The Pit Master Workout DVD Cover

The Pit Master Workout: Skills and Drills DVD – Get Fight-Ready with Intense Drills

Looking for a challenging workout that hones your fighting skills while getting you in peak condition? The Pit Master Workout: Skills and Drills DVD delivers a gruelling 45-minute program designed by MMA coach John Hackleman, “The Pit Master.”

Sweat Like a Champion (But Know Your Limits)

This DVD is part of a six-disc “Master Boxset” program but can be used independently. Be prepared for an intense workout – Hackleman warns viewers to ensure their bodies are ready for the challenge.

Master Your Skills (Without Fancy Equipment)

The program focuses on drills that improve your fighting technique while delivering a full-body workout. Hackleman even throws down a (metaphorical) gauntlet, encouraging viewers to email him if they disagree with his methods – a testament to his confidence in the program.

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No Fancy Gym Required

While a list of recommended equipment is provided, Hackleman shines with creative substitutions. Need a punching bag? Fill a duffel with sand! This practical approach makes the workout accessible for home use.

The Star of the Show: “The Luke” Drill

This unique drill pushes you to your limits with intense techniques performed in short bursts. It’s a guaranteed recipe for a full-body burn, perfect for those seeking a challenging core workout or a change from traditional bodybuilding routines.

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Beyond the Gym: Practical Applications

The program caters not only to MMA fighters but also to those interested in self-defence. Hackleman’s realistic banter with his students during the workout adds a motivational element, pushing them through fatigue.

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Who Should Buy This DVD?

This program is ideal for individuals with a basic understanding of fighting techniques. While bonus features include slow-motion replays of striking combinations, the DVD assumes viewers have a grasp of fundamental punches and kicks (covered in a separate DVD, “The Pit Instructional Vol. 1”).

Pit Master Workout
The Pit Master Workout


The Pit Master Workout: Skills and Drills DVD offers a demanding workout program to improve your fighting skills and overall fitness. Hackleman’s practical approach and challenging drills make this a valuable asset for those seeking a dynamic and effective workout experience

The Pit Workout- Skills and Drills

By John Hackleman

MMA Roots

45 Minutes

$19.95 separate

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