WWE Payback and AEW ALL OUT Previews

Wrestling Uncensored WWE Payback and AEW ALL OUT Previews on Episode 650. September 1, 2023. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North.

Dave and Johnny previewed AEW All Out, including Jon Moxley v. Orange Cassidy and the recent CM Punk- Jack Perry controversy.


All this and much more pro wrestling on this episode.

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A Summary of Johnny & Dave’s Take on AEW’s All In Pay per View


AEW’s All In Pay-per-view at Wembley has been the talk of the wrestling world. With controversies, standout matches, and unexpected moments, it’s no wonder everyone has an opinion. Pro Wrestler Johnny North sat down with Dave Simon to share his thoughts on the event.

Match Highlights

Sting and Darby’s Coffin Match

Dave’s Take: Dave found the Sting and Darby match, particularly the coffin match, to be his favourite. He felt that the match was more about Darby versus the coffin, with Darby taking some extreme risks.
Johnny’s Perspective: Johnny acknowledged that Darby got hurt by the coffin. While it wasn’t his top pick, he admitted it was close to being his match of the night. Despite not being a traditional wrestling match, Johnny appreciated its entertainment value, calling it “fantastic.”

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MJF vs. Adam Cole

Johnny’s Critiques: Johnny had concerns about the match, particularly the chair shot disqualification and the countout. He felt the countout didn’t make sense and that the match made MJF look bad, especially when compared to Adam Cole’s aggressive tactics.

Storyline Stance: Johnny isn’t a fan of the Adam Cole and MJF storyline. While he doesn’t mind MJF as a babyface, he\’s not keen on them as a team. Dave, on the other hand, prefers MJF as a heel.

FTR vs. The Bucks

Johnny’s Analysis: Johnny loved the match between FTR and the Bucks. However, he felt the match overdid the finishers, which took away from the drama. He compared it to the Punk and Joe match, which he felt was simpler but delivered everything a fan would want. Overall Impressions

Dave’s Summary: Dave believes the Pay-Per-View was strong due to the in-ring action. He praised the wrestlers for putting their bodies on the line, especially Darby Allan, who tweeted about being beaten up after the match.

Johnny’s Verdict: Johnny echoed Dave’s sentiments, highlighting the matches’ quality and the wrestlers’ dedication.


AEW’s All In Pay-per-view delivered on many fronts, with high-octane matches and memorable moments. Johnny North and Dave Simon agree that the event showcased the best of professional wrestling, with each match bringing something unique. Whether you’re a traditional wrestling fan or enjoy the dramatics, AEW All In had something for everyone.