Stunning UFC 293 Analysis 

This is our post-fight UFC 293 analysis.

The hosts of Ringside Report MMA, Dave Simon, Fred Garcia and AJ D’Alesio did their post-fight UFC 293 analysis. of the event and discussed the upcoming Co-Main event between Tai Tuivasa and Alexander Volkov. Dave Simon describes Tuivasa as a dangerous knockout artist, while Volkov is a solid heavyweight. AJ D’Alesio points out that both fighters have a 3-2 record in their last five fights. Volkov is the favourite at -240, while Tuivasa is the underdog at +195.

UFC 293 Analysis
Stunning UFC 293 Analysis  3

D’Alesio predicts that Volkov is one of the hottest fighters in the division and would likely win in a series of ten fights against Tuivasa. On the other hand, Fred Garcia believes Volkov will win by decision due to his size advantage and reach. Dave Simon is torn but leans towards Tuivasa, especially considering the home crowd advantage and Volkov’s age. The hosts also discuss other fights and predictions. AJ D’Alesio thinks that Austin Lane is a former NFL player.

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Strickland Dethrones Adesanya in Stunning UFC Upset

In a result that reverberated throughout the mixed martial arts community, Sean Strickland executed a strategic masterclass to dethrone Israel Adesanya and capture the UFC Middleweight Championship. The highly anticipated main event, headlined by these elite combatants, culminated in a unanimous decision that underscored Strickland’s disciplined approach and adaptability inside the Octagon.

With scores of 49-46 from all judges, the upset marks a significant milestone in Strickland’s career and disrupts the hierarchy within the middleweight division. This stunning victory at the Pay-Per-View event sets the stage for a reshaped landscape in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as analysts and fans ponder the ramifications of this unexpected shift at the pinnacle of one of the UFC’s most competitive weight classes.

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Key Takeaways of our UFC 293 Analysis

  • Sean Strickland defeated Israel Adesanya via Unanimous Decision to become the new UFC Middleweight Champion.
  • Alexander Volkov secured a victory over Tai Tuivasa with a submission (Ezekial Choke) in the second round.
  • Manel Kape emerged victorious against Felipe dos Santos with a Unanimous Decision.
  • Justin Tafa achieved a TKO victory over Austen Lane in the first round.

The Main Event Breakdown

In a tactical masterclass, Sean Strickland executed a near-perfect game plan to dethrone Israel Adesanya and capture the UFC Middleweight Championship by unanimous decision.

Throughout the bout, Strickland showcased a disciplined striking strategy, neutralizing Adesanya’s renowned stand-up prowess.

Strickland’s pressure and clinch work against the cage was particularly effective, stifling Adesanya’s rhythm and preventing the flashy counter-striking that had previously defined the champion’s reign.

The judges scored the contest 49-46 across the board, reflecting Strickland’s control over the majority of the five-round fight.

This victory marks a significant milestone in Strickland’s career and shifts the landscape of the middleweight division, positioning him as the new force to be reckoned with at 185 pounds.

Co-Main Highlight Reel

Alexander Volkov locked in an Ezekial choke to submit Tai Tuivasa late in the second round of their heavyweight clash, underscoring the co-main event’s dramatic finish. While demonstrating his versatile ground game, Volkov caught Tuivasa off guard with the rare submission maneuver, signalling a pivotal moment in the fight. The victory for Volkov marked a significant achievement, reasserting his presence among the heavyweight division’s elite competitors.

As the crowd absorbed the excitement, the technique displayed by Volkov was a stark reminder of the ever-evolving skill set required in the UFC’s octagon. This bout, serving as the precursor to Strickland’s masterclass performance against Adesanya, added to an event that will be remembered for its upsets and showcase of martial arts prowess.

Preliminary and Early Bouts Recap

The preliminary and early preliminary cards set the stage for the night’s stunning upsets, delivering a series of compelling battles that showcased the depth of talent within the UFC ranks.

Carlos Ulberg’s technical prowess was on full display, securing a submission victory with a rear-naked choke against Da Un Jung late in the third round.

Meanwhile, Chepe Mariscal capitalized on an arm injury sustained by Jack Jenkins, leading to a verbal submission.

Jamie Mullarkey and Nasrat Haqparast both notched unanimous decision wins in their respective matches, demonstrating their strategic acumen and endurance inside the Octagon.

The early prelims saw Charlie Radtke, Gabriel Miranda, and Kevin Jousset all emerge victorious, with Miranda’s neck crank submission just 59 seconds into the first round, highlighting the explosive potential of up-and-coming fighters.

Potential Title Fight Implications

Following Sean Strickland’s decisive victory over Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight division is now brimming with potential matchups for the newly crowned champion. The dominant performance has reshuffled the pecking order, with contenders lining up for their shot at the title.

Notably, Anthony Smith has already laid out a scenario where he could leapfrog others for a crack at the championship, suggesting a dynamic shift in matchmaking possibilities.

Moreover, Strickland’s win could prompt a highly anticipated rematch with Adesanya, giving the former champ a chance to reclaim his throne. Alternatively, fresh contenders could emerge, setting the stage for intriguing stylistic clashes.

The UFC matchmakers face an enviable task, with numerous viable options to ensure the middleweight division remains a hotbed of excitement and competition.


The event’s culmination has altered the landscape of the UFC, with Strickland’s ascension marking a new chapter in the middleweight category.

This strategic masterclass has set the stage for enthralling future contests as contenders align for a chance at the redefined pinnacle.

Volkov’s display of submission artistry further adds to the reshaped narratives within the heavyweight division.

These outcomes herald a refreshed era of competition and ambition within the octagon.

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Jon Simon from the Editorial Staff

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