WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Preview

WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Preview

The WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Preview Wrestling Uncensored Episode 591. July 1, 2022. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.

Money In The Bank 2022
WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Preview 2

Smackdown Suffers, WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Hype Fizzles

As a deflated balloon after a festive party, WWE’s Smackdown limped through its latest episode, leaving a trail of fan disillusionment. The show’s failure to deliver high-octane action or engaging storylines has viewers questioning the creative direction.

Meanwhile, the usually electrifying build-up to Money in the Bank (MITB) fizzles out, with lacklustre matches and uninspired feuds. Fans can’t help but notice the missing spark without Roman Reigns commanding the spotlight.

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With MITB’s grandeur at stake, WWE’s challenge is to reignite the excitement and salvage the show’s prestige, or risk the further alienation of its audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Smackdown’s poor quality and lack of meaningful storylines have made it a terrible show with no redeeming qualities.
  • The lacklustre Money in the Bank pay-per-view is failing to generate much interest, with WWE struggling to sell enough tickets for the event.
  • The overuse of battle royales on multiple wrestling shows feels like overkill and can turn fans off from wrestling.
  • The excessive amount of wrestling content can lead to burnout and decreased interest, emphasizing the need to find a balance and not exceed a certain limit.

Declining Smackdown Quality

The decline in Smackdown’s quality has become increasingly apparent, with recent episodes failing to deliver compelling content or meaningful storylines. Viewers have endured what they describe as the worst two hours of wrestling in memory, with the show’s writing hitting rock bottom.

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The main event, often the saving grace, now barely holds their interest. The show’s inability to build anticipation for the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view is evident, squandering every chance to craft engaging narratives. A ladder match that opened one episode lacked action and purpose. Similarly, a battle royal that could’ve decided the final Money in the Bank spot ended inconsequentially, leaving fans with a sense that Smackdown is missing the mark on delivering the high stakes and coherence necessary for quality entertainment.

MITB Excitement Dwindles

WWE’s inability to drum up enthusiasm for Money in the Bank has left fans feeling indifferent toward the once-coveted event. The pay-per-view’s prestige is waning as ticket sales lag and UFC 276 steals the limelight.

Despite the wrestlers’ tireless efforts, the lack of compelling storylines and overuse of battle royales have fans tuning out. The show’s senseless ladder match segment and a battle royal that failed to deliver any real consequences for MITB participation were particularly deflating.

The excitement that once surrounded this event seems like a distant memory, and the current sentiment suggests that this year’s Money in the Bank mightn’t live up to its potential, leaving viewers questioning the direction of WWE’s creative vision.

Battle Royale Overkill

While the Ringside Report Universe already grapples with MITB’s lacklustre buildup, the overuse of battle royales across WWE programming exacerbates their viewing fatigue.

Raw, Smackdown, and Rampage all showcased this match type within a short span, turning what should be a special event into a repetitive trope.

This repetition dilutes the excitement surrounding battle royales, making them feel less like a treat and more like an obligation. It’s a symptom of creative drought, where the same format is recycled instead of crafting unique, compelling storylines.

Fans aren’t just tired; they’re tuning out as battle royales become another checkbox on the weekly wrestling to-do list rather than a highlight.

WWE’s reliance on this worn-out concept is a clear misstep in engaging its audience.

Wrestling Content Saturation

The co-hosts Dave and Johnny, along with the Ringside Report Universe, are reaching their threshold as the deluge of wrestling shows stretches their enthusiasm thin. Week after week, the wrestling world bombards them with hours of content, and the once-eager audience is now showing signs of fatigue. The sheer volume of matches and storylines is overwhelming, making it challenging for even the most devoted fans to keep up.

Smackdown’s recent decline in quality shows that more isn’t always better. The industry’s giants, like WWE, must recognize that their push for quantity risks sacrificing the quality that once captivated viewers. Wrestling enthusiasts crave compelling narratives and well-crafted matches, not a relentless stream of content that leaves them feeling burnt out.

It’s a delicate balance, and currently, the scales are tipping unfavourably.

Disappointing Wrestler Performances

Amid the lacklustre build-up to Money in the Bank, many wrestlers’ performances fell short of expectations, leaving viewers disenchanted with the product. The show’s low point featured battle royals and segments that seemed to serve no purpose, contributing to the night’s overall sense of aimlessness.

What could have been a thrilling fight for the last MITB spot turned into a forgettable affair, as the battle royal ended without significant consequences. Superstars like Corbin, MadCap, Ezekiel, and The Miz couldn’t ignite the crowd’s passion, and their in-ring work failed to impress. The absence of Roman Reigns, a consistent highlight, only highlighted the evening’s mediocrity.

Fans are left hoping for a turnaround, with captivating performances that can breathe life into WWE’s programming.

Roman Reigns’ Notable Absence

Lacking the charismatic presence of Roman Reigns, Smackdown’s recent episode further suffered as it struggled to maintain viewer interest without its top star. Viewership dissatisfaction was palpable; fans clearly missed the allure that Reigns brings to the arena. His absence was felt in the atmosphere and the show’s direction, which lacked the gravitas his storylines typically provide.

Without Reigns’ dominating persona, the episode seemed to drift without a strong anchor, underscoring the importance of his role in WWE.

Fans are hoping for his prompt return, as Smackdown desperately needs the boost that only a figure like Roman Reigns can deliver. His star power isn’t just a bonus—it’s become necessary for the show to thrive.

Upcoming Pay-Per-View Challenges

Smackdown’s inability to ignite interest in the Money in the Bank pay-per-view presents a significant challenge for WWE as they attempt to rally fans around the upcoming event. Poorly received episodes and lacklustre storytelling have left the pay-per-view’s fate hanging in the balance.

Ticket sales in Las Vegas are underwhelming, and UFC 276’s hype dwarfs the event’s buzz. WWE is in a bind, needing to inject urgency and excitement into the narrative.

The overuse of battle royals on wrestling shows has also diluted fan anticipation. It’s a repetitive strategy that’s turning viewers away. With the show’s quality at a low and the absence of top-tier talent like Roman Reigns, WWE must pull out all the stops to salvage Money in the Bank’s allure.

Storyline Development Issues

WWE’s struggles to craft compelling storylines have further diminished fan excitement for the upcoming Money in the Bank event.

The latest episodes of Smackdown reveal a stark lack of creativity, with segments like the ladder match kick-off and battle royal falling flat. They failed to establish meaningful stakes or build upon existing narratives, which is critical in the lead-up to such a significant pay-per-view.

The show’s writing team seems to have missed numerous opportunities to weave engaging plots that could retain viewer interest. Instead, fans are left with a disjointed series of events that don’t coalesce into a coherent or thrilling storyline.

This storytelling deficiency hurts weekly programming and casts a shadow over the anticipated Money in the Bank event.

Conclusion OF THIS WWE Money in the Bank 2022 Preview

As the old saying goes, ‘You can’t win them all,’ and WWE Smackdown feels the sting of that truth.

With MITB’s hype sputtering out and fans weary of repetitive battle royales, the show’s lacklustre content and Roman Reigns’ absence have left a vast void to ignore.

WWE now faces a pivotal moment: reinvigorate its narratives or continue to see its once-captivated audience slip through its fingers like sand in an hourglass.