Wha'ts next for Becky Lynch and who's the next dominant female

What’s Next for Becky Lynch?

Wondering what's next for Becky Lynch after her WWE contract expires? Wrestling Uncensored hosts Dave Simon and Johnny North break down the potential moves for "The Man," the excitement of Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay at AEW Forbidden Door, and the intense AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes segment on SmackDown. With over 686 episodes, they also reflect on memorable interviews and fan interactions. Get the latest insights and expert predictions for all your favourite wrestling events!

As wrestling fans eagerly await the next moves of their favourite superstars, the latest episode of Wrestling Uncensored offers a detailed breakdown of recent events and future speculations. Hosts Dave Simon and Pro Wrestler Genesis Johnny North discuss Becky Lynch’s potential future, exciting matchups like Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay at AEW Forbidden Door, and the latest happenings on SmackDown. They also reflect on the journey of Wrestling Uncensored over 686 episodes. Here’s a comprehensive recap of their discussion.

Key Takeaways at Becky Lynch Departs

  • Becky Lynch’s Next Chapter: With her WWE contract concluded, the wrestling world is abuzz with speculation. As Dave Simon puts it, “Becky Lynch’s contract is up, and everyone is wondering what’s next for ‘The Man‘.”
  • Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay: This AEW Forbidden Door clash is a must-watch for fans.
  • SmackDown Analysis: AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes is a highlight, but the show’s consistency needs improvement.
  • Future Predictions: Anticipation builds for Money in the Bank and AEW’s evolving storylines.
  • Wrestling Uncensored’s Legacy: The show has adapted and thrived, building a loyal fanbase over 686 episodes.
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Becky Lynch’s Next Move: Where Will “The Man” Go Next?

Becky Lynch’s contract status is a major talking point. Dave Simon observes, “Becky’s contract is up, and everyone is wondering what’s next for ‘The Man’.” Johnny North adds, “She could go anywhere. AEW seems like a strong possibility, but there are other options too.” The hosts consider AEW, WWE, and a hiatus potential paths.

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Will Osprey Will Face Swerve Strickland At Aew Forbidden Door They Are Both Seen Here In The Ring
Will Osprey will face Swerve Strickland at AEW Forbidden Door

Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay at AEW Forbidden Door

One of the most anticipated matchups at AEW Forbidden Door is Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay. Dave Simon broke down the match, “This is going to be an incredible bout. Swerve and Ospreay are both high-flyers with unique styles.”

Johnny North shared his thoughts on the wrestlers’ techniques, “Swerve brings a lot of charisma and agility, while Ospreay is known for his technical prowess. This clash will be a highlight of the event.”

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The audience chimed in with their excitement, with one fan saying, “I can’t wait to see this match. Both wrestlers are phenomenal, and it will be a treat for fans.”

Aj Styles Attacks Cody Rhodes After A Retirement Announcement
AJ Styles Attacks Cody Rhodes after a retirement announcement

SmackDown Review: AJ Styles’ Shocking Betrayal of Cody Rhodes

The hosts also reviewed the latest episode of SmackDown. Dave Simon summarized the show, “SmackDown had its moments, but some segments fell flat.” They discussed the AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes segment, which stood out for its intensity. “AJ and Cody have great chemistry. Their feud is building up nicely,” said Johnny North.

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AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes Segment

One of the standout moments from SmackDown was the intense segment between AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes. The show opened with AJ Styles, who teased a major announcement and hinted at a possible retirement.

As Cody joined AJ in the ring, the atmosphere shifted. “Cody thanked AJ for his contributions to wrestling and praised him for his resilience,” Johnny North added. “They embraced, which looked like a genuine moment of respect.”

However, the mood quickly changed when AJ blindsided Cody with a clothesline. “It was a classic bait-and-switch,” Dave noted. “AJ hit Cody with the Styles Clash off the steel steps, shocking the audience.”

This segment added a new layer to their rivalry, setting the stage for an intense showdown at an upcoming event. “AJ’s attack was brutal and unexpected, making this feud one of the most compelling on SmackDown,” Johnny said. The hosts speculate this could lead to a match at Clash at the Castle on June 15th, though they acknowledge WWE may hold off until Money in the Bank.

Overall SmackDown Highlights

Apart from the AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes drama, the hosts highlighted other key moments from SmackDown. “There were some good matches, but the show needs consistency,” Dave noted. Johnny added, “There were high points, but WWE needs to keep the momentum going.”

The hosts reflected on the overall direction of SmackDown. “The show had some standout segments, but there were also parts that felt lacklustre,” Dave mentioned. “WWE needs to find a balance and deliver consistently engaging content.”

Predictions and Speculations for Upcoming Events

Dave and Johnny shared their predictions for upcoming WWE and AEW events. “I’m looking forward to Money in the Bank. It’s always unpredictable,” said Dave. Johnny speculated, “I think we’ll see some surprise returns. WWE loves to shock the audience.”

The hosts also touched on potential future AEW storylines. “AEW has been on fire lately. I’m curious to see how they develop the new rivalries,” Dave mentioned.

Fans From All Over The World (Literally) Joined Wrestling Uncensored Live At Tsn 690 For The 400Th Episode Seen In This Photo Taken In The Studio
Fans worldwide (literally) joined Wrestling Uncensored Live at TSN 690 for the 400th episode.

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Wrestling Uncensored Over 686 Episodes

Reflecting on the journey of Wrestling Uncensored, the hosts shared how the show has evolved over nearly two decades. “It’s been an incredible ride,” Dave remarked. “We started on the radio, and now we’re here with a loyal fan base.”

The hosts also reflected on their connection with the audience. “Our fans have been with us from the beginning, and their support means everything to us,” said Dave. Johnny added, “We’ve built a community.

Johnny North reminisced about the early days on TSN 690 radio, noting the challenges of adapting to new media. The move to YouTube allowed for more freedom and direct interaction with the audience.

Dave and Johnny deeply appreciated the fans who have been with them from the beginning. “Our fans have been with us from the beginning, and their support means everything to us,” said Dave. Johnny added, “We’ve built a community. Fans like Angelo Kontogonis, Ryan Katz, and Andy from England have been with us for nearly 20 years. It’s incredible.”

The hosts also acknowledged the impact of listener feedback in shaping the show. “We’ve always valued our audience’s input,” Dave noted. “It keeps us grounded and helps us improve.”

Reflecting on the journey of Wrestling Uncensored, the hosts shared memorable moments, audience feedback, and fan interactions. “It’s been an incredible ride. We started on the radio, and now we’re here with a loyal fan base,” said Dave.

Listen to Wrestling Uncensored 400: A Night to Remember

Impact of Radio on Wrestling Coverage

Johnny North reminisced about the early days, “Radio was a different beast. We had to adapt to new media, and it’s been a learning experience.” Dave added, “We used to do our shows late at night on TSN 690, and it was a completely different vibe. The move to YouTube allowed us more freedom and closer interaction with our audience.”

Memorable Interviews and Moments

Johnny reminisced about memorable interviews, “We’ve had some great guests over the years. Mick Foley, Daniel Bryan, and Shawn Michaels stand out.” Dave added, “The fan interactions have been amazing. People still remember our radio days and how we’ve grown.”

One fan commented, “I remember listening to you guys on TSN 690. The transition to YouTube has been fantastic. The content is even better now!” Another fan shared, “The Mick Foley interview was one of my favourites. You guys always get the best out of your guests.”

Stay tuned to Wrestling Uncensored for more in-depth analysis and discussions on pro wrestling. Join Dave Simon and Genesis Johnny North as they continue to break down the latest in WWE and AEW, bringing you the insights and opinions that matter most to fans.