UFC 296 Commentary and Results of Another Parlay Win From Ringside Report MMA

Expert Insights and Fan Perspectives: Dissecting UFC 296’s Thrilling Showdowns

Key Takeaways

  • The highly anticipated fight between Edwards and Covington at UFC 296
  • Analysis of each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Unforgettable moments and celebrations in the fight
  • Impact on fighters’ standings and anticipation for future fights in the division
Leon Edwards Gets A Decision Victory Of Colby Covington At Ufc 296
UFC 296 Commentary and Results of Another Parlay Win From Ringside Report MMA 5

Main Event Analysis: Edwards vs. Covington

The Ringside Report MMA commentary team provided a round-by-round UFC 296 main event breakdown. Dave Simon emphasized the significance of the final round, noting Covington’s strength in the later stages and expressing skepticism over his victory claim. He highlighted Edwards’ performance, speculating on the potential judges’ scores and favouring Edwards for the win.

AJ D’Alesio echoed these sentiments, discussing the intensity of Covington’s fighting in the later rounds and suggesting that earlier aggression might have changed the fight’s outcome. The commentators debated the fighters’ strategies, with AJ noting that Edwards played a risky game by engaging Covington in grappling.

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The audience’s reactions mirrored the commentary, with fans actively discussing the fight’s progress and sharing their predictions and opinions in real time.

Co-Main Event Reflection: Pantoja vs. Royval

The team’s analysis of the co-main event was equally insightful. They discussed the fighters’ performances, with a particular focus on the technical aspects of the fight. Dave Simon’s commentary highlighted the close nature of the contest and the decision-making of the judges. AJ and Fred chimed in with their perspectives, contributing to a comprehensive analysis of the bout.

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Alexandre Pantoja Was Victorius At Ufc 296
Pantoja was victorious over Royval at UFC 296

Fight Of The Night Pantoja vs. Royval

In a masterful display of control and technique, Alexandre Pantoja retained his flyweight title by outmaneuvering Brandon Royval through a series of takedowns and maintaining dominant positions throughout the match.

Demonstrating a clear strategic edge, Pantoja executed a game plan that revolved around his grappling prowess, effectively neutralizing Royval’s striking abilities.

Throughout the contest, Pantoja’s superior wrestling dictated the pace, as he persistently brought the fight to the mat. Despite Royval’s tenacity and improvement since their last encounter, his efforts were insufficient against the champion’s relentless pressure.

The unanimous decision victory underscored Pantoja’s dominance in the 125-pound division, with the judges’ scorecards reflecting his comprehensive performance: 50-45, 50-45, 49-46.

Early Dominance by Pantoja

Consistently asserting his control from the outset, Alexandre Pantoja set the tone for the fight with his early and overwhelming grappling dominance over Brandon Royval.

From the initial bell, Pantoja’s strategy was evident as he executed a series of calculated takedowns, showcasing his superior wrestling skills.

On the ground, Pantoja’s top control was relentless, leaving Royval struggling to find opportunities to counter. The champion’s grappling acumen allowed him to dictate the pace, as he neutralized Royval’s striking and submission threats with methodical positioning and control.

This foundation of dominance in the early stages of the bout was a clear indicator of Pantoja’s preparedness to defend his title and underscored the significant gap in grappling prowess between the two flyweights.

Royval’s Resilience

Although Pantoja displayed early dominance with his grappling, Royval’s tenacity became evident as he persistently fought off takedowns and sought to reverse positions throughout the match.

Despite being on the defensive for significant portions of the bout, Royval showcased his resilience by surviving a first-round onslaught that would have overwhelmed lesser competitors. His ability to escape precarious situations, especially after Pantoja’s near-success with an arm-triangle choke in the third round, was a testament to his determination.

Even as Pantoja tried to seal the victory with relentless pressure, Royval managed to end the fourth round in a favorable position. In the final frame, Royval’s aggressive push to turn the tide highlighted his unwavering spirit, even in the face of a tactical masterclass from the reigning champion.

Near Submission in Round 3

Pantoja’s grappling prowess was on full display as he almost secured an arm-triangle choke in the third round, showcasing his technical acumen in the flyweight championship bout.

The sequence began with Pantoja executing another of his precise takedowns, swiftly transitioning to side control where he began to set up the submission.

Royval, whose durability and escape artistry had been tested throughout the fight, found himself once again having to fend off a near-finish. Displaying a calm under pressure that belied the precarious situation, Royval managed to create enough space to slip out of the tightening choke, avoiding a definitive end to the contest.

This moment underscored Pantoja’s dominance in the grappling exchanges, while also highlighting Royval’s tenacity and survival instincts inside the Octagon.

Royval’s Final Stand at UFC 296

Despite being significantly behind on the scorecards, Royval launched an aggressive offense in the final round in a desperate attempt to overturn the fight’s trajectory. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Royval threw caution to the wind, displaying a sense of resolve that had been a hallmark of his approach throughout the bout. He sought to capitalize on any opening, hoping to land a decisive blow or secure a submission that could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

However, Pantoja’s composure under pressure was evident as he absorbed Royval’s onslaught and executed another takedown. Once on the mat, Pantoja’s grappling prowess came to the forefront, effectively neutralizing Royval’s last-ditch efforts. As the clock wound down, it became clear that Pantoja’s strategic dominance had sealed Royval’s fate.

Pantoja’s Takedown Strategy

Alexandre Pantoja’s strategic use of takedowns proved to be a decisive factor in his victory over Brandon Royval, showcasing a masterclass in mixed martial arts grappling.

Throughout the bout, Pantoja executed a well-planned takedown strategy that systematically broke down Royval’s defenses. He combined timing, precision, and technique to bring the fight to the mat, where he maintained top control and nullified Royval’s striking capabilities.

His ability to dictate the pace of the fight by transitioning from standing exchanges to ground dominance was critical. Pantoja’s relentless pursuit of takedowns each round kept Royval on the defensive, culminating in a unanimous decision victory that underscored the champion’s grappling prowess and strategic acumen in the flyweight division.

Unanimous Decision Victory

In a show of tactical superiority, Alexandre Pantoja secured a unanimous decision victory over Brandon Royval, with the judges scoring the bout 50-45, 50-45, 49-46 in his favor.

Throughout the contest, Pantoja’s strategy to outgrapple Royval played a pivotal role in his win, effectively nullifying Royval’s striking and keeping him under control on the ground.

Despite a valiant effort by Royval to change the tide of the battle, especially after surviving an intense first round and ending Round 4 on top, Pantoja’s consistent takedowns and top control sealed his dominance.

Co-Main Event Highlights

The flyweight championship co-main event saw Pantoja’s grappling prowess decisively overwhelm Royval, showcasing a series of takedowns that punctuated the fight’s key moments. From the outset, Pantoja established his dominance with a formidable grappling display, nullifying Royval’s striking attempts and securing multiple takedowns. Despite Royval’s improvements and resilience, Pantoja’s control on the ground proved insurmountable, nearly securing an arm-triangle choke in the third round.

Although Pantoja’s gas tank seemed compromised following the failed submission, Royval’s late surge in the fourth round was not enough to turn the tide. Pantoja’s persistent takedowns and top control wore down Royval, allowing him to grind out a unanimous decision and retain his flyweight title, with judges scoring the bout 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46.

UFC 296 Aftermath

Following UFC 296, champion Alexandre Pantoja’s successful title defense against Brandon Royval solidified his position in the flyweight hierarchy.

Dominating the co-main event, Pantoja exhibited tactical prowess by leveraging his superior grappling skills, leading to a unanimous decision victory. The official scorecards reflected a clear win with scores of 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46, underscoring Pantoja’s control throughout the match.

Despite Royval’s valiant efforts and improved stand-up performance since their last encounter, he was unable to counteract Pantoja’s relentless takedowns and ground control. Pantoja’s near finish with an arm-triangle choke in the third round highlighted his submission threat, though Royval’s resilience shone through in later rounds.

Ultimately, Pantoja’s strategy to pin Royval and exhaust the clock ensured his reign atop the division continued.

Audience Interaction and Feedback

Throughout the UFC 296 event, live comments from viewers added an interactive layer to the experience. Fans shared their excitement, predictions, and reactions, creating a lively atmosphere that complemented the commentary.

Dave Fred And Aj Providing Alternative Ufc 296 Live Commentary
UFC 296 Commentary and Results of Another Parlay Win From Ringside Report MMA 6

Buday Vs. Gaziev Breakdown

Amid the anticipation, let’s delve into the heavyweight collision between Martin Buday and Shamil Gaziev that left fans in awe at UFC 296. We watched, hearts pounding, as Gaziev’s striking prowess dominated the Octagon. His two-hook combos and relentless jabs not only kept Buday at bay, but also marked Gaziev’s territory in the cage.

Gaziev’s undefeated streak was a testament to his skill, as he systematically dismantled Buday’s defences. The moment Gaziev’s punches and elbows became too much for Buday, we all felt the tide irreversibly turn. With the referee’s intervention, Gaziev’s victory via TKO was not just a win—it was a clear statement in the heavyweight division. We witnessed a masterclass in striking from Gaziev, and his undefeated streak lives on.

Almeida Vs. Fili Analysis

Turning our attention to the featherweight division, we’re set to dissect the tactical exchange between Lucas Almeida and Andre Fili, a bout that promised fireworks given Almeida’s perfect finish rate and Fili’s determination to stay above the fray in the UFC rankings. In our Almeida vs. Fili fight analysis, we can’t help but marvel at Almeida’s finishing ability, which once again was on full display. Despite Fili’s experience and tactical acumen, Almeida’s aggressive style and relentless pursuit for the finish made the difference. We’re all about that thrilling rush when one of our own defies the odds, and Almeida’s performance was a testament to the heart and hunger that defines the spirit of the UFC family. What a memorable clash it was!

Undercard Highlights

Moving on from the intense featherweight clash, let’s dive into the standout moments from the UFC 296 undercard, where emerging talents and seasoned fighters alike left their mark in the octagon. In the heavyweight division, our Buday vs. Gaziev fight analysis reveals a true test of resilience and power. Gaziev’s debut was nothing short of dominant, as he secured an impressive victory over Buday, marking his territory with a TKO in the second round.

Switching gears to the featherweights, the Almeida vs. Fili match breakdown showcased the raw determination of both fighters. Almeida’s reputation for finishes met Fili’s experience head-on, creating an electrifying atmosphere for us fans who live for these gripping moments of combat excellence.

Post-Fight Reflections

As we reflect on the undercard battles of UFC 296, we’re reminded that each fight not only tests the competitors’ skills but also their ability to adapt and overcome adversity. The clash between Buday and Gaziev was a testament to this, where Gaziev’s fight strategy was evident as he dominated the center of the cage, landing decisive blows that led to a TKO victory. This win surely propels Gaziev up the rankings, maintaining his unbeaten record and signaling a new threat in the division.

Almeida and Fili’s bout also captivated us, with Almeida’s unyielding finish rate and Fili’s determination to keep a positive record within the UFC. Every exchange in these fights echoed the profound impact they have on the fighters’ standings, leaving us eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Closing Thoughts and Ratings

In their closing segment, the team reflected on the UFC 296 bouts, with Dave Simon and AJ D’Alesio debating their picks for the fight of the night. The discussion included not only the main and co-main events but also other notable prelim fights. They concluded with their overall ratings for the event, with Dave awarding it an eight, boosted by his successful bets, while Fred gave it a seven and AJ an 8.2, highlighting the quality of the matches.


UFC 296 was a testament to the fighters’ skill and passion. The insightful commentary by Dave, Fred, and AJ, coupled with the vibrant audience engagement, provided a multifaceted view of this memorable event in mixed martial arts history.

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