WWE Crown Jewel 2023: A Big Letdown

Dave Simon, the host of Wrestling Uncensored, went live immediately after WWE Crown Jewel 2023 to gather reactions from the Ringside Report Universe and provide his take.

Dave expressed a profound disappointment, calling the pay-per-view predictable and underwhelming. He criticized the lack of standout matches and the effort put into the show, suggesting that the WWE did not make Crown Jewel feel special.

Kairi Sane Returns To The Ring At Crown Jewel 2023
WWE Crown Jewel 2023: A Big Letdown 2

The audience’s feedback echoed Simon’s sentiments about WWE Crown Jewel 2023; it was a letdown. They were particularly critical of the excessive interference in matches, which seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the event. Dave’s opinion was shared by many that the show felt like a standard house show rather than a significant pay-per-view. The return of Kairi Sane was the only real surprise, but even this was dampened by earlier spoilers and a lacklustre crowd reaction.

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Simon and the Ringside Report Universe, watching live on YouTube, Rumble, Twitter, Kick and Twitch, were critical of the booking decisions, such as the handling of John Cena’s match and the use of local talent in segments that didn’t resonate with the international audience. The consensus was that the event failed to meet expectations, with Dave giving it a low score of 3.5 out of 10, reflecting the general viewer feedback.

The audience’s scores ranged from 1 to 3 out of 10, indicating a strong dissatisfaction with the event. Comments from viewers like Antoinette, a self-proclaimed Roman Reigns fan, suggested that even loyal fans were tired of the repetitive storytelling and match outcomes. The sentiment was that WWE needs to step up its game for future events to win back fan approval.

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WWE Crown Jewel 2023: Universally Panned

In summary, both Dave Simon and the live viewers found WWE Crown Jewel 2023 a lacklustre event with few highlights and a general feeling that WWE could have done much more to make it a memorable show.

While both co-hosts of Wrestling Uncensored were not expecting the best Premium Live event of the year, they were expecting a much better show. Watch this episode where Johnny North and Dave preview WWE Crown Jewel 2023. Before getting to their predictions, they react to the news of Ric Flair’s signing with AEW. It’s a must-watch.

In this article on another popular Pro Wrestling site, the folks at Wrestling Inc. seemed to concur with Dave and the Ringside Report Universe.


  1. Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre Match: The article praised the opening bout between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre, noting the quality of the match and the storyline progression, with Rollins retaining the WWE World Heavyweight title.
  2. Women’s Fatal Five-Way Match: The writer enjoyed the women’s match, particularly the performance of Zoey Stark. They also appreciated the decision to have Rhea Ripley retain the title, highlighting the significance of WWE featuring female talent in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Solo Sikoa vs. John Cena: The article praised Solo Sikoa’s victory over John Cena as a “passing of the torch” moment and commended the match’s execution.


  1. Logan Paul vs. Rey Mysterio Match: The match between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio was criticized for their underwhelming performance and lack of in-ring chemistry.
  2. Kairi Sane’s Return: The return of Kairi Sane was poorly timed, and the lack of desired reaction from the Saudi audience undermined her significance.
  3. Roman Reigns’ Booking: The article expressed frustration with Roman Reigns’ repetitive title defences, often involving interference from The Bloodline, leading to a lack of clean victories and diminishing the impact of his reign.

Much like our audience, this article expressed both excitement for future potential and disappointment in the execution of some matches and returns during WWE Crown Jewel 2023.

Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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