Battle Los Angeles Movie Review

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Gritty Army movie meets Aliens best describes the concept for Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle Los Angeles as the raw emotion of war collides with an invasion from outer space.

Aaron Eckhart stars as Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz in Battle Los Angeles. He is an aging soldier ready to retire until a sudden meteor shower summons him back to action in Los Angeles. Along with a marine platoon, Nantz reluctantly goes into the mission after all his men die on the last one.

Nantz and the Marines are shocked to find that the meteors were merely a disguise for an alien race to occupy certain areas of the world where the water supply is vast. With explosive and relentless force, the aliens quickly overtake LA. The Marines try to fight back, but with every victory comes defeat or the realization that the aliens are far more cunning and resourceful than the initial reports given.

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Get ready for a nearly non-stop action-packed thrill ride as there are many ground combat scenes and air combat explosions, and always expect the unexpected as the aliens start revealing more destructive means to eliminate humans. The beginning does give you a brief idea of the marines, each with their strengths and quirks. Except for Nantz and probably two or three others, most marines are pretty forgettable once the death count starts rising.

The addition of Michelle Rodriguez, other marines and civilians halfway through the movie helps replenish the platoon’s numbers. Also, there is a bit of focus on the psychological aspect of the attack as Nantz tries to keep the civilians and marines from freaking out over their shocking situation. Internal conflicts keep becoming an issue despite aliens trying to kill them.

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If you’re looking for the next Independence Day, you’re getting more action in this apocalyptic setting. It’s an interesting moment where the Marines use a suicide bombing to gain an advantage over the aliens. While there is a bit of reference to real current wars, there are no real politicians or military leaders.

It’s definitely the most exciting action movie so far this year. Battle: Los Angeles will not win any Oscars for the acting, but fans of alien war movies will probably be watching this for years to come.

Battle: Los Angeles

Columbia Pictures

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman

Written by Christopher Bertolini 

Rated PG-13 

In theatres now