Brock-Lesnar-Making-Hard-Core Legend book cover

Brock Lesnar: The Making of a Hard-Core Legend book review

Calling All MMA Fans: Dive into the Life of Brock Lesnar

This review explores “Brock Lesnar: The Making of a Hard-Core Legend” by Joel Rippel, a biography delving into the life and career of the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar: The Making Of A Hard-Core Legend Book Cover
Brock Lesnar: The Making of a Hard-Core Legend book cover

Perfect for Newcomers

This book is a great introduction if you’re unfamiliar with Lesnar’s journey. It chronicles his rise from humble beginnings in Minnesota to becoming a dominant force in professional wrestling and, ultimately, the UFC.

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Not an Official Biography

While not an official autobiography penned by Lesnar himself, Rippel utilizes various sources like newspaper articles, wrestling DVDs, and online quotes to paint a picture of Lesnar’s path.

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From College Wrestler to WWE Champion

The book details Lesnar’s early wrestling career, including his struggles as a freshman, balancing football, and ultimately becoming an NCAA champion. It also covers his WWE tenure—his debut, championship reigns, and eventual departure.

Focus on Facts, Not Controversy

The author acknowledges Lesnar’s denials of steroid use and highlights that he passed all drug tests during his wrestling career.

Minor Factual Errors

The review points out minor inaccuracies related to specific WWE events and titles held by Lesnar. These discrepancies likely stem from unreliable online sources.

A Look at Both Sides

Lesnar’s departure from WWE is explored from his perspective (unwillingness to a demanding schedule) and Vince McMahon’s (criticizing Lesnar’s introversion and impact on the company).

Beyond the Ring

The book delves into Lesnar’s brief stint in the NFL and his legal battle with WWE over their contract. It details his successful transition to the UFC, including his fights and health struggles.

Missing the Final Chapter

While the book concludes with hype for Lesnar’s fight with Cain Velasquez, it lacks a definitive ending, leaving readers wanting more.

Bonus Content and Short Read:

The review highlights the inclusion of a Lesnar appendix and a glossary of his moves and feuds as valuable additions. It also notes the book’s relatively short length, making it a quick and informative read.

Brock Lesnar: The Making of a Hard-Core Legend

By Joel Rippel

Triumph Books


208 pp.

Released on Oct. 25, 2010

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