Dave and AJ in studio with Fred joining remotely as they host the UFC 298 Full Reaction & Analysis watch along

UFC 298 Full Reaction & Analysis

UFC 298 Full Reaction & Analysis of a spectacle of martial prowess and strategic acumen, raising several points of discussion

For UFC 298 Full Reaction & Analysis, WATCH Dave, Fred and AJ of Ringside Report MMA, who hosted the watch-along.

UFC 298 unfolded with a spectacle of martial prowess and strategic acumen, raising several points of discussion among aficionados and analysts alike. From Alexander Volkanovski’s ambitious return to the featherweight division against the formidable Ilia Topuria to the high-stakes co-main event featuring Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa, the event was rife with performances that both solidified legacies and posed questions about the future trajectories of its competitors.

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Moreover, the undercard bouts, punctuated by controversies and fighter reactions, added layers to the narrative, enriching the discourse on the sport’s evolving dynamics. As we sift through the aftermath of UFC 298, a closer examination of these elements reveals the multifaceted impact of the event on the broader landscape of mixed martial arts.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ian Machado Garry secures a split decision win over Geoff Neal at UFC 298.
  • Merab Dvalishvili wins unanimously against Henry Cejudo on the main card.
  • Alexander Volkanovski faces Ilia Topuria in a highly anticipated featherweight title bout.
  • Amanda Lemos achieves a unanimous decision victory over Mackenzie Dern.

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Fight Card Overview

UFC 298’s fight card was stacked with high-profile matches, including the much-anticipated return of Alexander Volkanovski to the featherweight division against the undefeated challenger Ilia Topuria. The event, held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, showcased various talents across different weight classes, making it a night to remember for fight fans. Noteworthy bouts included Robert Whittaker facing Paulo Costa in a middleweight showdown, Geoff Neal taking on Ian Garry, and Merab Dvalishvili battling Henry Cejudo, adding depth and diversity to the lineup.

The undercard also featured compelling matchups, such as Amanda Lemos versus Mackenzie Dern, each bout contributing to the overall excitement of the event. Fighters like Andrea Lee and Miranda Maverick, alongside Oban Elliott and Valentine Woodburn, provided fans with preliminary action that set the tone for the evening. These matches were about the physical contest and strategic prowess, showcasing the athletes’ dedication and skill. UFC 298 proved to be a testament to the sport’s evolving landscape, highlighting established stars and rising talent in the competitive mixed martial arts arena.

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Ufc 298 Full Reaction To Ilia Topuria Battling Alexander Volkanoski In The Ufc 298 Octagon
Ilia Topuria battling Alexander Volkanoski in the UFC 298 octagon

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UFC 298 Main Event Highlights

The main event, featuring Alexander Volkanovski’s return to the featherweight division against the undefeated Ilia Topuria, captivated audiences with its high stakes and intense competition. Held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, this bout was a test for Volkanovski’s triumphant return and a chance for Topuria to cement his status as a rising star in the UFC. The atmosphere was electric, with fans eagerly anticipating a clash between two of the most skilled fighters in the featherweight division.

During the UFC 298 Full Reaction & Analysis live watch-along, the hosts Dave Simon, AJ D’Alesio, and Fred Garcia were captivated by the intense battle between Ilia Topuria and Alexander Volkanovski. Their live commentary provided a dynamic mix of technical analysis, fighter insights, and sheer excitement, especially as the underdog Topuria delivered a stunning performance.

Aj, Dave In Studio And Fred Connected Remotely During Our Ufc 298 Full Reaction &Amp; Analysis Watch Along
AJ, Dave and Fred are hosting our UFC 298 Full Reaction & Analysis.

The Build-Up to the Knockout

The hosts provided live commentary as the fight commenced, analyzing each fighter’s strategy and execution. Dave and AJ debated their fighting styles, with Dave highlighting Volkanovski’s experience and AJ favouring Topuria’s aggressive approach. The anticipation built as the hosts dissected the fighters’ movements, with each significant strike eliciting reactions and predictions about the fight’s outcome.

The hosts noted both fighters’ strategic movements and strikes early in the fight. Volkanovski’s use of body and leg kicks was highlighted, with the hosts commenting on his ability to maintain distance and control the pace. Topuria’s focus and counterattacks were also noted, setting the stage for a closely contested match.

The Shocking Turn of Events

The atmosphere intensified in the second round when Topuria landed a devastating combination that led to Volkanovski’s knockout. The hosts’ reactions ranged from disbelief to exhilaration as they witnessed the underdog claim the featherweight title. Dave Simon described the knockout as a “crazy combination of punches” that left Volkanovski “out cold,” encapsulating the unexpected turn of events.

Hosts’ and Viewers’ Reactions

The hosts’ excitement was palpable, with AJ D’Alesio expressing his anticipation for Topuria’s next move and speculating about potential rematches. The viewers’ reactions mirrored the hosts’, with many expressing surprise and admiration for Topuria’s performance. Comments flooded in, praising the new champion and discussing the fight’s implications for the featherweight division.

The hosts erupted in excitement, capturing the shock and awe of witnessing an underdog triumph in such a dramatic fashion. Dave’s reaction underscored the unexpected nature of the outcome, as he had not anticipated Topuria’s victory in his pre-fight analysis and parlay picks, leading to the realization that his parlay had lost.​

After the initial shock subsided, the hosts reflected on the implications of Topuria’s victory for the featherweight division and Volkanovski’s future. They discussed Topuria’s potential as the new champion and debated what could be next for Volkanovski after such a significant loss. The analysis included considerations of fighting styles, potential rematches, and the broader landscape of the UFC featherweight division.

Reflections on the Fight’s Impact

Post-fight, the hosts reflected on the significance of Topuria’s victory, not only for the fighter but also for the UFC featherweight division. They debated Volkanovski’s future and the potential for high-profile rematches, possibly in new locations like Spain, adding an international dimension to the unfolding drama.

In mixed martial arts, few moments resonate as profoundly as an underdog’s triumph, a narrative epitomized by Ilia Topuria’s knockout victory over Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298. This pivotal match realigned the featherweight division’s hierarchy and spotlighted Topuria’s evolving skill set and strategic acumen within the octagon.

As the dust settles, the implications of this upset extend beyond the immediate shock, hinting at potential shifts in fighter rankings and future matchups that could redefine the division. This outcome invites a closer examination of the fight’s intricacies and ripple effects on the MMA community.

How did it happen?

  • Ilia Topuria won a knockout against Alexander Volkanovski in the UFC 298 main event.
  • Topuria delivered a powerful right hook, rendering Volkanovski unconscious in Round 2.
  • The win over Volkanovski elevates Topuria’s status in the UFC featherweight division.
  • Post-fight, Topuria expressed interest in defending his title and challenged Conor McGregor.


UFC 298 culminated in a stunning victory as Ilia Topuria delivered a decisive knockout against Alexander Volkanovski, marking a significant moment in the featherweight division. This event showcased the culmination of Topuria’s rigorous training and strategic prowess and highlighted a shift in the division’s hierarchy. Leading up to the fight, both fighters had expressed a profound confidence in their abilities, with Topuria promising a relentless pursuit and a knockout. He lived up to his words, executing a game plan that saw him overpowering Volkanovski with his striking and aggression.

The fight’s aftermath saw a gracious winner in Topuria, who expressed his happiness and determination to continue dominating the division. The loss for Volkanovski was a hard pill to swallow, yet he acknowledged Topuria’s superior performance on the night and hinted at a desire for a rematch, potentially in Spain. This proposal adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, setting the stage for a compelling rivalry. Meanwhile, Topuria’s call-out to Conor McGregor post-victory signifies his ambition and signals exciting matchups ahead for the UFC featherweight division.

Key Moments

In a striking display of skill and power, Ilia Topuria’s right hook that rendered Alexander Volkanovski unconscious stood out as the pivotal moment of UFC 298. This defining blow showcased Topuria’s formidable striking ability and fulfilled his pre-fight promise to pursue a knockout against the featherweight champion aggressively. The anticipation built up around this matchup was met with a dramatic conclusion when Topuria, maintaining his aggressive approach throughout the fight, found the perfect opening to deliver a devastating right hook. Volkanovski, known for his resilience and tactical prowess, was visibly shaken and struggled to recover, highlighting the sheer impact of Topuria’s power punch.

The fight leading up to this knockout was a testament to Topuria’s strategy of relentless forward pressure and utilization of power punches. Volkanovski attempted to counter this strategy with his tactical adjustments, but the relentless assault from Topuria left little room for execution. This victory marks a significant milestone in Ilia Topuria’s career and reshapes the landscape of the featherweight division, setting the stage for intriguing matchups and rivalries in the future.

Ilia Topuria Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC 298

Post-Fight Insights

Following the climactic knockout victory of Ilia Topuria over Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298, a flurry of reactions and analyses emerged from fighters, fans, and pundits alike. Topuria’s performance was hailed as a masterclass in power and aggression, fulfilling his pre-fight promise to march Volkanovski down and secure a knockout. The right hook that sent Volkanovski to the canvas showcased Topuria’s striking prowess and sparked discussions about his place among the elite in the featherweight division.

Alexander Volkanovski Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC 298

In the aftermath, Volkanovski openly acknowledged Topuria’s skills and power, suggesting a rematch in Spain, which underscored the respect between the two fighters despite the outcome. Meanwhile, Topuria’s callout of Conor McGregor indicated his ambition and confidence in taking on bigger challenges. This heightened anticipation for future matchups and solidified his intent to defend his title against all comers.

Analyses from the event highlighted Topuria’s aggressive approach and ability to deliver power punches as key factors in his victory. According to commentators, the win represents a significant moment in his UFC career, potentially setting the stage for exciting developments in the featherweight category.

Champion’s Journey

Embarking on a remarkable path since claiming victory, Ilia Topuria’s journey as the champion unfolds with anticipation for what lies ahead in his UFC career. The stunning knockout of Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298 captivated the fight community and marked a significant milestone in Topuria’s combat sports trajectory. Topuria has firmly established himself as a formidable champion within the featherweight division, demonstrating unparalleled power and an aggressive fighting style. His victory over Volkanovski, a highly respected and skilled fighter, has set a new standard for excellence and determination in the octagon.

Post-fight reactions highlighted Topuria’s happiness and unwavering determination to defend his title against all contenders. Acknowledging his skills and power, opponents and fans alike now look to Topuria with respect and intrigue, wondering how he will shape the future of the featherweight category. His mindset, characterized by confidence and fearlessness, played a pivotal role in achieving this career-defining victory. As Topuria continues to navigate his journey as champion, the MMA world watches eagerly, expecting thrilling fights and a legacy that could redefine the sport.

Future Matchups

With Ilia Topuria’s recent victory setting a new benchmark in the featherweight division, the focus now shifts to potential matchups that could further define his legacy and the category’s future. Topuria’s emphatic knockout of Alexander Volkanovski has not only reshaped the division’s landscape but has also thrown open the doors to various intriguing fights.

Among the most anticipated is the potential rematch with Volkanovski, who has expressed his desire to reclaim the title in a bout possibly staged in Spain. This matchup promises to be a blockbuster, given their explosive first encounter and Volkanovski’s proven track record of resilience and strategic mastery.

Moreover, Topuria’s call-out of Conor McGregor adds another layer of excitement to the division’s prospects. A fight against McGregor, known for his striking prowess and magnetic persona, could be a defining moment for both fighters and a financial windfall for the UFC.

In the meantime, Topuria’s willingness to defend his title against emerging contenders ensures that the featherweight division remains vibrant and unpredictable. Each potential matchup carries significant implications for the division’s hierarchy and offers Topuria an opportunity to solidify his standing as one of the UFC’s most dominant champions.

Individual Match Summaries

After highlighting the electrifying atmosphere of the main event, we now turn our attention to detailed summaries of individual matches that took place at UFC 298.

In the co-main event, Robert Whittaker faced Paulo Costa in a match that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The fight was a technical striking display, with Costa impressing with a spinning wheel kick and Whittaker countering effectively. The match even went into the final round, showcasing the high skill level of both fighters.

The fight between Geoff Neal and Ian Garry was tactical, with Garry securing a split-decision victory. Judges scored the fight 30-27, 28-29, 30-27 in favor of Garry, who maintained his perfect record in a workmanlike performance.

Merab Dvalishvili faced Henry Cejudo in a highly anticipated match, with Dvalishvili winning a unanimous decision. The fight was a testament to Dvalishvili’s grappling and endurance, as he outperformed the Olympic gold medalist Cejudo.

Amanda Lemos triumphed over Mackenzie Dern with a unanimous decision victory. Lemos’ striking and defence were key to her win, marking a significant moment in her career.

These matches, among others, contributed to an unforgettable night at UFC 298, showcasing the diversity and talent within the UFC roster.

Amanda Lemos And Mackenzie Dern At Ufc 298 After Lemos Victory
Amanda Lemos and Mackenzie Dern at UFC 298 after Lemos’ victory

Fighter Reactions

Several fighters shared their varied perspectives on the outcomes and performances at UFC 298, sparking discussions among fans and analysts alike. The event, packed with high-stakes matches, saw a mix of reactions from those directly involved in the octagon to their counterparts watching from the sidelines. These reactions provide a deeper insight into the mindset and viewpoints within the professional fighting community.

Ian Machado Garryvs. Geoff NealHe shared gratitude for the opportunity and reflected on the hard work behind his unanimous decision win.
Amanda Lemosvs. Mackenzie DernHighlighted the strategic planning that led to her unanimous decision victory, emphasizing on her striking game.
Merab Dvalishvilivs. Henry CejudoHighlighted the strategic planning that led to her unanimous decision victory, emphasizing her striking game.

These UFC 298 full reactions showcase the diversity in responses post-fight and highlight mixed martial arts’ emotional and tactical aspects. The candidness of fighters like Garry, Lemos, and Dvalishvili provides fans with a behind-the-scenes look at the aftermath of UFC 298, enriching the overall narrative of the event.

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UFC 298 Full Reaction Social Media Buzz

Exploring the reactions from UFC 298 further, social media platforms buzzed with commentary and insights from fans, fighters, and analysts alike. The excitement was palpable as discussions ranged from shock over unexpected outcomes to praise for standout performances. The main event garnered significant attention, featuring Alexander Volkanovski’s return to the featherweight division against Ilia Topuria. Fans dissected Volkanovski’s strategy and Topuria’s resilience, sharing clips and highlights that captured the fight’s most thrilling moments.

Similarly, the bout between Merab Dvalishvili and Henry Cejudo sparked a flurry of comments, with many lauding Dvalishvili’s tactical brilliance. Social media users also debated the judges’ decisions, particularly in the closely contested match between Ian Machado Garry and Geoff Neal, which ended in a split decision. Memes, gifs, and passionate posts filled Twitter and Instagram, illustrating the community’s diverse reactions and the emotional rollercoaster that is a hallmark of UFC events.

This digital engagement underscored the event’s impact, extending the conversation beyond the arena and into the virtual world where new and old fans could connect over their shared love for the sport.

Ian Machado Garry In The Ufc 298 Octagon Fighting Geoff Neal
Ian Machado Garry’s split decision win over Geoff Neal was dissected for Garry’s calculated approach and Neal’s resilience.

UFC 298 Full Reaction & Expert Analysis

Expert analysis of UFC 298 highlights the strategic prowess and technical execution of fighters throughout the event. Observers noted Alexander Volkanovski’s return to the featherweight division against Ilia Topuria as an adaptability and ring control masterclass. Volkanovski’s ability to manage distance and execute precise strikes was a testament to his preparation and understanding of Topuria’s fighting style.

Similarly, the bout between Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa was praised for its high-level striking and strategic depth. Whittaker’s counter-striking and Costa’s aggression provided a compelling narrative of two elite fighters pushing each other to their limits.

In the welterweight division, Ian Machado Garry’s split decision win over Geoff Neal was dissected for Garry’s calculated approach and Neal’s resilience. Despite mixed reactions from the crowd, experts appreciated the technical nuances that defined the bout.

Merab Dvalishvili'S Unanimous Decision Victory Over Henry Cejudo In The Ufc 298 Octagon
Merab Dvalishvili’s unanimous decision victory over Henry Cejudo

Merab Dvalishvili’s unanimous decision victory over Henry Cejudo highlighted Dvalishvili’s relentless pace and wrestling dominance, showcasing his evolution as a fighter in a highly competitive bantamweight division. These analyses underscore the multifaceted nature of mixed martial arts, where physical prowess meets strategic acumen, creating a spectacle that captivates audiences worldwide.

Post-Fight Controversies

While the technical prowess and strategic acumen of fighters at UFC 298 drew widespread praise, the event was not without its share of controversies that have sparked debates across the mixed martial arts community. One major point of contention was the split decision victory of Ian Machado Garry over Geoff Neal. The decision, particularly the 30-27 scorecard in favour of Garry, was met with disapproval from the crowd at the Honda Center and led to heated discussions online about judging criteria and consistency.

Furthermore, the pre-fight antics between Garry and Neal, which included Garry wearing a t-shirt with Neal’s mug shot, added a layer of personal animosity that some fans felt detracted from the sport’s professionalism. While both fighters showed respect post-fight, the buildup left a sour taste for some spectators.

Additionally, Mackenzie Dern’s reaction to commentary criticism highlighted the impact of media on fighters’ mental states. Joe Rogan’s critique of Dern’s technique and her subsequent emotional response underscored the delicate balance commentators must maintain between providing insightful analysis and respecting the fighters’ efforts and vulnerabilities. These incidents cast a complex shadow over the event, fueling discussions on sportsmanship, media influence, and the judging system in MMA.

Future Implications

The outcomes and controversies of UFC 298 have set the stage for significant shifts within the mixed martial arts community, influencing future matches, fighter careers, and the broader discourse on sportsmanship and judging standards. As fans and fighters dissect the results, the ripple effects will impact matchmaking and athlete trajectories in the coming months.

FighterOutcomePotential Next Steps
Ilia TopuriaWin vs. Alexander VolkanovskiDefend title against next contender
Ian Machado GarryWin vs. Geoff NealPossible matchup against Colby Covington
Mackenzie DernLoss vs. Amanda LemosReevaluate strategy; possible lower-ranked fight
Merab DvalishviliWin vs. Henry CejudoAscend in bantamweight rankings; high-profile fight next

These outcomes shape the fighters’ paths and set new standards for judging criteria and athlete conduct, prompting discussions among regulatory bodies. The community focuses on how these events will refine the sport’s integrity and the spectacle of future competitions.

Dana White Talks Topuria Knocking Out Alex Volkanovski and Announces UFC 300 Main Event | UFC 298 Post Press Conference

UFC 298 Full Reaction & Conclusion

In a poetic turn of irony, the octagon that witnessed Alexander Volkanovski’s rise became the stage for his unexpected fall at the hands of Ilia Topuria during UFC 298.

Topuria secured a victory and reshaped the featherweight division’s narrative through strategy and brute strength.

As the dust settles, the anticipation of potential matchups, including a clash with Conor McGregor, serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of this sport, where today’s victor may face tomorrow’s challenge.

In conclusion, UFC 298 epitomized mixed martial arts’s dynamic and unpredictable nature, showcasing formidable talent and igniting discussions beyond the octagon. The event underscored the importance of strategy, resilience, and sportsmanship in the face of competition.

Amidst controversies and the fervour on social media, the future of the UFC appears vibrant, with emerging narratives poised to redefine the landscape. This confluence of past, present, and future elements, a veritable anachronism, enriches the sport’s tapestry, heralding an era of heightened anticipation and engagement.