Are Some Speculations and Rumors Surrounding Ronda Rousey’s Potential Future in Wrestling?

Speculation and rumours abound about Ronda Rousey’s potential future in wrestling, as she makes appearances in independent promotions. Fans access her debut match with Ring of Honor, generating excitement and fueling further speculation.

Has Ronda Rousey’s Appearance at Aew’s Collision & Rampage Taping Led to Any Specific Rumors or Speculation About Her Potential Deal With the Promotion?

Ronda Rousey’s appearance at AEW’s Collision & Rampage taping has sparked speculation about her potential deal with the promotion. Fans are anticipating her AEW debut, potential rivalries, and the impact she could have on the women’s division.


In conclusion, Ronda Rousey’s unexpected debut at Ring of Honor has generated significant interest within the wrestling community. Despite speculation about her potential association with All Elite Wrestling, Rousey’s appearances at various promotions have been attributed to her partnership with Marina Shafir. Her debut match at ROH, available on the Honor Club platform, has garnered attention, with a 20% increase in viewership for the weekly show following her appearance.

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