What’s Next for Francis Ngannou?

You’ve just seen Ngannou’s intense boxing debut. Didn’t he catch your attention? Sure, he didn’t win officially, but didn’t he win your respect?

Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio, co-host of Ringside Report MMA, shared their opinions on the fight in this article, and Fred added his own during the November 2nd episode. In addition to sharing their picks for this weekend’s UFC Fight Night card, they weigh in on What’s Next for Francis Ngannou?

Now, you’re asking what’s next for him. Is it boxing, MMA, or both? With endless possibilities and exciting match-ups, let’s delve into the potential scenarios.

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Whatever path Ngannou chooses, you can expect a thrilling journey. So sit back, relax, and join us as we explore the electrifying future of this heavyweight combatant.

Ngannou’s Next Move

Your anticipation for Ngannou’s next move in the combat sports world might be reaching a fever pitch, as he’s already planning his next fight following his professional boxing debut against Tyson Fury. His power and spectacle in the ring have raised the stakes, making his next move a hot topic of discussion.

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Potential opponents for Ngannou are already lining up, with names like Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua being tossed around. These matches promise to be a clash of titans, with Ngannou’s raw power meeting the seasoned technique of these boxing giants.

The financial gains for Ngannou are significant. As he navigates the space between MMA and boxing, he knows both arenas offer lucrative opportunities. He’s uniquely positioned to leverage his reputation and skills for maximum benefit.

The debate between MMA and Boxing is also a factor in Ngannou’s next move. His recent venture into boxing has raised questions about where his future lies. Will he continue to stride into the boxing world or return to the familiar grounds of MMA? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll want to be there when it happens.

Potential Opponents

After a stunning debut by Ngannou, you may be curious about who he will be fighting next. The boxing world is buzzing with excitement and anticipation as there are plenty of options for this formidable fighter. A rematch with Tyson Fury is a possibility that could solidify Ngannou’s position as a top boxer.

However, don’t rule out an MMA return. The octagon may beckon with the lure of high-level opponents waiting in the wings. Stipe Miocic or Derrick Lewis could offer thrilling matchups, testing Ngannou’s mettle in a different combat sport.

At this point, it’s a pick-your-poison scenario for Ngannou’s future competitors. Whether they face him in the boxing ring or the MMA cage, they’ll be up against a force to be reckoned with.

Dave, Fred and AJ Weigh in on What’s Next for Francis Ngannou?

The November 2, 2023, episode of Ringside Report MMA, featuring Dave Simon, AJ D’Alesio, and Fred Garcia, shed light on the challenges of hosting high-calibre fights, particularly in securing venues like Madison Square Garden. During the discussion, Dave Simon noted that organizing a rematch between Fury and Ngannou outside of a well-funded organization is unlikely and dismissed the idea of it happening without proper backing. He also stated that a crossover promotion between the UFC and PFL is improbable because the UFC is a publicly traded company.

During the conversation, it was discussed how hosting high-calibre fights poses financial and promotional challenges, especially regarding securing venues like Madison Square Garden. Dave Simon pointed out that organizing a rematch between Fury and Ngannou outside of a well-funded organization is unlikely and dismissed the idea of it happening without proper backing. Additionally, he stated that a crossover promotion between the UFC and PFL is improbable since the UFC is a publicly traded company with its interests to protect.

Simon speculated about the limited choices Ngannou had in the PFL, stating that even a fight with someone as talented as Ryan Bader wouldn’t garner much pay-per-view attention. Fred Garcia hinted at possible acquisitions by Bellator but also noted their limited roster for heavyweight fighters.

After taking these insights into account, it seems that Ngannou’s upcoming fight will require a strategic approach. As he is contracted to the PFL, that’s the only MMA option, but it would need a notable name to attract a considerable amount of attention as his opponent. The mention of Deontay Wilder indicates a possible path towards a boxing crossover event, which could offer a substantial payday and sizeable viewership.

Ngannou’s future in combat sports seems to lean more towards boxing than MMA with the PFL. As Simon discussed the complexities of cross-promotion and the financial implications, securing a big-name opponent in boxing could be the most viable option for Ngannou to maintain his relevance and earning power. This is because the heavyweight division outside the UFC is less robust than the UFC’s.

Given the Professional Fighters League (PFL), it seems unlikely that they will be able to provide a worthy opponent for Francis Ngannou unless they can sign a well-known heavyweight fighter or arrange a fight with another promotion. According to Ringside Report MMA, the most ideal situation for Ngannou would be an MMA or boxing match against Deontay Wilder.

What'S Next For Francis Ngannou Boxing Or Mma
What’s Next for Francis Ngannou Boxing or MMA

Ngannou’s Power and Spectacle

You’ve seen him gear up for a fight, and you know the sheer spectacle that Ngannou brings to the ring with his unmatched power. His thunderous blows and granite chin are a testament to the raw strength he possesses. The key to Ngannou’s boxing skills lies not just in his power but also in his technical ability, precision, and timing.

Yet, beyond the spectacle, you must also consider Ngannou’s financial gains. The high-profile fights he’s involved in, like the Fury rematch or a potential match with Wilder in MMA, aren’t just about proving himself; they’re about securing his future. His financial success is a beacon for other MMA fighters, demonstrating the limitless potential when skills are honed and opportunities are seized.

So, as you watch Ngannou’s journey unfold, remember to appreciate the spectacle and understand the strategy behind his choices. It’s not just about the power, the lights, the roaring crowds – it’s about a man using his skills to shape his destiny.

And as you tune in to watch the next Ngannou vs Fury rematch or witness Wilder testing his mettle in MMA, remember, you’re part of that journey, too. Ringside Report Network will be there with you.

One of the Best MMA Heavyweights

Despite his recent foray into boxing, don’t forget that Ngannou is one of the best heavyweights in MMA history. His sheer power, unrivalled athleticism, and ferocious fighting style have earned him legendary status. But with his loss to Fury in the boxing ring, the question of his MMA return has sparked excitement and speculation among fans.

Ngannou’s future fights, regardless of the arena, promise high-level opponents and heart-pounding action. His popularity, fueled by his indomitable spirit and thrilling knockouts, has transcended the MMA world and spilled into the mainstream. This popularity, combined with anticipating his return, will surely draw in big crowds and high viewership.

But let’s not forget that his loss to Fury was a detour, not a dead end. It showcased his resilience and adaptability, proving he can hold his own in the boxing ring against top-notch opponents. Now, as rumours swirl about his MMA return, we can’t help but be excited about what’s next for one of the greatest heavyweights in MMA history.

After all, his story is far from over, and the best could still be yet to come.

Our Preference

After watching Ngannou’s recent performances, you might wonder who we’d like to see him face next in the ring. We prefer a fascinating crossover – Deontay Wilder’s involvement in an MMA fight with Ngannou. This clash wouldn’t only provide a thrilling spectacle and a perfect platform to contrast Boxing vs MMA. Wilder’s boxing prowess and Ngannou’s MMA skills could create a unique contest, shedding light on the distinctive aspects of both sports.

A rematch with Fury is also something we’d love to see. The first bout was a nail-biter, and the second one promises to be equally, if not more, exciting. Ngannou has shown improvement, and a rematch would allow him to demonstrate his evolved skills and possibly claim victory.

What’s Next?

So, what’s next for Francis Ngannou?

The suspense is exhilarating.

Whether he’ll trade blows with Wilder, Joshua, revisit Fury, or return to his MMA roots remains a riveting mystery.

One thing’s sure: Ngannou’s powerful spectacle has sent shockwaves through the combat sports world.

His future, undeniably, is as thrilling as his performances.

Hold onto your seats, folks.

The best of Ngannou, one of the finest MMA heavyweights, is yet to come.

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Placing your bets? Use our link at bet99.ringsidereport.net

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