UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8 DVD Review (2010)

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8 Blu-Ray box

Brock Lesnar pounding Frank Mir to a bloody pulp is one of over 30 great knockouts on the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Ultimate Knockouts 8.

From UFC: 97 in Montreal to UFC: 113 in Montreal, the most stunning and brutal KOs from 2009 to 2010 are highlighted. Chuck Liddell’s fight against Shogun Rua is one of the rare fights shown from the start until Rua breaks through Liddell’s defence.

Most fight recaps usually end with an explosive knockout, like Lyoto Machida’s KO on Rashad Evans at UFC: 98 to capture the UFC Lightheavyweight Championship belt. The buckling of Evans’ knees and the rolling back of his eyes made it clear to everyone that Machida had just knocked Evans out on his feet. Fights also usually end after a big hook or a sudden trip followed by nasty ground-and-pound action. Vitor Belfort versus Rich Franklin is one of the rare times that a fighter decided not to pound away because they knew their opponent was out cold already. However, in the Mir against Shane Carwin fight, Carwin was beating down a limp Mir and looked up at the ref, who did not try to stop it until after a couple more bombs nailed Mir in the back of his head.

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The Marcus Davis against Ben Saunders fight is one of the few fights that ended thanks to a knee shot. Easily one of the bloodiest KOs on the DVD as Davis took more than one shot to fall to the ground and looked like he was a lifeless body. Included in the DVD extras is a nearly seven-minute montage of Ultimate TKOs in the UFC during that period of time. Watching Kimbo Slice taking his final beating in the UFC is among the highlights in the short featurette.

Fans of sudden finishes who do not necessarily enjoy watching long fights get to enjoy a part of mixed martial arts that not only pleases boxing fans but fight fans as well. Two gladiators battling, and when they are both evenly matched, to see a KO scored is truly an amazing sight to behold. Some fight endings might seem questionable, but make no mistake, you see a fighter get rocked in every fight.

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UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8

Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada

Run time of 93 minutes

Released on Jan. 25, 2011

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 8 Fight highlights

Chuck Liddell VS.Shogun Rua UFC: 97

Krzysztof Soszynski VS. Andre Gusmao UFC: 98

Drew McFedries VS. Xavier Foupa-Pokam UFC: 98

Lyoto Machida VS. Rashad Evans UFC Lightheavyweight Championship UFC: 98

Mike Ciesnolevicz VS. Tomasz Drwal Ultimate Fighter Finale U.S. VS. U.K.

Brock Lesnar VS. Frank Mir UFC Heavyweight Championship Unification UFC: 100

Anderson Silva VS. Forrest Griffin UFC: 101

Tim Hague VS. Todd Duffee UFC: 102

Nate Marquardt VS. Demian Maia UFC: 102

Keith Jardine VS. Thiago Silva UFC: 102

Tyson Griffin VS. Hermes Franca UFC: 103

Josh Koscheck VS. Frank Trigg UFC: 103

Rich Franklin VS. Vitor Belfort UFC: 103

Antoni Hardonk VS. Pat Berry UFC: 104

Anthony Johnson VS. Yoshiyuki Yoshida UFC: 104

Alexander Gustafsson VS. Jared Hamman UFC: 105

Marcus Davis VS. Ben Saunders UFC: 106

Luiz Cane VS. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira UFC: 106

Mike Pyle VS. Jake Ellenberger UFC: 108

Junior Dos Santos VS. Gilbert Yvel UFC: 108

John Howard VS. Dennis Hallman Ultimate Fighter Finale 10

Marcus Jones VS. Matt Mitrione Ultimate Fighter Finale 10

Roy Nelson VS. Brendan Schaub Ultimate Fighter Finale 10

Matt Serra VS. Frank Trigg UFC: 109

Brendan Schaub VS. Chase Gormley UFC on Versus

John Howard VS. Daniel Roberts UFC on Versus

Junior Dos Santos VS. Gabriel Gonzaga UFC on Versus

Minotauro Nogueira VS. Cain Velasquez UFC: 110

Keith Jardine VS. Ryan Bader UFC: 110

Shane Carwin VS. Frank Mir UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship UFC: 111

Lyoto Machida VS. Shogun Rua UFC Lightheavyweight Championship UFC 113