Dricus Du Plessis receives the Middleweight Belt from UFC President Dana White after his victory over Sean Strickland.

UFC 297 Dricus is Victorious over Strickland

The results of the UFC 297 main event, featuring Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland, have sparked debates on judging criteria.
Our interactive live watch-along of the UFC 297 Main Card, where Dricus was victorious in the co-main event.

As the dust settles following the high-octane clashes of UFC 297, the mixed martial arts community is left to contemplate the implications of an event that has undoubtedly reshaped the landscape of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. From the ascension of new champions to the stirring of controversy, the narratives woven throughout the night have solidified legacies and cast doubt on the future of certain fighters within the promotion.

The results of the main event, featuring Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland, have sparked debates on judging criteria. At the same time, Raquel Pennington’s championship victory has infused fresh energy into the women’s bantamweight division. Meanwhile, the remarks made by Strickland post-fight have ignited a different kind of discourse that transcends the bounds of the octagon and challenges the ethos of the sport. As we examine the outcomes and reverberations of UFC 297, the stage is set for intense scrutiny and anticipation of what is to come, leaving enthusiasts and analysts alike eager to explore the evolving chapters of these fighters’ careers and the ramifications for the UFC’s future events.

Key Takeaways

  • Dricus Du Plessis’ victory over Sean Strickland solidified his position as the middleweight champion and showcased his technical prowess and strategic acumen.
  • Raquel Pennington’s unanimous decision win for the women’s bantamweight title marked a new era for the division and highlighted her resilience and perseverance.
  • Canadian fighters Jasmine Jasudavicius and Gillian Robertson secured notable victories, bringing a sense of pride to the local audience, while the male fighters from Canada faced challenges with a 0-7 record. Our hosts referred to the gender deficit throughout the evening.
  • Neil Magny’s comeback triumph with a third-round TKO victory exemplified his resilience and tactical acumen, inspiring fans and leaving them eager to see what’s next for him.

Main Event Breakdown Dricus Du Plessis vs. Sean Strickland

During the main event of UFC 297, the Ringside Report MMA team, consisting of Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D’Alesio, provided in-depth commentary and analysis. They focused on the fighters’ techniques, particularly on Strickland’s effective jab and boxing style versus Dricus’s Muay Thai stance and power shots. The hosts noted the dynamic shifts in control, with Strickland’s dominance in certain rounds and Dricus’s resilience and aggressive style in others.

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The hosts also discussed the effectiveness of takedowns, the impact of visible injuries like welts and cuts, and the fighters’ physical conditioning throughout the match. As the fight progressed, they debated the potential scoring by the judges, considering the close nature of the rounds and the fighters’ performance.

Their reactions to the judges’ decision highlighted the unpredictability and tight competition of the fight, with a split decision ultimately crowning a new UFC welterweight champion. This unexpected outcome prompted a mix of surprise and validation from the commentators, encapsulating the suspense and excitement of the event.

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In a tightly contested bout, Dricus Du Plessis emerged victorious over Sean Strickland to capture the middleweight title at UFC 297, a win underscored by his split decision triumph and subsequent call-out of former champion Israel Adesanya. The main event showcased technical prowess and strategic acumen, with the fighters engaging in a tactical chess match that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Du Plessis, displaying a blend of power and finesse, managed to edge out Strickland in a razor-thin verdict that resonated with the collective spirit of the community rooting for him.

Dricus Du Plessis Receives The Middleweight Belt From Ufc President Dana White After His Victory Over Sean Strickland.
Dricus Du Plessis receives the Middleweight Belt from UFC President Dana White after his victory over Sean Strickland.

The split decision, a reflection of the evenly matched battle, was met with both elation and empathy within the fanbase, as spectators appreciated the passion and dedication of both warriors. Dricus Du Plessis’ victory is a personal triumph and a testament to the unyielding pursuit of excellence that defines the UFC’s middleweight division. His immediate call-out of Adesanya, a revered figure in the sport, signifies his desire to solidify his place among the elite and the communal yearning for epic showdowns. The South African fighter’s ascent to the pinnacle of the middleweight class, underscored by this main event thriller, has undoubtedly etched his name in the annals of UFC history.

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Du Plessis’ Championship Journey

Reflecting on Dricus Du Plessis’ ascent to the UFC middleweight throne, his journey has been marked by relentless improvement and a series of emphatic victories culminating in his split decision win over Sean Strickland. This pivotal moment in UFC 297 not only etched his name into the annals of the sport but also shattered any lingering doubts about his calibre as a world-class athlete. His path to the title has been a testament to dedication and the warrior spirit that defines the heart of a champion.

The Sean Strickland vs Dricus Du Plessis showdown was a true testament to Du Plessis’ evolution as a fighter. He showcased championship-level cardio, and his ability to land significant shots was crucial in tipping the judges’ scorecards in his favour. Emerging victorious, Du Plessis immediately set his sights on the horizon, calling out former champion Israel Adesanya, signalling his ambition to hold the title and reign supreme over the UFC middleweight division.

As Du Plessis embraces his new status, the community of fighters and fans alike can’t help but feel a sense of belonging to his story of triumph. His record, now an impressive 7-0 in the UFC, speaks volumes, and the potential rematches and title defences ahead promise further to cement his legacy as a true UFC middleweight champion.

Women’s Bantamweight Shake-Up

While the UFC 297 event was filled with dramatic outcomes, the women’s bantamweight title fight ended with Raquel Pennington claiming the championship through a unanimous decision, despite what many considered an underwhelming performance from both competitors. The bout, which put the vacant women’s bantamweight title on the line, saw Raquel Pennington deftly navigate the octagon to secure the win against Mayra Bueno Silva via judges’ scorecards.

10 Year Ufc Veteran Raquel Pennington Gets The Bantamweight Belt, Defeating Mayra Bueno Silva In The Action In The Octagon At Ufc 297 In Toronto
10 Year UFC veteran Raquel Pennington gets the Bantamweight belt, defeating Mayra Bueno Silva.

The victory was a personal triumph for Pennington and a momentous occasion for the division. With the belt now firmly around her waist, Pennington’s win signals a new era for the women’s bantamweight class, stirring excitement and anticipation among fans who seek a sense of community and shared passion in the sport. Though lacking the fireworks many had hoped for, the triumph over Silva nonetheless cements Pennington’s place at the pinnacle of the division.

Reflecting on the women’s bantamweight rankings landscape, Raquel Pennington’s ascension to champion at UFC 297 is a narrative of resilience and perseverance. The storyline resonates with those who cherish the journey as much as the destination, offering a new champion to rally behind as the division looks ahead to its next chapter.

Spotlighting the Canadian Fighters

Turning our attention to the performance of athletes from the host nation, Canadian fighters found themselves in the spotlight at UFC 297, with Jasmine Jasudavicius and Gillian Robertson securing notable victories amidst a challenging night for their male counterparts. The event at the Scotiabank Arena was a critical juncture for these athletes, aiming to make a statement in front of a home crowd.

Jasudavicius and Robertson were the shining stars for Canada, demonstrating skill and determination in their respective bouts. Their successes offered a sense of pride and belonging to the Canadian UFC audience, which had to endure a tough evening as their male fighters went 0-7. In particular, Mike Malott’s stumble was felt deeply as he went from an almost top-10 fighter to one looking to rebuild his momentum.

The mixed results for the Canadian contingent at UFC 297 were palpable in the arena, with fans expressing their support for local fighters and voicing their discontent during the co-main event. Despite the ups and downs, the presence of Arnold Allen and other international talents underscored the global appeal of the UFC, making the night a memorable one for the sport in Canada.

Magny’s Comeback Triumph

Neil Magny’s third-round TKO victory over Mike Malott epitomized the fighter’s resilience and tactical acumen, marking an impressive comeback in a night filled with unexpected twists. As part of the UFC 297 results, Magny’s performance stood out as a highlight, showcasing his ability to overcome adversity and secure a win when it mattered most. His victory was a personal triumph and a moment that resonated with fans striving to face and conquer their challenges.

Neil Magny (Bottom) Comes Back To Beat Canadian Mike Malott At Ufc 297 In Toronto.
Neil Magny (bottom) comes back to beat Canadian Mike Malott at UFC 297 in Toronto.

The main event of UFC 297 might have captured the spotlight, but Magny’s comeback triumph was a testament to the spirit of the sport—where determination and strategy can change the course of a bout in an instant. Successfully taking down his opponent via TKO, Magny reminded us all that in the Octagon, fortunes can turn, and underdogs can rise.

For the UFC community, Magny’s win symbolized what it means to be part of this family: a shared belief in perseverance and the unyielding will to emerge victorious, no matter the odds. His comeback story added to the rich tapestry of UFC 297, inspiring fans and eagerly anticipating what’s next for Magny.

Controversy Surrounding Strickland

Sean Strickland’s inflammatory comments on women’s MMA sparked widespread debate, overshadowing his bid for a title defence at UFC 297. As the community gathered to witness his fight against Dricus Du Plessis, the controversy surrounding Strickland intensified, with many questioning his respect for fellow athletes and the sport’s inclusivity.

The spectacle of competition often brings people together, creating a sense of belonging and a shared passion for martial arts. However, Strickland’s remarks seemed to create a rift, challenging the unity that the MMA community typically enjoys.

The bout, Strickland vs Dricus Du Plessis, became a backdrop to a conversation about respect and equality in sports. Despite the fierce competition, where Dricus Du Plessis defeated Sean Strickland via split decision, the judge’s scorecards weren’t the only numbers being scrutinized. Fans and professionals were dissecting the impact of Strickland’s words on the sport’s culture.

In the aftermath of UFC 297, discussions continued to swirl, not just about the technical prowess displayed in the octagon but also about the values that define the MMA community. Strickland’s loss added a poignant note to the controversy as a stark reminder that while physical battles are fought in the arena, the fight for respect and integrity continues outside of it.

Potential Match-ups Post-UFC 297

In the wake of UFC 297’s gripping showdowns, a potential rematch between newly crowned middleweight champion Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland is among several electrifying prospects with fans and analysts buzzing with anticipation. The tension from their previous title fight, where Du Plessis emerged victorious, sets the stage for a compelling narrative that could see Strickland seeking redemption or Du Plessis reaffirming his dominance as the new champion.

Beyond this, the aftermath of UFC 297 opens doors for intriguing contests within the middleweight division. The community, eager to witness the next chapter for Du Plessis, speculates about a clash with elite contender Khamzat Chimaev, offering a stylistic challenge that could cement Du Plessis’ legacy. Furthermore, a rivalry with former champion Israel Adesanya looms, promising a high-stakes storyline rich with competitive fervour.

In the co-main event, Raquel Pennington’s decisive victory to claim the vacant women’s bantamweight title invites fresh match-ups. As the division adapts to its new champion, Pennington’s reign may soon be tested by formidable challengers eager to etch their names in the annals of UFC history. This dynamic reshuffling of contenders serves to unify the community in anticipation of what’s to come.

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Undercard Highlights and Surprises

While the main events of UFC 297 captured the majority of the headlines, several undercard bouts provided unexpected twists and standout performances that deserve equal recognition. Among them, the tenacity of Mayra Bueno Silva via unanimous decision in the women’s bantamweight co-main event caught the community’s eye, as she exhibited a blend of skill and heart that resonated with fans seeking camaraderie in the sport’s spirit.

The undercard also saw a battle between Priscila Cachoeira and Polyana Viana, where their gritty performances left an indelible mark on the spectators. In another bout, Arnold Allen’s effort was valiant but ultimately fell short as he faced a unanimous decision loss to Movsar Evloev, a setback for Allen but a testament to the unpredictability of the sport.

The first fight of the main card saw intense exchanges between Movsar Evloev and Arnold Allen. Dave Simon, Fred Garcia, and AJ D’Alesio closely followed the action, commenting on Evloev’s powerful strikes and Allen’s fluid footwork. Despite Evloev’s attempts at takedowns, Allen displayed remarkable defence, keeping the fight competitive. The commentators noted Evloev’s grappling game and Allen’s ability to avoid being taken down. As the fight progressed, the hosts debated the effectiveness of the takedowns and the judges’ potential scoring. Despite Allen’s resilience and agility, Evloev’s control seemed to edge him ahead in the eyes of the commentators.

Here’s a look at some of the undercard highlights that provided surprises and excitement for the UFC faithful:

BoutOutcomeNoteworthy Moment
Bueno Silva vs. PenningtonSilva via unanimous decisionSilva’s resilience in co-main event
Cachoeira vs. VianaCachoeira’s impressive showGritty stand-up exchanges
Allen vs. EvloevEvloev via unanimous decisionAllen’s effort despite the loss
Canadian FightersMixed results on the nightJasmine Jasudavicius’ triumph
Mike Malott vs. Neil MagnyMagny’s comeback victoryMalott’s initial promise, epic collapse
Undercard highlights

This table encapsulates the spirit of belonging and passion the undercard fighters brought to UFC 297, contributing significantly to a memorable night of martial arts display.


In the wake of UFC 297, the juxtaposition of Dricus Du Plessis’ hard-fought ascent to the middleweight summit against Sean Strickland’s polarizing remarks casts a multifaceted light on the event. While Du Plessis’ triumph epitomizes the pinnacle of determination, Strickland’s comments underscore the ongoing discourse on respect and sportsmanship in MMA. This installment of the UFC saga leaves fans with a tapestry of emotions, from the elation of victory to the contemplation of controversy.

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