Here GSP and Nick Diaz are in the octagon at Bell Centre

Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300?

There's been discussion this week about the potential rematch and Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300; ourcommentators, Dave Simon and AJ D'Alesio, express varied opinions
Ringside Report November 23, 2023. PFL buys Bellator. Hosted by Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio.
Dave and AJ talked about PFL buying Bellator and what that means for the landscape of MMA.
They also discussed rumours of Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300? Olivier Aubin-Mercier’s fight at PFL 10 and potential main events for UFC 300.

There’s been discussion this week about the potential rematch between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz at UFC 300; co-hosts Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio express varied opinions about a possible GSP comeback:

Will Gsp Fight Nick Diaz At Ufc 300?
Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300?
  1. Dave Simon:
    • Skepticism: Dave initially expresses skepticism about the likelihood of the fight happening, labelling it as “unlikely.
    • Speculation on UFC’s Plans: He ponders whether UFC would headline a card with two fighters who are not expected to fight again in the UFC, suggesting that it might not make sense for the organization.
    • Comparison with Past Events: Dave parallels Brock Lesnar’s one-off appearance at UFC 200, suggesting a similar role for St-Pierre and Diaz as a possible co-main event.
    • Concerns About Fighters’ Current Stage: He questions whether it’s appropriate for them to fight for five rounds at this stage in their careers, hinting at their age and time away from the sport.
    • Possibility of a Co-Main Event: Despite his initial skepticism, Dave acknowledges the potential for this fight to be a significant addition to the UFC 300 card, possibly as a co-main event.
  2. AJ D’Alesio:
    • Optimism and Possibility: AJ seems more optimistic, initially responding with “Possible” and later elaborating on why he thinks the fight could happen.
    • Focus on Fighters’ Current Condition: He emphasizes Georges St-Pierre’s excellent physical condition and readiness despite his age.
    • Speculation on Behind-the-Scenes Motivations: AJ suggests that a previously planned jiu-jitsu match between St-Pierre and Diaz might have been a setup for announcing their fight at UFC 300.
    • Legacy and Comparison with Other Fighters: He discusses St-Pierre’s legacy, comparing him to Conor McGregor in terms of fame and suggesting that St-Pierre still can fight effectively.
    • Excitement for the Potential Card: AJ expresses excitement about the potential lineup for UFC 300, including the possibility of Conor McGregor’s participation.

In summary, Dave Simon shows a more cautious and analytical approach, weighing the practicality and implications of such a fight. At the same time, AJ D’Alesio displays more enthusiasm and optimism about the possibility, focusing on the fighters’ capabilities and the excitement it could bring to UFC 300.

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PFL in the News

PFL 10

Poster For The Pfl 10 Championship Bouts
Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300? 6

With PFL 10 this weekend, that friend of the show, Olivier Aubin-Mercier, looks to repeat with a win of the lightweight championship. Dave and AJ weighed in with their thoughts and predictions. Watch or listen to the show for a breakdown. Dave and AJ concentrate on Aubin Mercier’s bout.

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Olivier Aubin-Mercier Retains His Pfl Lightweight Title
Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300? 7

In this transcript discussing the upcoming PFL 10 MMA Championship, the co-hosts AJ D’Alesio and Dave Simon share their thoughts and predictions, mainly focusing on Olivier Aubin Mercier’s fight:

  1. AJ D’Alesio:
    • Optimism for Olivier Aubin-Mercier: AJ is very optimistic about Olivier Aubin-Mercier’s chances, noting his excellent shape and potential to win $2 million in two years.
    • Regret Over UFC: He regrets that Aubin-Mercier isn’t in the UFC, where he would have been highly successful.
    • Confidence in Aubin-Mercier’s Abilities: AJ emphasizes Aubin-Mercier’s evolution from being seen as a one-trick pony to becoming a well-rounded fighter.
    • Personal Connection: He speaks fondly of Olivier Aubin-Mercier, mentioning his support for their show and his likable personality.
    • Strategy for Victory: AJ suggests Aubin-Mercier should focus on his grappling strengths to win the fight.
  2. Dave Simon:
    • Support for Olivier Aubin-Mercier: Dave also supports Aubin-Mercier, hoping for his victory in the PFL championship.
    • Acknowledgment of the Competition: He recognizes the skill of Aubin-Mercier’s opponent, Clay Collard, but still favours Aubin-Mercier.
    • Praise for Aubin-Mercier’s Evolution: Dave is impressed with Aubin-Mercier’s improved striking skills, adding to his already strong grappling background.
    • The expectation of a Well-Rounded Performance: He anticipates a comprehensive display from Aubin-Mercier, highlighting his ability to dominate in striking and grappling.
    • Recognition of Aubin-Mercier’s Hard Work: Dave acknowledges the hard work and dedication Olivier Aubin-Mercier has shown, especially in participating in consecutive tournaments.
Olivier Aubin-Mercier Is Face To Face With His Pfl 10 Opponent, Clay Collard At The Ceremonial Weigh-In
Will GSP Fight Nick Diaz at UFC 300? 8

Both commentators strongly believe in Aubin-Mercier’s abilities and seem to favour him to win his fight at PFL 10. They highlight his evolution as a fighter, his physical condition, and his potential strategy for victory. While AJ focuses more on Olivier Aubin-Mercier’s personal qualities and journey as a fighter, Dave provides a more analytical view of his fighting skills and the challenges he faces in the tournament.