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WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Preview: Expectations and Highlights of this week in Pro Wrestling

Get ready for WWE Money in the Bank 2024 in Toronto! Join Ringside Report Network as Dave Simon and Johnny North discuss Kevin Owens' emotional SmackDown promo, the Men's Ladder Match featuring Drew McIntyre, LA Knight, and more, and the Women's Tag Team Division's thrilling developments. Don't miss our live post-show coverage immediately after the event for expert analysis and fan interaction.

As we get ready for WWE Money in the Bank 2024, scheduled for this weekend in Toronto, Ontario, excitement and anticipation are at an all-time high. In the latest episode of Ringside Report Network’s Wrestling Uncensored, co-hosts Dave Simon and Pro Wrestler Johnny North discuss their expectations for the event and recap the significant moments from WWE and AEW this week. This article offers a thorough overview of their insights and includes references to audience comments, making it essential reading for wrestling fans.

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Emotional Moments on SmackDown

Kevin Owens'S Emotional Promo About His Mother'S Health During Smackdown
Kevin Owens’s emotional promo about his mother’s health during SmackDown

Kevin Owens’ Heartfelt Promo

One of the most impactful moments from this week’s WWE programming was Kevin Owens’s emotional promo about his mother’s health during SmackDown. The promo resonated deeply with the audience and the hosts.

“It was a very emotional promo from Kevin Owens. He talked about his mom in the hospital, saying how she’s been fighting and would want him to be at SmackDown,” Dave Simon recounted.

Johnny North added, “I hope she pulls through. Kevin Owens’ promo was the highlight of SmackDown, a real heartfelt moment.”

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New Tag Team Champions

In addition to Owens’ powerful segment, SmackDown also featured the crowning of new tag team champions, although this was overshadowed by Owens’ emotional message. The reaction from the audience was mixed, with some fans expressing their concerns and support.

Weekly Highlights: WWE and AEW

SmackDown’s Mixed Reception

While Kevin Owens stole the spotlight on SmackDown, the overall reception of the show was lukewarm. Audience member Antoinette commented, “SmackDown was not the best, not the greatest. Money in the Bank better be better.”

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Dave and Johnny echoed these sentiments, agreeing that the show’s matches and segments were underwhelming compared to previous weeks.

AEW’s Ongoing Storylines

In AEW, the storylines continue to evolve, with notable developments in various feuds. The tension between factions and individual wrestlers remains high, setting the stage for exciting matches in the coming weeks.

Men'S Wwe Money In The Bank 2024 Poster
Men’s WWE Money in the Bank 2024

Looking Ahead to Money in the Bank 2024

Men’s Ladder Match

The Men’s Ladder Match is one of the most anticipated matches at Money in the Bank 2024. The participants include Drew McIntyre, LA Knight, Chad Gable, Andre, Carmelo Hayes, and Jey Uso. The stakes are high, with the winner earning a contract for a future championship match.

Dave Simon is confident in Drew McIntyre’s chances, predicting, “If Drew doesn’t win, it’s because CM Punk has done something to him.” Johnny North agreed, adding, “I think Drew will win and try to cash in the same night, but Punk will screw it up.”

Wwe Women'S Money In The Bank Poster
WWE Women’s Money in the Bank poster

Women’s Tag Team Match

The Women’s Tag Team Division also promises excitement, with Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill aiming to reclaim their titles. While the champions were absent from SmackDown, Belair and Cargill made a statement with their victory over Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae, setting the stage for a potential title match.

“Bianca is so good. She’s just such a talent. It’s almost like she’s wasted in this tag team right now,” Dave Simon noted.

Audience Engagement and Comments

During the Ringside Report episode, the live audience had plenty to say about the upcoming event and the week’s wrestling highlights. A frequent contributor, Angelo gifted memberships to fellow fans, fostering a sense of community. Jimmy James and Franco 3;16 were also active, sharing their thoughts and reactions to the week’s events.

Antoinette’s critique of SmackDown sparked a discussion about the show’s quality and the need for Money in the Bank to deliver a better experience. The audience’s involvement in the discussion highlighted the interactive nature of the Ringside Report Network’s live shows.

Wwe Money In The Bank 2024 Post Show
Join Dave, Ben and Johnny for our WWE Money in the Bank 2024 Live Post Show

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With high stakes and expectations, the stage is set for WWE Money in the Bank 2024. From Kevin Owens’ emotional promo on SmackDown to the intense anticipation for the Men’s Ladder Match, this weekend promises to be memorable for wrestling fans. Stay tuned to Ringside Report Network for all the latest updates, and join the post-show to be part of the conversation.