Damage CTRL Shocked Smackdown

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 660. November 11, 2023.
Dave and Johnny talked about how Damage CTRL Shocked Smackdown by adding two new members and two shocking heel turns on Smackdown.
Dave and Johnny discussed who The Devil might be in AEW, Mariah May’s debut and a botched finish on Monday Night Raw.

WWE Women’s Wrestling Post Crown Jewel: A Deep Dive into the Future

Dave Simon’s Perspective on How DAMAGE CTRL Shocked Smackdown

Simon further delved into the dynamics within the group Damage CTRL, pointing out how Bayley’s leadership was accepted, albeit with past tensions. The storyline culminated in a six-woman tag team match, which Simon described as a showcase of immense talent, despite Johnny North’s reservations about its execution.

Additionally, Simon speculated on future developments, including potential friction and leadership challenges within Damage CTRL. He anticipates a possible turn of events at War Games or later, leading to new storylines and character developments.

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Johnny “Genesis” North’s Insights

While Simon had some valid observations, Johnny North had a different perspective. He highlighted the trust issues and potential conflict within the heel group on SmackDown, especially with Bayley. North predicted that Bayley could betray her team at Survivor Series, leading to a feud with Iyo.

He also expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the main event and the overall execution of the storylines on SmackDown. North discussed the potential for new members to join the Damage CTRL, suggesting that existing talent within WWE should be prioritized over bringing in new wrestlers.

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Further Discussion and Speculations

Both co-hosts engaged in speculation about potential new members for the War Games match, with names like Sasha Banks and Jade Cargill being tossed around. They debated the strategic placement of wrestlers on SmackDown versus Raw, highlighting the stronger women’s division on SmackDown.

Dave Simon criticized the Raw women’s division for its lack of depth and compelling storylines, contrasting it with the dynamic and star-studded division on SmackDown. This led to a broader discussion about the strategic decisions WWE might make in positioning its talent and building up its shows.

In conclusion, the episode presented a comprehensive analysis of the current state of WWE’s women’s wrestling, with insightful predictions and differing perspectives from Dave Simon and Johnny North. The discussion highlighted the complexity of storytelling in wrestling and the importance of character development and strategic placement of wrestlers in enhancing viewer engagement.

Where is RAW going?
Damage CTRL Shocked Smackdown 2

RAW’s Future Hangs in the Balance: Which Network Will Claim WWE’s Flagship Show

Also in Episode 660, the guys discussed the future of the Raw TV contract with Smackdown going to the host broadcaster of Raw in the US, USA Network and weighed the various options.

Wrestling’s revered RAW is at a watershed moment, with its broadcasting berth up for bidding. As key players like FX and Warner Brothers Discovery vie for viewership victory, the wrestling community watches with collective anticipation.

In this article, see Dave and Johnny’s take on the AEW Devil Mystery. They also discuss the terrible ticket sales of the upcoming AEW shows in Montreal’s Bell Centre.

Key Takeaways

  • Multiple networks are involved in negotiations to become the new television home for RAW, highlighting the high demand for WWE’s flagship show.
  • The transition of NXT to The CW could potentially attract younger viewers and fans of genre entertainment, which may have an impact on the wrestling programming landscape.
  • The potential move of RAW to FX raises concerns because the network’s edgier content might not align seamlessly with WWE’s sports entertainment ethos.
  • The competition among media giants for RAW’s broadcasting rights signifies the significant impact securing RAW could have on the chosen network’s programming lineup and WWE’s brand prominence.

The Search for RAW’s New Home

The shift could result in reduced visibility for WWE’s developmental brand, which has been a fertile ground for emerging talent. Coupled with the impact of the USA Network dropping SmackDown, WWE’s programming lineup faces a significant reshuffle, challenging the company’s adaptability and its connection with the fanbase.

As WWE seeks to maintain a sense of belonging among its devoted audience, the company must navigate these transitions with foresight, ensuring that RAW’s new platform will fortify rather than fracture its long-established community.

NXT’s Leap to The CW

As negotiations for RAW’s new home continue, another significant development has unfolded with NXT’s transition to The CW, potentially altering the landscape of professional wrestling programming. This strategic move may carve a niche for NXT within The CW’s demographic, fostering a sense of community among younger viewers and fans of genre entertainment.

The CW’s potential benefits include increased accessibility and a synergistic relationship with the channel’s existing lineup, which could enhance NXT’s visibility and growth.

Conversely, the ongoing speculation around RAW’s fit within FX’s programming slate raises concerns. FX’s potential drawbacks hinge on brand alignment and audience overlap. The network’s reputation for edgier, narrative-driven content might not seamlessly dovetail with WWE’s sports entertainment ethos, risking dissonance within FX’s established viewer base.

USA Network’s SmackDown Farewell

Amidst the myriad of changes shaping the future of professional wrestling broadcasts, the USA Network has bid adieu to SmackDown, setting the stage for a pivotal shift in the industry’s television landscape.

This departure invites a spectrum of opinions on USA Network’s decision to drop SmackDown, a move that has not only emotional ramifications for a loyal fanbase but also strategic implications for the network’s portfolio.

As discussions intensify, the impact of RAW’s potential move to FX looms large. Such a transition could herald a new era for WWE’s flagship program, offering opportunities to redefine its presentation and reach within FX’s diverse entertainment slate.

As the wrestling community keenly observes, the industry awaits a decision that could reshape its televised dynamics for years to come.

FX Enters the Wrestling Arena

Branching out into new territory, FX is now a significant contender to host WWE RAW, signaling a potential shake-up in the wrestling broadcast landscape. Should FX secure this deal, the network could considerably boost its profile by embracing the rich heritage and fervent fan base of WWE’s flagship program. FX’s impact on the wrestling industry could be substantial, introducing a fresh broadcast aesthetic and potentially attracting a new demographic to its already diverse audience.

However, the potential challenges of RAW’s move to FX cannot be overlooked. Aligning with the expectations of a dedicated wrestling audience, while maintaining the network’s brand identity, will require a delicate balance. Navigating contractual intricacies and scheduling logistics will also test FX’s ability to integrate RAW seamlessly into its programming roster.

Media Giants Eye WWE Prize

We now turn our attention to the intense competition among media behemoths vying to secure the broadcasting rights for WWE’s prized show, RAW.

The impact on FX’s programming lineup could be substantial. Securing RAW may bolster their profile significantly, attracting a dedicated fanbase and potentially reshaping their identity as a network.

However, the potential challenges for WWE in finding a new home for RAW are not to be underestimated. As they negotiate this pivotal transition, WWE must consider not only financial implications but also the strategic fit with a new network’s brand and existing content ecosystem.

The chosen network will need to offer a platform that aligns with WWE’s ambitions and caters to its community’s desire for continuity and engagement.

The Importance of RAW’s Contract

As WWE negotiates the future of its flagship program, the contract for RAW not only represents a substantial revenue stream but also sets the stage for the brand’s continued prominence in the sports entertainment industry.

An analysis of RAW’s viewership is crucial; it not only reflects the program’s popularity but also determines the value networks place on it. The show’s longevity and consistent ratings are a testament to its significance.

The impact of RAW’s move on the wrestling industry will be profound, and the decision will reverberate through the market, influencing advertising revenue and competitive strategies.

As such, the RAW contract is not merely a business transaction—it’s a pivotal moment that will shape the landscape of wrestling entertainment for years to come.

Analyzing FX as a Contender

While FX emerges as a potential suitor for WWE RAW, industry experts are evaluating whether the network’s demographic and brand align with the wrestling giant’s flagship show. In speculating FX’s impact, it is crucial to consider the network’s historical content and its audience’s preferences.

FX has cultivated a reputation for edgier, narrative-driven series, which might suggest a willingness to embrace the theatrics of professional wrestling. However, assessing RAW’s fit on FX involves more than just content alignment.

The network’s reach and its capacity to provide a stable platform for RAW’s expansive viewership are also under scrutiny. WWE RAW is a cornerstone of live sports entertainment, and its presence on FX could herald a dynamic shift in the network’s programming strategy and potentially broaden its appeal to a more diverse audience.

Fans Weigh In on Potential Move

The discourse among wrestling enthusiasts intensifies as they deliberate the implications of WWE RAW potentially finding a new home on FX. Amidst a sea of speculation, opinions abound on digital platforms where loyal fans dissect the possibilities.

They analyze how a move might change RAW’s presentation and accessibility, considering FX’s demographic and programming style. The community, seeking a sense of belonging in the unfolding narrative, exchanges informed insights on whether FX’s edgier brand could influence RAW’s creative direction.

Through such discussions, it is evident that fans are deeply invested in the show’s legacy and its future. As the wrestling world awaits concrete news, the collective anticipation underscores the significance of RAW’s next chapter in television history.

Inside Scoops From Ringside News

Amid ongoing speculation about WWE RAW’s potential shift to FX, Ringside News has emerged with exclusive insights into the negotiations shaping the future of television’s longest-running weekly episodic show.

Ringside News reports suggest that wrestling content distribution and consumption could shift.

As stakeholders await the final word, the wrestling world remains abuzz, trusting Ringside News to provide clarity in a landscape brimming with uncertainty.

The Uncertain Future of WWE RAW

WWE RAW’s future broadcasting platform remains shrouded in mystery as negotiations with potential networks continue to unfold. The impact of RAW’s potential move on the wrestling industry cannot be overstated; it’s a seismic shift that could redefine sports entertainment’s reach and revenue.

Should RAW find a new home on a network like FX, the benefits could include a fresh audience and innovative cross-promotional opportunities inherent in FX’s diverse programming slate. However, there are drawbacks to consider, such as the network’s alignment with RAW’s brand and whether its current viewership base aligns with professional wrestling’s demographic.

As the wrestling community watches with bated breath, the ultimate decision will chart a course for the industry’s flagship show and its legion of dedicated fans.

Dave Simon

The anchor who masterfully steers the show, even when AJ throws a curveball. With a treasure trove of knowledge and years under his belt, Dave ensures each episode is both fluid and captivating. His MMA prediction skills are among the best.

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